Memorial Day Weekend 2011

If you haven’t been to Long Lake lately, you read it about it on the net… oh that’s the town with the flood.. I used to LOVE that town….

Well now is the time to come back and to bring your friends and family.

Long Lake is open for business. We have young families, 5th generation families, new families, family owned restaurants and family owned motels and cottages and an incredible, powerful LAKE, that draws you in and makes you say… why didn’t I get here earlier. So come up explore, the businesses are opening their doors for you the patrons to walk in.

This weekend is the kick-off to the summer season and we’re extending an invitation to YOU to come up and help get us in gear. It’s been a long and frightful winter, and everyone needs a boost, but clearly it takes commitment from the you to say.. “that town, it’s only one tank away… let’s go there, we can actually help those folks out.”

This weekend town will be buzzing with the Great Adk Garage Sale, stretching over 70 miles along Routes 28, 28N & 30. Treasures for everyone.

On Monday the Town of Long Lake will be hosting TWO parades. One at 8:30am (well that’s when line up really happens) and the Hamilton County Wide Parade at 2pm complete with floats, fire trucks, candy and guest speaker Teresa Sayward.

Monday at 4pm Long Lake will be hosting Tribute to the Troops, A Concert Event with Peggy Lynn featuring interviews with 20 vets from Tupper Lake, NY, Long Lake, NY and Indian Lake NY. In Long Lake you’ll see interviews from Tom Bissell, Mike Arsenault, John Hosley, John Rayome Jr, Tim Touchette and Bunny Austin.

We offer a lot and we offer ample lodging and dining. Check our our website for more information at

Long Lake