Welcome to  Raquette Lake, NY a small community packed with exciting events, information, fun and interesting people. 

Raquette Lake boasts 99 miles of shoreline, making it the largest natural lake in the Adirondacks. With 80% of the shoreline owned by the State of New York and constitutionally Forever Wild, those seeking a wilderness experience won’t be disappointed. Couple the breathking scenery and outdoor recreation opportunities with the fascinating history of Raquette Lake and you’ve got a must-visit destination.


Notification for Harmful Blue-green Algae Blooms at Public Water Supplies
Required Notification: Health Advisory Exceedance (Microcystin detection > 0.3 micrograms per liter)
Hamilton County Public Health Department Recommends Do Not Drink: Blue-green Algae Toxin Detected in Raquette Lake Water Above Health Advisory Value
The Hamilton County Public Health Department recommends that all consumers using Raquette Lake for their water supply use an alternate source of water for drinking, cooking, making infant formula, making ice, and preparing food and beverages until further notice.
The water is acceptable for other household uses, such as bathing, washing hands, washing dishes, flushing toilets, and cleaning. Boiling water and in-home treatment will not remove the blue-green algae or their toxins.
Samples collected by the NYSDEC and NYSDOH show a blue-green algae toxin called microcystin was detected in the drinking water delivered to consumers. Microcystin entered the supply due to blue-green algae blooms occurring in Raquette Lake, which is the source water for many private residences and camps.
Sampling on October 24, 2019 confirmed that the level of microcystins was higher than the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Health Advisory level of 0.3 micrograms per liter of microcystins for bottle fed infants and children under 6 years old. The Harmful Algae Bloom was located 1.3 miles from Camp Huntington, and has been classified as widespread and lakewide. 
Hamilton County Public Health and the NYS Department of Health will be closely monitoring this Harmful Algae Bloom. We will notify consumers when the Health Advisory is discontinued and the water is suitable for all household uses. People and animals should always take steps to stay away from any blooms in surface waters because contact can make people and animals sick.
Information about blue-green algae and related toxins can be found at www.health.ny.gov/HarmfulAlgae.
If you have any questions or concerns please contact Erica Mahoney, the Director of Public Health for Hamilton County at (518) 648-6141.

Raquette Lake Summer Events

*all times subject to change without notice. If you know of an event that needs to be listed, please email longlake@mylonglake.com and we will get it updated asap! 



2 Ladies Aux Meeting 6pm firehall

4 Fire Dept meeting fire hall 7pm

7 Fire Commissioners meeting Library 6pm

9 Trivia Tap room 7pm 3 rounds of 10 questions

23 Trivia tap room 7pm 3 rounds of 10 questions

26 Hunters Dinner 5pm Fire hall Turkey Dinner – TBD

31 Halloween Fun- (scarecrow contest judging at 4pm, kids trick or treat 4-6pm) 


1 Fire dept meeting fire hall 7pm

4 Fire commissioners meeting Library 6pm

5 Ladies aux meeting firehall 6pm

6 Trivia tap room 7pm 3 rounds of 10 questions

9 Tupper Lake bowling bus leaves school at 11am

19 Trivia tap room 7pm 3 rounds of 10 questions




3 Ladies aux meeting firehall 6pm

4 Christmas Tree Lighting school 6pm

4 Trivia tap room 7pm 3 rounds of 10 questions

6 Fire dept meeting fire hall 7pm

7 Shopping Bus to Utica 9:30am-5:30pm Meet at School

10 Fire commissioners meeting Library 6pm (elections 6-8pm)

14 Christmas Party Fire Hall 5pm

18 Trivia tap room 7pm 3 rounds of 10 questions

19 Christmas Light Contest judging starts at 5pm


Whether it’s boating, fishing, camping or hiking, Raquette Lake boasts all of it. Raquette Lake is also the birthplace of the Great Camps Architecture. William West Durant, the developer and entrepreneur, envisioned luxurious rustic estates to rejuvenate in the healthy mountain air. Adirondack Great Camps, Pine Knot, Uncas and Sagamore are three extraordinary places showcasing Durant’s vision. A visit to Raquette Lake is truly stepping back into a traditional way of life, but with elegant dining, great camps and a beautiful lake, Raquette Lake has something for everyone.

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