Orb Report and E-Lumination

Photo by Matt Burnett

Today is the fifth night of “orbing, ” Get your “orb” on and feel Long Lakey. Grab your friends, your camera, the snowboots, or stay in the car, but take the trek out to see what the E-Lumination Art Installation is all about. The images and projections change nightly. The images range from moving water and colorful abstract displays, to stills of historic Long Lake and original imagery created by artists Scott Fuller and Matt Burnett.

Photo by Matt Burnett

Not only do the images change nightly, the orbs are changing too. With changes in temperature, comes changes to the forms. The orbs are retaining their structure, but artists Burnett and Fuller anticipated the formations would alter their appearance, and become “pocky” and worn down if the weather changed throughout the week. Part of the E-Lumination project continues to be the live experiment of man vs. nature. One never knows what to expect when celebrating winter in the Adirondacks and Long Lake, NY.

A reminder, the locations for spotting the orbs include Mt. Sabattis, “Ethel’s House,” The Old Blarneystone Site and the Spillway.

Mt. Sabattis –6 Pavilion Way
“Ethel’s House” – 1105 Deerland Road
“Blarneystone” – 1156 Main Street
Long Lake Spillway (across from the Town Beach)

If you are unfamiliar with Long Lake, no worries, drive into town, stop at a local watering hole and ask, someone will tell you where to go!

Yesterday the morning temperature crack open at wake up time at a negative 21 degrees, and today it started out at 8 degrees, but it has climbed as high as 32 this afternoon. Practically balmy!

We are calling to all fans of the orbs to submit digital images of Long Lake and Matt will incorporate them into one of the orbs by the end of the week. Submit digital photos with your name to buckshot128@gmail.com to be a part of the community effort. Once Matt decides which orb he will show the rotating images on, we’ll let you know.

If you have checked the orbs out, don’t forget to participate in a game to win and original artwork by Matt Burnett. Check out the on-line Trivia Game at http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/447023/The-E-Lumination-Challenge

Haven’t seen the E-Luminations yet? Come down on Wednesday night, check out the orbs and stop by the Long Lake Diner at 7pm for Long Lake Trivia Night. Bring your friends, make a team and make a night out of it!

E-Lumination runs through Saturday, January 22nd until midnight. So get out and go orbing before they are gone!

E-Lumination is made possible with public funds from the New York State Council of the Arts Decentralization Regrant Program. In Hamilton County the Decentralization Program is administered by the Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts in Blue Mountain Lake.

Photo by Matt Burnett

Long Lake