Long Lake NY Purchases Land from Nature Conservancy

Associated Press (from the Wall Street Journal OnLine)
LONG LAKE, N.Y. — The central Adirondack town of Long Lake has purchased 46 acres of land from The Nature Conservancy that was part of the preservation group’s 2007 purchase of 161,000 acres from Finch, Pruyn & Co.

The Long Lake purchase, for $36,720, is among the “community enhancement” parcels included in a conservation plan that balances economic development, recreation and ecological protection.

The town has several uses in mind, including gravel excavation, timber harvesting and nature trails.

The conservation plan preserves more than 92,000 acres of commercial timberland and secures snowmobile connector trails in nearly a dozen communities, including Long lake.

The plan also calls for 65,000 acres to be transferred in coming years to the state to become Forest Preserve and available to all for outdoor recreation.
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