Long Lake and Raquette Lake Community Pride Day 2012

On May 2, 2012, the Town of Long Lake Parks and Recreation Department along with help from the Long Lake Highway Department in Long Lake and Raquette Lake collaborated with the Central Adirondack Association to participate in region-wide Community Pride Day.

Great weather ushered in the day with comfortable temperatures settling over the area making it ideal to be outside and cleaning up. Over 90 volunteers from Long Lake and Raquette Lake combed area roadways collecting debris dropped over the winter. Volunteers included local residents, Frank and Lorraine Pine, Danielle Gagnier, Michelle Donnelly, Paul Roalsvig, Kelly Black, Jodi Hartle, Carlene Bulloch, George Bulloch, Clarice Glandon, Sheri Cook, Sam Keller and Luke Keller, the entire student body of Long Lake Central School and over 16 volunteers from the Long Lake Central School Faculty and Staff.

Roads covered included Route 28N, Kickerville Rd, Endion Rd, Rice Road, Dock Road, Owl’s Head Lane, Northpoint Road, South Hill Road and from the Raquette Lake School to the Village Green. Over one hundred bags of garbage were collected. Volunteers found debris including discarded batteries, beer cans, cigarette packs, food wrappers, broken bottles and several worn clothing items. Carlene Bulloch found two cars dating from the 1940’s along the edge of Northpoint Road. Early estimates project over 1400 pounds of garbage was collected.

Volunteers gear up with trash bags, safety vests, gloves, garbage picking sticks donated by Doug Blodgett and are given assignments. At noon volunteers met at the Long Lake Diner and Raquette Lake Tap Room to enjoy a delicious lunch sponsored by local businesses.

Local businesses are encouraged to send employees out to assist in cleanup efforts. Participating businesses included: The Shamrock Motel and Cottages, Long Lake Fish and Game Club, Paul H. Roalsvig, Attorney, Long Lake Lions Club, Shortridge Landscaping, The Raquette Lake Association, The Hedges, The Long Lake Association, the Long Lake Fire Department, The Long Lake Diner/Owls Head Pub, and the Raquette Lake Tap Room.

Long Lake