Long Lake, NY – Copies of Sutton family photographs have been added to the Long Lake Archives Collection, thanks to Patty Sutton Tokarz. Her father, Duane Sutton, who died in 2005, was an inveterate photographer throughout his life. He served on the USS Springfield at the end of World War II and Sutton photographed the ship at sea from all angles reminiscent of Charles Sheeler’s paintings (see below). He also photographed the crew at work at their various jobs mopping the deck and getting a haircut.

USS Springfield - photo by Duane Sutton

He photographed everyday occurrences in the Adirondacks such as shoveling snow off roofs in the winter, lumbering operations, driving the school bus. Also part of the collection are Sutton ancestors including the picture of his mother Angeline.

Angeline Sutton

Photos of his grandfather, Willard Sutton, a guide and his father, Clint, who was also a guide, contractor and a lumberman are present. There is also an account of a fishing trip on the Raquette River with Clint Sutton as guide. 1000 images is a rough estimate of the number of photographs.

Sutton took many pictures of his various trucks, his cars and in his younger days, his girl friends. A few have been identified . . . Nellie Staves and Mary Wilson as young women.

Sutton also photographed unique occurrences as the arduous journey by road (not railroad track) of the Belmont private Pullman car, the “Oriental”, to the Adirondack Museum in Blue Mountain Lake.

The photos have been copied onto discs by Hilary LeBlanc who has been instrumental in preserving most of the photographs on discs for the Archive’s collection. As soon as the photos are cataloged, it is planned that some will be featured in the Historical Showcase in the summer at the Long Lake Town Hall. All in all, the Sutton Collection is a wonderful addition to the Long Lake archives and thanks are due both Patty Tokarz and Hilary LeBlanc for making this project possible.

Long Lake