Mama Bear & Her Three Babies

BearsLong Lake, NY has four residents that have been visiting various neighborhoods in late August and September. Mama and her four babies have been spotted on Tarbell Hill Road in the trees at the Lustberg House, on Route 28N behind Mike & Patty Farrells home, over on South Hill Rd and in downtown Long Lake near Hoss’s. Lot’s of reports and spottings come in. Descriptions of Mama mostly mention her communication with interlopers, it generally sounds like a scratchy barking noise.

I invited a friend up to Long Lake, he works at the Intrepid Museum in NYC and he had the distinct honor of an introduction to the animals up in a tree. One of the cubs held still with his soft brown face perched over the evergreens. Mama Bear merely a silhouette in the tree, but her crackly bark intimidated him to back up carefully to the car. He was a bit nervous when I insisted we climb the Pinnacle, a beautiful vista at the top of the hill that the bears had obviously been marching around for several weeks. Didn’t see any bear scat on our journey and I told him to make a lot of noise and make himself look bigger than the bear if we stumbled upon them. The main thing, not to get between Mama and her babies. Word in the mountains has it that bears are much more agressive than they used to be, so it is best to use caution.

I recommend a visit to the Dacks before hibernation season, you never know when you may stumble upon wildlife. Like deer in the backyard, a heron on the pond and of course Mama and her three babies paying homage at the cemetery.

Long Lake