Long Lake is in the Adirondacks

A brand new reality show aired on the Animal Planet last night and the program featured remote property in Long Lake, NY. It was very exciting for folks who love Long Lake NY to see this little corner of the world showcased on national tv. New people would learn about the region, the unintiated will come visit!

But as far as finding Long Lake fact-checkers had to clarify the location as it was mis-stated on the show. Long Lake, NY is in the Adirondacks and not along the Appalachian Trail. Long Lake, NY is five hours north of NYC, three hours south of Montreal, three hours east of Syracuse.

It wasn’t the only mistake/fact misstep this week. Long Lake Tourism had clips on a weather channel video and it said Long Lake is located on the inner part of the ocean. Sometimes things aren’t always correct. But we love the coverage anyway!

Long Lake NY is 449 square miles of lakes and mountains, snowmobile trails, and woods and waterfalls and campgrounds and fishing and memories. Long Lake is in the heart of the Central Adirondacks located on the crossroads of NYS Routes 28N/30. If you go to Clarkson, St. Lawrence, Canton, Paul Smiths or Potsdam, you’ve probably driven through our town on more than one occassion. We’re in the real Upstate New York and in the Adirondacks (not the Appalachian Trail)

We welcome guests to come experience real hospitality in a great small Adirondack town. We can’t wait to meet you, but just wanted to make sure you know how to find us!


appalachian trail map


Long Lake