Moose Sighting Long Lake NY Adirondacks

With reports of snow and a nor’easter it seemed the story this morning would be weather, but upon checking my personal facebook page and town worker Chris Hample texted “I just saw a Moose swimming in Jennings Park Pond” I knew it was happening… NOW.

Hopped in the car to do a moose chase. Where to go. Skirted down route 30 towards the town beach keeping eyes peeled, nothing. Saw some action at the Adirondack Hotel, nothing. Headed back to the town office and grabbed an associate to keep an eye out and finally met success.

Spotted it in the parking lot at Long Lake Central School, where it then traveled down the dirt road to the ball field, it crossed the ball field, hopped back into Jennings Park Pond and headed towards the post office.

Things that run through your mind when chasing a moose. “Will it charge me?” “Why is he looking at me that way?” “He looks like a stump while he swims across the pond” “Ummm.. is that a he or a she?”

It was a pretty incredible sight to behold. First time ever sighting. And to think when I was a kid they used to say there were no turkeys and no moose. Glad things have turned around.

Photos by Alexandra Roalsvig

Long Lake