Thursday 3/8/22

We have good news and bad news. The good news, snow is expected Friday into Saturday. The bad news is, the woods lost the base, there is some still out there, but, not enough to merit sending the groomers back out to clean it up and groom.

So grooming in Long Lake, NY grooming is done. Jury is still out in Raquette Lake.  

Overall, the trails will be rated “Spring Conditions” even with fresh snow. Everything will be ride at your own risk expecting 8 inches of snow coming on Saturday. Now if I know Wayne in Raquette and there is something to groom on Saturday, he may just get to it. But this webmaster is taking a break and heading off to Buffalo for a family event (ok a funeral). so if Wayne grooms, you’ll have to figure it out for yourself, because I’m going to take some time and come back next week and won’t be able to update you. Hope that is ok for everyone! 

Be well, thank you so much for your patronage this season. The best surprise for us, was the mid-week riders. We’ve always strived to amp up our traffic mid-week, and this year it paid off. So for those riders who made it happen, thank you and please know we groom all season, seven days a week, until it’s over – which is right about now.

And join the Moonlighters Snowmobile Club. They will be hosting a St. Patricks Day dinner at the Long Lake Diner on Saturday, March 12th so come on up and have a bite to eat! Buffet opens at 5:30pm. $25 all you can eat! 

Ride Right, Be well, stay safe and thank you! 

Mon 3/7/22

Well… we had a great weekend. But then it rained. So… the snow is melting fast. If we get a blizzard between now and March 30th.. I’ll keep ya posted. 

Sat 3/5
Groomer headed out Friday night to to C7B John Dillon Park/Tupper Trail/Sabattis Rd

Groomer just left to head to to C7B Newcomb Trail this morning.

Reports from Norridegwok/Beaver River confirm they groomed C7 Tracks Thursday 3/2.

C8 Raquette Lake Trails in good shape. Wayne says “better than good”

Friday 3/4/22  Long Lake, NY 

Conditions still holding and good. 

Today S86 Lake Eaton Loop being groomed. Sabattis was groomed Wed and will be groomed again early Sat. Morning.

C7B Newcomb Trail being groomed this morning.

Wayne says… “Raquette Lake Trails are BETTER than Good.”

Great riding still happening here!  Stay on trails. 

Thurs 3/3/22 Long Lake, NY 

Groomer heading out to Sabattis C7B via the Tupper Trail and out to the S80 Power Line this morning. We got another 3 inches of snow last night. Trails are in good condition. Expect holes and running water in the usual running water spots.

Wed 3/2/22 Long Lake, NY 

Groomer heading out to Sabattis C7B via the Tupper Trail and out to the S80 Power Line this morning. We got another 3 inches of snow last night. Trails are in good condition. Expect holes and running water in the usual running water spots.

Tuesday 3/1/22 Long Lake, NY Groomers heading out to S86 Lake Eaton Trail Loop to Endion and C7B Newcomb Trail this Fat Tuesday morning. Today we have chance of snow 90%. 1 to 3 inches of snow expected. Get out and ride! Trails are going to be rideable and good through Saturday. Sunday we see a warm up!

Monday, 2/28/22 Long Lake, NY After receiving a bonus 4-6 inches of snow in yesterdays snow squall the groomer hit C7B Newcomb Trail on Monday. Groomer will be back on on Newcomb Trail again tomorrow (Tuesday). We recommend to take advantage and ride this week. Fair to good conditions. Total of 5-8 inches on a hard packed base. Norridgewok/BRASS groomed from Beaver River to Sabattis again on Sunday in the snow squalls so we still are keeping our linkages open and the season continues.

Sunday, 2/27/22

3.6 inches of snow slated to fall all day today. That’s good news. More snow coming this week. We’ll be back at it!   


C7 Rails from Beaver River to Sabattis were groomed on Saturday. Things are better – not perfect, but snow helps!

Saturday 2/26/22

Groomer is heading too to C7B Tupper Trail north to Sabattis Sat morning. 

S86/Lake Eaton Loop to Endion was groomed on Friday.

C7B Newcomb Trail is solid ice base with loose snow on top. Groomer was just pushing snow around the ice so he turned around and left the snow for the riders. Take your time, anticipate ice, ruts etc until snowpack is packed down by riders. 

Use shelfs/banks on North Point Road.

C8 Raquette Lake – 5 inches of fluff on top of solid ice base.

C8 7th Lake Mt Trail Linking Sagamore Road to Inlet/Moose River Plains & Indian Lake — better ride it before NYS takes it away. Read up on it here

Friday, February 25, 2022

Let it SNOW! 

UPDATE 10:46AM – About 5 inches of fresh snow on top of an ice base. 

S86 – Lake Eaton Campground Loop to Endion Road – being groomed this morning. 

C7B – Newcomb Trail – groomer heading out now. Groomer couldn’t keep going. the ice base made for an ungroomable situation. The snow is very loose and not packy. A light fluffy snow on top of the ice.

RAQUETTE LAKE –  Groomer going out around 3pm this afternoon to hit Dump Road to Brown’s Tract. 5-7 inches of snow on top of ice base. 


Wed 2/23

I’m just going to pretend today doesn’t exist.  So here’s the forecast for Thursday and Friday.


Thursday  Night 02/24
69% / 1.2 in
Watching a potential winter storm. Partly cloudy in the evening then becoming cloudy with periods of snow after midnight. Low 8F. Winds E at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of snow 70%. 1 to 3 inches of snow expected.

Friday 02/25
98% / 5.5 in
Watching a potential winter storm. Snow likely. High 21F. Winds E at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of snow 100%. Snow accumulating 5 to 8 inches.

Tuesday 2/22/22

Two days of warm temps will be followed by two days of wintry snow mix. Groomers won’t be going out in these warm temps, but as soon as we get snow, they’ll be out, just in time for the weekend. All is not lost. The snow pack, ice base is holding in the woods, hoping with the snow fall Thursday and Friday we can get back to business. 

Saturday, February 19, 2022

Chance of snow 90%. 1 to 3 inches of snow expected. Winds could occasionally gust over 40 mph.

Our trails have a rock hard-packed icy base with 1 inch of loose snow on top. Expecting 1-3 inches of snow today and wind will be blowing on our hard packed trails. Definitely mixed conditions, expect rough ride, shelves are holding with ice base. Most riding will be “fair” and icy with thin snow on top. Be wary of washed out trail sections and bridges.

Conditions: Fair-ish. Icy base. Hard/solid ice base.

Friday, February 18th, 2022

All the trails are passable. Ice base, 1/2 inch of fresh powder. Some slush. Little to no snow cover. Trails are in fair. Rails are showing. Sabattis Shelf is holding, icy base, hard-packed. Use caution on roadside NYS Route 30, shelf is icy. By Saturday we will get 1-3 inches of fresh snow. 

Well Mother Nature was a bit savage yesterday with her rain. While much of the volume of snow has declined, we still have snow pack/ice pack in the wooded trails. Lots of water in the area so anticipate some open streams and running water in spots along the trails.

We got a  “dusting” of snow right after the rain moved out, it was nothing that merits any kind of accumulation badge.

Temps will be plunging into the single digits on Friday to make for icy, crusty conditions.

We are slated for some light snow tomorrow. Definitely spring like conditions.

S80 – North Point Road shelf is passable. Conditions are fair.   Thin at beginning and end, the middle section of the road from the bridge to Forked is in good shape. Expect icy and hard-packed shoulders today. 8:56am, Friday 2/18.22

Raquette Lake Trails – Watch for fallen limbs. Wind still blowing. Wayne says “It’s so pretty, we’re so lucky to live here.”  Expect Big hill to be icy! Use caution or use the Dump Road. 


Thursday, February 17, 2022

By tomorrow today will be a memory and in the rearview mirror. Rain all day shifting to snow by tomorrow morning. Expecting an inch.  Groomers were out making sure all the trails were flat and ready to withstand todays rain. We will build it again, because the season is not over! Snow coming on Saturday too. So ride if you want, we’ll be here. 

Wed 2/16/22

Get out while you can. All trails are hard-packed and flat.  While we aren’t happy about tomorrows forecast … we figure.. you might as well ride today! For tomorrow will be wet.  While Friday doesn’t show hope for snow, Saturday has some in the forecast and next week shows some mixed weather, so we hold out hope. But for now. Go, ride … today.

ALSO be aware that there is a “re-route” off of C7B Tupper Trail to S86 Lake Eaton trail to get into town. Instead of taking C7B from 3 Mile/Lake Eaton intersection towards  Kickerville Road, riders must use S86 Lake Eaton Trail. That re-route happened in January, we’ve signed it, we posted it on line, we updated ADKS USA ap and the NYSSA ap, but still some riders are getting caught off guard. We apologize for the inconvenience.  We anticipate we’ll get that artery re-opened with a short re-route next season, but for now, when you travel to S86, backside of Lake Eaton Campground to Endion road, please know that you will come out on private property. Please stay on trail to get  to Endion Road and avoid crossing the wide open field – THAT IS PRIVATE PROPERTY – Stay on all road-side shoulders. Thank you in advance for your cooperation! 

Tuesday 2/15/22

Tuesday morning – Groomers went out on the S86 Lake Eaton Trail Loop and out from S80 to Forked Lake early Tuesday Morning.

S80 North Point Road to Forked – Still plenty of snow on side of road from North Point to Forked. Minor bumps in it. Mostly hard and flat. Some of the bigger bumps that were just too hard to cut, but overall passable.

C7 BRASS groomed rails from Norridgewok to Sabattis.

C7B Tupper Trail to Sabattis Shelf was groomed on Monday, flat, hard-packed. Expect icy spots.

C7B Newcomb Trail – expect ice, hard pack, and some sections beaten by sun to have some washboarding impact. But it’s rideable and worth coming over while the cold temps are holding.

C8 to Dump Road loop in Raquette- good. Expect ice/hardpack on Uncas. Use road-sides.

To access gas – use S80 Power Line to South Hill Road and come out behind by the LL Town Offices/Deerland Road to avoid sidewalks. Other options to shorten the pain, cross Long Lake Ball field to Diner and much shorter distance to ride sidewalks to Stewart’s.


Monday 2/14

Happy Valentines Day.

Groomers are out on the S80 Power Line Trail and C7B to Sabattis. 

C7B Newcomb Trail was groomed on Sunday.

Shelf on North Point is passable, but there are some very thin sections and you will hit some road here and there. The end of North Point leading to Power Line is not great, but once you get on the Power Line – it’s a good ride to the Long View or to town. Forked Lake and Lake Eaton are all good. Use the Power Line to get to town. Our official trails do not cross lakes. 

Currently many roadsides and sidewalks are bare. Use inner wooded trails. 

Sat/Sunday 2/12-2/13

 Trails got soft and messy Saturday. Groomers going out on Newcomb Trail and Lake Eaton connector/Feeder trail on Sunday. 

7:15am Sunday 2/13 update

Newcomb Trail C7B was groomed overnight. All done grooming. Definitely needs snow. Bumps in every section. There is very few corners with snow on the inside. Sun and rain hurt the trail and anywhere rain was puddling left a crater in the base.

All sections of the Newcomb trail had dirt showing Any hill facing the east and facing the sun will start showing more dirt and washboardy.

Overall the base and ditches are still in good shape. For the most part I can still drag from one side to the back other. Needs more snow. 

S86 – Lake Eaton Trail being groomed early morning Sunday. 



Saturday 2/12

Today is the Long Lake Ice Fishing Derby. Good luck to all the participants! 

C7 – Beaver River/Norridgewok reports they groomed the rails on Thursday and Friday.

All Long Lake & Raquette Lake trails fair. Trails got beat up with thaw and volume. Icy on the corners. Anticipate it hardening up over night.Sidewalks are bare and roads are thin and rough.  Due to warm temps overnight, the groomers couldn’t go out on Fri/Sat morning.

Expect feeder corridors ie. Beecher Island Feeder Spur from Raquette Lake to North Point and sections of C7B Newcomb Trail (in the lower swampy, wooded, streamy sections) to have wear and tear and running water than other sections due to volume of traffic.  Our trails got beat up because of the weather. Temps are dropping overnight tonight and anticipate things to get icy. Stay tuned. 


Friday 2.11

Got a fresh coating of snow overnight. 

At 2am groomers are heading out to C7B Sabattis Trail shelf and S80 from Long View Power Line out to Forked Lake on North Point Road. C7B Newcomb Trail was groomed yesterday. 

C8 – will get a fresh groom early morning in Raquette Lake. 

Temps climbing this morning into afternoon from mid 30’s up and tomorrow we expect 50% chance of snow and temps in the mid 30’s. 

No current update on rails C7. 

Thursday Feb 10th

Groomers heading out to C7B Newcomb Trail. Warming up today, expecting it ice to build up on corners, but still overall great riding.  Sidewalks are looking a little thin, but expecting 1 inch of snow today to help add to the mix. 

Groomers will be out when temp drops. 

Overall trails are good in Long Lake & Raquette Lake. 

Wednesday Feb 9th

Today one groomer heading out to North Point Road and the Beecher Island Trail aka Raquette Lake Spur Trail. Note there is a LOT of snow on the sides of the roads and use caution and try to avoid getting sucked in. Groomers and plows have been out packing sides, so if it’s not packed, you want to be extra cautious.

Also John Dillion C7B to Sabattis getting groomed today.

Raquette Lake Trails – Good.

Note: Use caution off S80 Powerline trail to NYS Route 30 at top of hill above the Long View. This is an active driveway with trucks and excavators coming down driveway hill. Use caution. This has not been active for the last few years, so it takes some getting used to! 

Tuesday, February 8.

Plenty of snow. Overall conditions good. Sidewalks in town – now thin. Riders have to use roadsides and some sidewalk to access gas at Stewart’s Shops.

S86 – Lake Eaton being groomed on Tuesday.

S80 – Powerline to Forked Lake groomed on Tuesday.

C7B to Newcomb groomed Mon – Good.

C7B – to Sabattis good. Last groomed Sat. 

C8 -Raquette Lake groomed daily. Good. 

Monday, February 7th.

The Newcomb Trail C7B from S80 Power Line out to Tarbell Hill Road and stretching to the Newcomb Town Line was groomed this morning. Bumps have been smoothed, some corners are showing general wear and dirt and dirt poking through due to the volume of traffic we experienced over the weekend. Thank you riders! 

Opie says he’d like more snow – so can you please send some! 

All other trails holding, good and ready to go. 

Expect bumps & moguls on the RL Spur wooded trail aka Beecher Island Trail  off North Point Road linking to Raquette Lake connecting to Forked Lake Canoe Carry – as we haven’t had time to get our smaller groomer down there yet. Stay Tuned. Thanks for the input from one of our riders, Don.  We got slammed with so much snow, we had to get to the main trails first! 

Sunday, February 6, 2022


Trails Good. 

Plenty of snow cover.  Expect loose snow and bumps in the track in pockets along the trails. Expect wear and tear on heavily used corridor trails and some shoulders will be bumpy due to the volume of snow. 



Saturday Feb 5, 2022

S80 – Powerline to Forked & North Point / Raquette Lake – Good. 

S86 – Lake Eaton Loops being groomed over night for Saturday riding. Use these connectors to access the Lake Eaton Loop to get to Endion Road. Ride Endion Road to NYS Route 30/Kickerville. Loop up to Rice (all side roads are shelved) to get to bridge and Town Beach. 

C7B – Tarbell Hill to Newcomb Trail – groomed overnight early today for riding on Saturday. 

C7 – TRAIN TRACKS – Our friends at Norridgewok Report

We did receive close to a foot of snow! Things are looking much better. 

Tracks are for the most part covered…New snow=bumpy trails for a few days. It takes a couple of days for things to settle down and compact.

All trails good/plenty of snow cover. Due to the volume of snow anticipate bumps as the day wears on. It will take a few days to settle the snow down into good packing, we try to keep up, but we anticipate it to be busy today. 

Raquette Lake Trails – C8 – Good! 


Friday, February 4, 2022


C7B – Good. Groomed. S80/Powerline to Newcomb Line. Good. Groomed Fri 2.4.22 To be groomed again overnight. 12-15 inches of fresh snow. 

C7B – Lake Eaton Intersection out to Sabattis C7 – Good. Reports 8-12 inches of fresh snow. 

C8 Raquette Lake Trails are good. 12-15 inches of fresh snow. 

Special shout out and thank you to our Long Lake, Raquette Lake and Hamilton County Highway crews who are always out working with us and leaving us shelves and snow. We have a lot to work with. 

Let’s have a great weekend of riding! 


Thursday, February 3, 2022

Snow is falling steadily, it started this afternoon. Anticipate it to snow all night. Accumulations anticipated from 6-12 inches varying on the location. Groomers go out overnight and will be out on Newcomb Trail and Sabattis overnight. Town crews will shelf as long as they can keep up with the roads. Should be a great weekend of riding. 

Thanks to all our grooming partners in and around the area. 

Tuesday, Feb 1, 2022

Everything is open, everything is groomed. Snow arrives on Wed night. Anticipating between 6-12 inches of snowfall from Wed night into Friday.  Groomers will be out gearing up for what we anticipate to be a great weekend of riding! We are excited to get the rails covered! Thanks to our riders for coming into Raquette and Long Lake Today!  We have snow, but we always want more! 

Monday, January 31, 2022

All trails are holding their own.

C7B John Dillon to Sabattis Groomed on Monday

C7B – Newcomb Trail groomed Monday

Look for S80 & S86 Powerline to Forked & North Point to be groomed on Tuesday and and Lake Eaton Loop groomed on Tuesday. 

Raquette Lake Trails Good.


Snow arrives Wednesday through Friday! Woot woot! With the snowfall spread from 6 to 12 inches Groomers will be out working with our snow as it falls and we will be ready for you! 

Friday, January 28, 2022

Getting some light snow this morning. Around 1-2 inches in Raquette Lake and dusting in Long Lake. 

C7B – Newcomb Trail – groomed Friday morning.

C7B – Tupper Trail to Sabattis. groomed Friday morning. Shelved.

C7 – Tracks from Tupper to Sabattis Groomed overnight. Thank you Childwold Snowpackers. Ride from Norridgewock to Sabattis – rail still showing.

S80 Powerline to Forked to RL Spur – Groomed on Thursday.

S86 Lake Eaton Backside linking to Endion Road – Groomed Thursday

Raquette Lake Trails good / groomed daily.

7th Lake Mt. Trail linking to Sagamore Rd. – Inlet Barnstormers groomed it this week. Thanks! Use caution, narrow trail! 

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Trails ready to go. Groomers out today on S80 North Point Point Road out to Forked Lake and S86 Lake Eaton to C7B Tupper.

Raquette Lake reports trails good.

Mike Norris Ice Fishing Derby on Saturday, Jan 29, 2022 in Raquette Lake. Registration RL Fire Hall 6am.  

Wed January 26, 2022

Looks to be a cold, but beautiful day in the Adks. 

Overall all trails are fair to good – We score a “fair” rating as we could definitely use more snow in the woods. 

No official update on C7 the rails yet. Waiting for updates from Childwold & BRASS. People have been riding them, rail showing in windblown places.

C7B Sabattis is shelved and ready to go. Due to a re-route in Long Lake follow C7B Tupper Trail to Lake Eaton 3 Mile to access the Backside of Lake Eaton S86 to link to Endion Road to NY Route 30 to Kickerville to Rice or follow sides of Route 30 to cross bridge to access downtown Long Lake via the roadways. 

S86 Lake Eaton Campground Loop is good.

C7B Newcomb Trail groomed Monday and again TODAY/Wed! 

S80 Powerline/Northpoint – Good

Raquette Lake Trails are good. 

7th Lake Mt. Trail linking to Sagamore Road to Raquette Lake- was ridden by our crew yesterday, Tues, not enough snow to groom in there yet, but if you do take that trail, take your time. 

Monday, January 24, 2022.

Groomers hit C7B Newcomb Trail on Monday Morning and the Tupper Trail and Lake Eaton Campsite Loop S86/C7B. 

RAILS C7 – Looks like people are riding and that we had a groomer pass from our friends at Norridgewok from Beaver River heading to Sabattis. Some rail is showing. But people rode the rails to Sabattis. Sabattis is shelved and will be groomed again this Tues. 

On Tuesday groomer will be heading out to Sabattis C7B and towards Forked Lake S80 & North Point Road. 

Overall trails are good. Expect thin in spots and dirt to be showing in spots in the woods, but hey, we have snow. We received between 1/2 inch to a full 1.5 inches overnight  so some areas got more fluff than others! Wide range. Never as much in the woods, but expecting more snow tonight! We’ll take every little bit accumulation we are gifted.

Raquette Lake Trails are good. Wayne says something.. but he forgot to tell me what it was! 

We have not groomed 7th Lake Mt. Trail from Inlet yet. People are riding it, but it’s early and needs more snow. I feel like we say this every year. Take your time! 

Just got a report from a rider who started out this Monday morning traveling to Newcomb to Indian Lake to Old Forge and and heading back via Raquette Lake to Long Lake. So far phase one of his report .. trail report “headed out first thing this Monday morning and trails were great!”  So that’s great news! 

Best time to sled is always mid-week. Our groomers are out DAILY during the height of the season – which is right now! Hope to see you soon! 


Saturday, Jan 22, 2022

Groomers are out this morning on the Lake Eaton S86 Loop and Heading out to S80 Power/Line & Forked Lake Trail. 

Overall trails are open and in fair to good, but thin and boney in some wooded stretches. Caution as we definitely need more snow.

The tracks have not yet been groomed, rail still showing. 

Raquette Lake in good condition.

Let’s have a great day! 

Long Lake Diner Open at 7:30am
Long View Lodge & Adirondack Hotel open at Noon
RL Tap Room open at 7am.
Gas at Raquette Lake Supply and Stewart’s Shops. 

Friday, January 21, 2022

Trails Good.  Expect wear and tear and bumps as the weekend progresses.  Wooded trails are thin in spots. 

C7B/Newcomb Trail – Good. Groomed Friday.  Thin in some sections. 

C7B Tarbell Hill – snow covered & shelved. Snow coverage on the sides. 

C7B/S86 – Jim Dillon Park/Tupper Trail to Sabattis – Groomed. Good.  

S80 – North Point Road  shelved & groomed by Hamilton County Highway crew on Thurs 1/20 – one side is shelved the entire way. Thank you! 

S86 – Lake Eaton Loop Backside to Endion – Groomed. Fair to good.  Trail is open, but expect some water holes and some bumps and thin in the shaded wooded section of trail. Groomed again Sat. Morning

Raquette Lake

Browns Tract/Uncas – Good

Dump Road – Good

C8 – 7th Lake Mt. Trail – not groomed yet, but it’s open and people are riding.

Raquette Lake Roadsides shelved where available. 

Long Lake, NY & Raquette Lake NY trails are open for the weekend! Groomers will be out and about early mornings/overnights. Use shelves when available, expect some wooded trails to be thin in spots and some water and mud to poke through, but we are ready to go!

Gas available in Long Lake at Stewart’s Shops and at Raquette Lake Supply.

Raquette Lake Trails 1/22/22

Wayne says … We got some might fine trails down here and there aren’t any black flies!  Word on the street from Eagle Bay is.. “Everybody comes in says how good the trails are. If they hear that at the Tavern…. it must be true!” 

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Fair to good. Thin in spots. Expect wear and tear and bumps as the weekend progresses.  Wooded trails are thin in spots. 

Long Lake, NY & Raquette Lake NY trails are open for the weekend! Groomers will be out and about early mornings/overnights. Use shelves when available, expect some wooded trails to be thin in spots and some water and mud to poke through, but we are ready to go! Gas available in Long Lake at Stewart’s Shops and at Raquette Lake Supply.

Wed Jan 19th

C7B/Newcomb Trail – Fair – to good. 1st run of grooming done on Wed morning. Temps climbed up to 32 today (balmy) but looking for overnight temp drops to help firm up the base.

Tarbell Hill – snow covered – shelf was started before the snow, highway will get back to it Friday, but there is plenty of snowpack on the road to get you to the Jim Bird Spur.

C7B – Jim Dillon Park/Tupper Trail to Sabattis – Groomed Wed. 

S80 – North Point Road was shelved by Hamilton County Highway crew on Wed 1/19 – one side is shelved the entire way. Thank you! 

S86 – Lake Eaton Loop Backside to Endion – Thin. Trail is open, but expect some water holes and some bumps and hidden things along the way. Fair. 

Raquette Lake

Browns Tract/Uncas – Good

Dump Road – Good


Tuesday January 18th

Overnight received additional 2 inches of snow. 


S86 – Lake Eaton Campground Loop. Groomed. Good.

C7B – Lake Eaton 3 Mile Intersection to Sabattis – Groomed on Sunday – look for grooming again on Wed 1/19. 

S80 – North Point Road – will be shelved on Wed 1/19. Open. 

C7B – Newcomb Trail. The trail is cleared and open. Will be groomed/dragged Wed 1/19.

C7B Tarbell Hill Road to Jim Bird Trail – Trail is shelved by LL Highway. Spur to Dock Road is open. 

C7B – Sabattis Road – to be shelved and groomed on Wed 1/19.

C7 – Sabattis Rails – still waiting for updates. 

Raquette Lake Trails

Wayne says.. (ok he told me a joke, but I can’t write it here) 

Uncas/Browns Tract – Good

Dump Road – Good 

7th Lake Mt. Trail – Not groomed yet, but open. 

Monday, January 17th – 

TRAILS ARE NOW OPEN with 6-8 inches of fresh snow. 

Trail Report 



Known as the Backside of Lake Eaton linking to C7B and to Sabattis was groomed on Monday, January 17th. Today groomed from Endion to the Sabattis road.  3 inches of snow on the backside of Lake Eaton and 6-8 inches on the Tupper Trail.

C7B NEWCOMB TRAIL – OPEN. There’s 3 to 4 inches a fresh snow on first half a trail from Tarbell Hill towards Newcomb and around 6 to 8 inches on the second half County Line flow section.  Not dragged yet. Stay tuned. 

S80 North Point Road to Canoe Carry – Open. Shelved by Hamilton County Highway Department. RL Spur Trail will be checked on Tuesday 1/18. Expect possible hazards as groomers haven’t made it down the spur trail yet. 

Forked Lake – Not groomed yet. Just got snow on Monday 1/17 – look for updates this week. 

C7B Sabattis Road – To be shelved by Hamilton County Highway.

C7 – Train Tracks – The Town of Long Lake Thanks BRASS for grooming this section of trail. 

C7B connecting Kickerville/Grange Park (spur trail) CLOSED to Lake Eaton Loop is closed. Sledders on Kickerville can cross NYS Route 30, head north, o access Endion Road to access S86 to Lake Eaton north to link to C7B Tupper Trail and Sabattis. Other riders heading to Town – can use Kickerville/Rice Road – cross bridge and link up to trails through town to Newcomb Trail or Raquette Lake/S80 Power Line Trail. 

Hoss’s Country Campground ACCESS IS CLOSED to get to Stewart’s Shops for gas. Find alternate routes – scroll down for map. 


OPEN – Uncas/Brown’s Tract & Dump Road open. Good. 

7th Lake Mt. Trail – not groomed yet. Stay Tuned. 

Saturday January 15th -Fireworks tonight at 6:30pm at Mt. Sabattis Recreation Area. Winter Carnival starts at Noon. 

Long Lake:  Roadsides connecting to trails have been shelved by the Long Lake and Hamilton County Highway Crews including North Point Road, Endion, Tarbell, Kickerville and Dock Lane. Sabattis Shelf has NOT been cut yet. Waiting for train tracks to get SNOW.

Interior Trails are not groomed due to lack of snow. Expect thin coverage, and running water on wooded trails, conditions improve daily. Need more snow which we look forward to getting!Everything remains early conditions, ride at your own risk. We appreciate your patience. 

Groomers have been clearing trees and brush on Newcomb Trail C7B  & Backside of Lake Eaton S86 (but haven’t been all the way thru yet) They are working thru the weekend so please be patient with us. 

S86 – only got half way around the backside of this trail. Will finish up clearing out the trail on Saturday.

Newcomb Trail from Tarbell to Pickwacket has been cleared, not groomed, but couldn’t get all the way to County Line yet. 

Jim Bird Spur Trail C7B connected Tarbell Hill to Dock Lane: Tree blocking access was cut by Long Lake Highway Crew.

Please note: Access thru Hoss’s Country Campground Closed this season. Access Stewart’s for gas by coming up thru Powerline S80 to South Hill Road, all local Long Lake roads are snowmobile trails or via Jim Bird Spur to Dock Lane, behind Town Hall, to LL Ballfield and along a short section of sidewalk to Stewart’s. 

Raquette Lake Trails:

Uncas/Browns Tract Good.

Dump Road – thin in the middle, good on the sides.

Wayne says … the rain stopped and the gravel grew (on the Dump road!) Sledders are coming in to Raquette Lake and we are happy to see them.

7th Lake Mt. Trail to Moose River – not groomed yet. NEED SNOW 

2022 January 13

Well we are gearing up for snow coming on Sunday into Monday. Can’t really give a grooming report until we actually get snow, but I can give you an update on the trails.. 

For Thursday – Sunday – trail conditions continue to be ride at your own risk. Still lots of running water, mud, rocks, not enough snow for any base. Active grooming not fully operational yet. As the weather rolls in the groomers will be going Sunday into Monday. 

Roadsides are being cut by our Highway crew to flatten the banks. As we don’t have a lot of snow yet, it is the bank base. While we anticipate snow on Sun/Mon – crews will do their best to keep the banks flat. 

Roadsides being cut are

North Point to the Canoe Carry
Tarbell Hill
Endion Road
Dock Lane

Please note: Currently C7B from Kickerville/Grange Park to Lake Eaton is closed until further notice.

Re-route, sledders must ride from Lake Eaton Campground S86 to the “backside” section of the Lake Eaton Trail to Endion Road, and use cut banks on Endion Road and follow shoulder on NYS Route 30 to access downtown Long Lake. This is a major re-route change, please plan accordingly.  ** Please note – Groomer hasn’t made it all the way around Lake Eaton yet, but we are still working on it. Expect mud/trees/rocks etc. This is from Thursday 1/13/2022. 

2022. 01.07 Friday Condition

Raquette Lake
Wayne says: “It’s a smorgasborg of base. We have a mix of hard pack, glare ice and gravel all depending on where it rained hot water”  There is 2 inches of “packy” snow. Uncas/Browns Tract open to snowmobile traffic. Some sledders came in on Thursday night for Wing Night. Definitely take your time and be prepared for mixed, very early season conditions. 

Long Lake
Trails are getting cleared, but not groomable yet. Not enough snow on roadsides. Still early. Looking for temp drops early next week. Overnight lows on both Monday and Tuesday range from -18 to -20.  Some snow coming Sun/Mon/Tues – not significant accumulation, but we’ll take what we can get. 


Trail Conditions

Thursday January 6, 2022

Long Lake:

While we have a bit of snow on the ground from an overnight low that swept through, we only have about 1 to 2 inches of extremely fluffy light snow that really isn’t the packable rideable stuff we are looking for. It is simply not groomable, much less rideable.  All the water/streams are running, and rocks and mud underneath the surface. We are seeing some very cold temps early next week, so hopefully get to making some ice and we do see some light precipitation, but as always we sure would like to see more. 

Raquette Lake
We may have different news to share with Raquette Lake riders on Friday so stay tuned. Again, water flowing, rocks, and mud underneath a bare existence of 1-2 inches of very fluffy light ungroomable snow. Please note that Browns Tract is currently closed to vehicular traffic at this time as in the winter it is a snowmobile trail only. 

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

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Childwold Sno Packers FB
St. Lawrence County Snowmobile Conditions
Newcomb Snowmobile Club FB
Northern Adirondack Snowmobile Conditions FB 

The Town of Long Lake does not report on lake conditions.

While technically in NYS trails are “allowed” to be open, we aren’t quite ready for you yet!  We have snow on the ground and we are out cleaning up the trails, which is an on-going process as we have a variety of wind events, but that way we will be ready for you when that cold snap happens! 

There are going to be some changes in 2022 season.  Sledders will no longer be able to cross through Hoss’s Country Campground as a short cut to get to Stewart’s Shops for Gas. We ask riders to hope on the Powerline Trail S80, come down Mt. Sabattis Pavilion Road, turn right up South Hill and then a left to the access spur to get to the NYS 28N / 30 intersection and scoot right over to Stewart’s Shop for Gas. (this way you can stay off of the sidewalks which are usually bare depending on the time of day you hit them) – 


The other alternative is to just come off the pond near the Long Lake Diner/Owls Head Pub. 

We will also have a new re-route, the trail will no longer be on the number 5 road off of NYS Route 30 known as the “Tupper Trail” We have a new spur which will link up closer to the Snowmobile Trailer Parking Lot on NYS Route 30.  Won’t make a difference for mileage, but will alleviate some parking, plowing and traffic issues on one of our hunting club roads. Thank you to our landowner for working with us to get this spur open. We will post it on the map as soon as I return from my holiday vacation break. Please be patient. It’s signed and ready to go and we will get revised GPS out to state in the new year.  It is not a major re-route, more of a re-direction. 

We look forward to working with our partners all around us to get our trail system rocking for the New Year.

Winter Carnival is slated for Saturday, January 15, 2022, and it’s our 20th! Please Join our Moonlighter’s Snowmobile Club and we will see you soon! 



Newcomb Trail
Newcomb Trail (C7B):   

Tarbell Hill Road/South Hill: Use shelves and banks as you can. These roads are residential town roads. Use sides and shelf when available. There are bare spots where the sun meets the road. 

Powerline Trail (S80): 

North Point Road (S80): 

Kickerville Road: (C7B)  

Tupper Trail (C7B): 

Lake Eaton (S86) Campground Loop.

Lake Eaton (S86)  

Sabattis Road (C7B) 

Train Tracks. 

Raquette Lake: 





Please visit our local businesses. We are open! 

Make sure you register your sled and sign up to be a Moonlighter.  Link here:

Moonlighter Snowmobile Club 

Our dining/lodging & gas  destinations will be open.  We’ve been working diligently to provide safe stops along the way.  

The Adirondack Hotel, Long Lake Diner & Long View Lodge will all have ample space for riders and expanded seating and dining areas in and out as needed.

The Raquette Lake Tap Room has put on an addition to help accomodate more customers to meet the safety requirements.  So we will be open and ready for you.

Gas will be available in Raquette Lake and in Long Lake at the Long View Lodge off of S80 (Powerline Trail & the Lake) and at Stewart’s Shops.  All local roads in Long Lake and Raquette Lake are designated snowmobile trails. We will cut road banks with the assistance of Long Lake Highway and Hamilton County Highway Department to help funnel sleds on area interior roadways in the town to get you safely to our interior trails. 

Download the ADKS USA map ap – links provided on this page – it has the most updated trail information and local business information as it becomes available. 

Wed 02/24
80% / 0 in
Cloudy this morning with periods of light rain and snow this afternoon. High 37F. Winds SSW at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of precip 80%.

Tonight  02/24
78% / 0.9 in
Rain and snow this evening transitioning to snow showers overnight. Low near 20F. Winds W at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of snow 80%. Snowfall around one inch.

Thurs 02/25
31% / 0.1 in
Becoming partly cloudy later with any flurries or snow showers ending by noontime. High 24F. Winds WNW at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of snow 30%.

Friday 02/26
13% / 0 in
Partly cloudy. High 31F. Winds WSW at 5 to 10 mph.

Friday  Night 02/26
20% / 0 in
Partly cloudy skies. Low 17F. Winds SSE at 5 to 10 mph.

Saturday 02/27
65% / 1.3 in
Snow during the morning will give way to a mixture of rain and snow during the afternoon. High 39F. Winds S at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of precip 70%. 1 to 3 inches of snow expected.

Saturday  Night 02/27
39% / 0.1 in
Cloudy with a mix of rain and snow in the evening. A few breaks in the clouds late. Low 28F. Winds W at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of precip 40%.

Sunday 02/28
31% / 0.01 in
Cloudy skies early. A few showers developing later in the day. High 41F. Winds SSW at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 30%.


Grooming Equipment and Management of Trail Systems:

The Town of Long Lake manages the trails in Long Lake & Raquette Lake. 

There are three pisten bully groomers –

2 in Long Lake
1 in Raquette Lake
2 snowmobiles in Raquette Lake with drags 
1 snowmobile in Long Lake with a drag –

We move the equipment around depending on conditions. If equipment breaks down and is unavailable to do it’s normal “routine” we will put an alert on our trail conditions page if it impacts our trails.  But often times we are able to secure help or use alternative equipment to adjust if things aren’t working

Why are the trails not better marked with signage?  If you see a specific area needing signage, please let us know. We can’t fix it if we don’t know. We have two crew in Long Lake and one in Raquette Lake. They are in charge of brushing, grooming, maintaining their trails, but it is always appreciated to have input. Don’t complain, volunteer! We’d love to have you.  Please email  This is a great way to give back to your community and support your local trail system.  

The Town of Long Lake works with the Long Lake Highway Department in both Long Lake & Raquette Lake, and our Hamilton County Highway Department to help with all the roadsides and shelfing area roads.

Partnerships with other communities
We also have been rescued in emergencies, by the generosity of Newcomb’s trail groomer. The Town of Newcomb has always helped us out when needed and we appreciate the community shared services in emergencies and we would do the same for them.

The Inlet Barnstormers groom wooded trails around Raquette Lake including the 8th Lake & Bug Lake Trail and the continuation of the 7th Lake Mt. Trail and into the Moose River Plains.

The Beaver River Association grooms for Long Lake on the train tracks from Sabattis south for 12 miles.

Lots of coordination pulls all of this together in the Parks & Rec upstairs office. So there’s that to look after for over 70 miles of trails in our two communities. And grooming operations go on 7 days a week in the winter months.

Our trails are on LAND not Lakes. 

Thank you to our snowmobile partners who help keep our roadways open for snowmobile traffic this season. Special thanks to our highway department for filling in thin spots along area roadways.  

Long Lake Highway will be cutting banks  Owls Head Lane, Tarbell Hill, Dock Road & Kickerville Road. 

Hamilton County Highway crews will be cutting banks on North Point and Sabattis Road and they are doing a great job working with our crew!  Thank you. 


We do NOT recommend riding on lakes.  Our groomed trail system does NOT CROSS LAKES.  Lakes are NOT part of our trail system.  

Thanks to Inlet Barnstormers for their work on the Bug Lake Trail and other trails connecting to Raquette Lake Trail System. 

Lodging available at Donnellys Sunset Point “The Lake House” The Adirondack Hotel & The Long View Lodge & & Motel Long Lake The Raquette Lake Hotel & Tap Room

GAS in Long Lake available at
Long View Lodge while open or call
Stewart’s Shops until 10pm

GAS  – Snowmobile Gas will be available at Raquette Lake Supply Company at the STORE PUMPS when the trails are passable — which means… 

2021 RL Supply Gas Hours
Mon-Friday 8am – 5pm
Sat 8am -5pm
Sun  12pm – 5pm

**depends on traffic & weather.

Raquette Lake Tap Room Open daily 7am daily except Sunday’s, open at Noon.






See map for numbered parking lots.

1.      Park on NYS Route 30 Snowmobile Parking Lot.  Take NYS Route 30 road side – it’s 4-6 feet wide ice and snow on the road sides.  Cross NYS Route 30 into Number 5 Road and travel along GREAT snowmobile / freshly flat groomed trails on Friday March 23.  Take this trail to Lake Eaton Campsite- take the campsite loop and head back out to get your car, or ride around the backside of Lake Eaton to Owls Head.  See map for exact details.  

2.     Park your trailer at Lake Eaton Campsite Entrance or in the inside of Lake Eaton (near the boat launch) to hop on a freshly groomed interior wooded trail around Lake Eaton.  You can also hop onto the C7B Tupper Trail heading north to the Number 5 Road or loop in towards Kickerville.  Please use caution on road sides.  We’ve left some snow – but it’s heavily traveled and can be hit or miss on the road sides.  Interior wooded trails are holding up.

3.     Park at the Owls Head Trail Head Parking Lot off of Endion Road in Long Lake NY.  Follow shoulder / road until you hang a right to access S86 – the backside of Lake Eaton Trail.  Take the backside all the way through to the Lake Eaton Campground, loop around.  There are two options that take you through the campground and get you turned around and back on the loop to get you back to your car. 

4.     Park at the NYS Northville Placid Trail Head on NYS Route 28N and Tarbell Hill Road.  Access C7B Newcomb Trail here.  Groomed and flat, great condition until you get to Pickwacket Pond.  But still a great ride. 

5.     Park at the NYS Boat Launch off of Dock Road in Long Lake to access spur trail to connect to Jim Bird Road/Tarbell Hill Road and the Newcomb Trail. Please note:  Trail is excellent until you hit Pickwacket Pond near the County Line – then expect spring conditions. But just turn around and come back to Long Lake.

6.     Park at the bottom lot of Mt. Sabattis and head up past the Ice Skating Rink to access S80 – The Power Line Trail.  This trail is flat and has seen very little traffic this week, so it’s a best bet.  Snap a picture of Long Lake from the Mt. Sabattis Pavilion.  You’ll have to turn around and head back into town before hitting North Point Road.  You can ride shoulders on North Point Road and visit Buttermilk Falls.  Leave your sleds in the parking area as the small path to the falls – is just that, a foot path.  Short hike to catch in the beauty of this scenic treasure.

7.     Municipal lot in Long Lake.  Free parking at the site of the old Highway Garage on Main St. Long Lake.  You can ride shoulders and sidewalks – but they are pretty bare at this point.  But this can get you into the center of town.  Stewart’s Shops is the place for Gasoline, so expect some scratchy road riding to access gas.


Winter Lodging

Click Here Winter Lodging List

You can download the map below to your phone FOR FREE by linking to the Web Ap. 

Click here for Apple / App Store 

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Definitions for our trail report:

Great: Smooth Trails (you should be here)

Good: Bumps in the groove (inside of the turn) only

Fair: Bumps across the whole turn and some straight-aways also; Grooming may be limited by temperatures and snow conditions. 

Marginal: Minimum coverage; May be bare spots; Unable to groom due to warm temperatures and/or snow conditions. 

Groomers go out when temperatures and conditions warrant it. If you see an old report and you want an update contact 518.624.3077 9am – 4pm. Send mother nature’s snow machine up here. 

Use trails, not lakes. 

Gas In Long Lake:  Stewart’s Shops – route 28N and NYS 30 across from Hoss’s Country Corner. Best access via Jennings Park Pond thru Hoss’s Campground or off of South Hill Road connecting to the back off the Long Lake Town Offices through parking lot, to main intersection route 30 & 28N

Gas in Raquette Lake: Available at Raquette Lake Supply

Common Trail Name & Descriptions

S80/C8B Powerline Trail to Forked Lake/ North Point Road

C7B Newcomb Trail C7B.

S86 Lake Eaton Trail.  S86 Short-loop.

C7B Tupper Trail  Wooded log roads are good rides in the interior section of trails, from Grampus up to Number 5. Park trailers at lot just south of the the Northern Sabattis Road entrance – it’s posted with parking signs.Trailer and park at Kickerville Mobil to access Kickerville Road and Tupper Trail. 

This trail spans along logging trails near Grampus Lake, along NYS route 30 and connects with the Lake Eaton Intersection or continues on to Grange Park/Kickerville Road linking up to the business district in Long Lake. 

Train Tracks to Sabattis. C7B.  This trail connects south to Old Forge, Stillwater, Norridgewok and North to Tupper Lake. North is groomed by St. Lawrence Snowmobile Club and South Groomed by Beaver River Association. 

Sabattis Road. C7 Use this trail to connect to train track corridor or link up with C7B to link up to Long Lake along Route 30 to Kickerville Road. Banks routinely cut before weekends by Hamilton County Highway & Long Lake Highway Crews. 

Kickerville Road. C7B. Shoulders cut by LL Highway. Many driveways on this span of trail. 

Grange Park to Kickerville Road. C7B.  Road trails are the best ride. Continuation of the “Tupper Trail” from Lake Eaton and Endion road. Follow shoulders and speed limits. 

Lake Eaton backside loop. S86. Loop around Lake Eaton and link up to route 30, North to Tupper Trail/Sabattis. Access from Endion Road or NYS Route 30. This is a also a x-c ski trail. Use caution. New bridge on the backside of Lake Eaton. 

Jim Bird Connector Trail. Connects Jim Bird Road to Olivet Road via C7B. MUST USE THIS TRAIL TO ACCESS TOWN.  off of the Tarbell Hill Road and the Newcomb Trail..  

This is a windy trail along the edge of the State Boat Launch off of Olivet Road connecting to Jim Bird Road eventually to the Newcomb Trail. Use caution and go slow. Not a long connector, but necessary to connect from downtown Long Lake to Newcomb trail. Speed limit 20 mph. Connect to town on this short section of trail. 


We cannot recommend riding on lakes or ponds, as our snowmobile trails do not cross lakes. Lakes are not part of our trail system. Call 518.624.3077 

Bug Lake Trail. S81 & S8A1 – 

Browns Tract/Uncas Road. C8

Dump Road 

Moose River Plains 7th Lake Mt Connector  It connects to Moose River Plains. It is a narrow trail, follow posted speeds. Use caution.  Stumps hidden under fresh snow pack.  
The Town of Long Lake publishes a snowmobile trail map available by calling 518.624.3077 or request a map thru snail mail. Don’t forget to give us your address.

The Town of Long Lake publishes a snowmobile trail map available by calling 518.624.3077 or request a map thru snail mail. Don’t forget to give us your address.

Parking Information

N LONG LAKE – PARK YOUR TRAILERS – At Lake Eaton Campground, Base of Mt. Sabattis across from the Corner Motel, Park at the Long Lake State Boat Launch on Olivet Road, Park on Route 30 YS Route 30 between Sabattis Circle, adjacent to the LL Town Beach, or the large Municipal Lot located between St. Henry’s Church and the Ball Field – do not park in Church parking lot, but the large lot adjacent to it.   N Call 518.624.3077 for more information.

All local roads and sidewalks are part of the Long Lake Snowmobile Trail System

Snowmobiling Adirondacks has never been so easy!

Raquette Lake:  Check at the Tap Room for suggestions.  Look for state pull off areas and areas in the Village Green near the library. 

Moonlighter’s Snowmobile Club

Join the Moonlighter’s Snowmobile Club supporting both Long Lake, NY and Raquette Lake events and trails.

Register to become a Long Lake Moonlighter! Save on registration fees, fees help fund the trails in Long Lake and Hamilton County if you register through NYSSA! Save money and help out with trail maintenance!

Visit Their Website: Register On-Line to be a Moonlighter!
New York State Snowmobile trails. Long Lake zip code is 12847. Raquette Lake is 13436. If you ride in Old Forge & Inlet you need to purchase an additional snowmobile trail permit. Long Lake and Raquette Lake do not require additional permits. You only have to be a registered sled in New York State. 

AT&T cell phone & Verizon Cell Phone service now available in Hamlet of Long Lake. It’s a great safety net while snowmobiling in the Adirondacks.

Snow Conditions
Long Lake