Long Lake Town Supervisor Letter 2020.03.26

To the residents of Long Lake and Raquette Lake:    

To sum up the last couple weeks in a few words; stressful, daunting, unique, busy, and difficult.  However here in Long Lake we have approached these situations head on.  I have been involved in multiple daily phone meetings with the Hamilton County Board of Supervisors, Erica Mahoney- Director of Hamilton County Public Health, and other neighboring Town Supervisors, to get the latest news and advice on the Coronavirus.  We have been working closely with Dr.Rider to determine what steps our community can take to stay safe and healthy.  I have also worked very closely with Noelle Short to find safe solutions for Long Lake School, students, and employees.  She in return has helped us in the same respect.

I have recently spoken to Stephanie Howe of the Long Lake Rescue Squad and Tony Clark of the Long Lake Fire Department who have both stated they are up to date with current Health Department protocols and are getting updates daily. 
Town of Long Lake staff are avidly researching and brainstorming the next obstacles we may face, while reaching out to townspeople to see what needs can be met.  I am confident that we have a firm grasp on what’s happening and even more confident we’ll get through this with our heads held high. 

I understand the hardships we are all going through.  Local business’s forcing to close, some being laid off from work, having to isolate from others, not being able to socialize, attend church, birthday parties, you name it.   We’ll get through this because we are The Town of Long Lake, and we are strong, smart, hardworking, caring, compassionate, problem solvers, and as some people say, stubborn. 

We need to stay strong as a community and support each other in these difficult times.  Keeping our distance from others and remaining in social isolation is not easy, but it will ensure our community does all it can to stay safe and healthy.
Please continue to be responsible, caring, and considerate of yourselves and others around you.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me anytime by phone or email.

Be well,

Clay J Arsenault
Long Lake Town Supervisor

Supervisor Letter 2020.03.26
Long Lake