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Electrical Work Scheduled!

To the local electricity customers in Long Lake served by NYSEG who receive power from the backup generator in Newcomb during outages.

From Monday, February 18th to February 22nd NYSEG will be working at the Harris Lake substation in Newcomb weather permitting.

During this time the automatic back-up generator will be offline (approximately 3-5 days). In the event of a power outage during this work period, a back up crew is on standby and will be called to manually switch on the backup generator if needed. Worst case scenario – potential length of outage could be up to an hour for the crew to manually restore power from the backup generator. Substation crews and line crews will be on standby in case of a power outage.

NYSEG anticipates this work to be completed by the end of the week, no later than Feb 22nd. At that time the backup generator will be back to automatic settings starting up approximately four minutes or less in the event of a power outage.


Hi there, I am Clark Seaman, Supervisor for the Town of Long Lake encompassing the Hamlets of Long Lake and Raquette Lake. Our town stretches over 448 square miles of incredible natural beauty, untouched forest, hundreds of miles of waterways and graceful shoreline.  Exploring the Adirondacks from Long Lake offers the advantage of a central location, exceptional value, incredible vistas and a host of family fun activities.

We encourage you to explore this website, get familiar with the services we provide.  Whether you are a resident or visitor you may have questions about the town and the services we provide. Our crack staff is here to serve the community and ready to help with your every need.

I look forward to  keeping you updated throughout the year with upcoming projects and information regarding the “state” of Long Lake.  In my role as Supervisor I am here to lead and to listen. Please stop by our offices at 1130 Deerland Rd or call us at (518) 624-3001. My door is always open.

Clark Seaman




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