Thursday, January 23, 2020

Trails conditions
Raquette Lake Trails are open, so at least half of the overall trails are groomed and good right now.  Conditions on the “Big Road” per Wayne are very very slippery (that’s two very’s) so use caution.  It has an ice base with 3 inches of fresh powder.  

Dump Road has springlike conditions at the moment. It’s great the snow returned, but be mindful that the ground isn’t really frozen solid and any water will be leaching into the trail here and there.  

Everything but 7th Lake Mountain Trail is ready to roll.

Ice base with a couple of packed snow on top.

Long Lake trails – Grooming has begun – but overall conditions are fair due to running water, open water, rough sections. 

NEWCOMB TRAIL C7B – Open – GROOMED ON Wed. 1/22. Best section of that trail stretches from 6 Mile to Pickwacket.  Swamp area – one side is fair – the other side is open and rough.  It is rough and bumpy on some sections of this trail.  Needs more snow.  Thin coverage from Pickwacket to County Line where sun beats down on the road. Coming into Long Lake  use Tarbell Hill to Jim Bird to Dock Road Spur Trail to access downtown Long Lake.  Use caution there is logging on this section of trail this season. 

C7B – Grange Park to Lake Eaton Campground – Groomed on 1/22/20. Thin in spots.  Report pending.

Tupper Trail C7B north from John Dillon to Sabattis will be groomed on Fri 1/23.  Banks will be cut this winter on Sabattis by Hamilton County Highway.  Banks will be getting worked on this Friday. Will be early season conditions all around. 

Thank you to our snowmobile partners who help keep our roadways open for snowmobile traffic. 

Long Lake Highway will be cutting banks on Tarbell Hill, Dock Road & Rice Road & Kickerville Road

Hamilton County Highway crews will be cutting banks on North Point and Sabattis Road. 




Lodging available at Donnellys Sunset Point “The Lake House” The Adirondack Hotel & The Long View Lodge & The Raquette Lake Hotel & Tap Room


Tupper Trail/C7B –  Not groomed.   Grange Park Road is a private road.  Please go SLOW on that section connecting to C7B to Tupper and Kickerville Road. Owner reserves right to close Grange Park. 

Forked Lake Road – Not groomed.   

Sabattis Road. C7B   Not groomed.  Good news for 2019/2020 season.. remember how bad the HELMET HITTERS WERE?  We spent the entire month of September and 1/2 of October dealing with that with a lift and a crew pruning back the low lying branches on Sabattis Road so as our shelf grows taller you can save your faces, helmets and heads a whole lot of wear and tear!  

C7- Railroad Tracks Beaver River to Sabattis – Not groomed. 

North Point RoadNot groomed. 

Stay on the ROAD all the way to the S80 -POWER LINE TRAIL. Do not use Steamboat Road – this is not a designated snowmobile trail.***

Powerline Trail S80Not groomed. Powerline state section of trail linking Emerson Road to Sandpit – rough and narrow. Use caution. Thinking about making T-shirts that read “I survived the State Section of the Powerline Trail”  not sure anyone would buy one…

Tarbell Hill/ Jim Bird to Spur to Dock Road.  Not Groomed

Newcomb Trail C7B  Not Groomed. Use this trail to get back and forth to Newcomb and to ultimately connect to Indian Lake. 

Logging near 6 Mile Road on C7B Newcomb Trail. Logging continues into 2019/2020 season. Watch for updates and signage.

Lake Eaton Loop to Tupper TrailNot Groomed

GAS  – Snowmobile Gas will be available at Raquette Lake Supply Company at the STORE PUMPS when the trails are passable — which means… 

2019 Hours – not updated  for 2020 season yet.
Mon-Friday 8am – 5pm
Sat 8am – 8pm
Sun 12pm-6pm

GAS in Long Lake available at
Long View Lodge while open or call
Stewart’s Shops until 10pm

Raquette Lake Tap Room Open daily 7am daily except Sunday’s, open at Noon.
Winter Boat is closed for 2019/2020 season for renovations



There are several sections where you have to hop on and hop off on the stretch before and after Bear Pond.  There is logging 1 mile from Sabattis/Train Tracks. Road is snow covered and rideable.  The shelf is good from just beyond Bear Pond heading into Long Lake/Route 30  all along the rest of the road ,but there are many areas that need brushing pruning with low hanging branches.  LOW HANGING BRANCHES HAVE BEEN ELIMINATED IN FALL 2019. Please share this updated info with your neighbors and friends! 

Feel free to reach out to the NYS DEC Region 5 & 6 and ask when they will open up the trail to From Long Lake to Horseshoe Lake to Tupper along already established logging roads to get riders OFF Sabattis Road. ** (You can still do this part) 

Regional Director NYS DEC Region 6
Randy Young, Acting
Phone: (315) 785-2239

Regional Director: NYS DEC Region 5 Robert Stegemann
Phone 518-897-1211




See map for numbered parking lots.

1.      Park on NYS Route 30 Snowmobile Parking Lot.  Take NYS Route 30 road side – it’s 4-6 feet wide ice and snow on the road sides.  Cross NYS Route 30 into Number 5 Road and travel along GREAT snowmobile / freshly flat groomed trails on Friday March 23.  Take this trail to Lake Eaton Campsite- take the campsite loop and head back out to get your car, or ride around the backside of Lake Eaton to Owls Head.  See map for exact details.  

2.     Park your trailer at Lake Eaton Campsite Entrance or in the inside of Lake Eaton (near the boat launch) to hop on a freshly groomed interior wooded trail around Lake Eaton.  You can also hop onto the C7B Tupper Trail heading north to the Number 5 Road or loop in towards Kickerville.  Please use caution on road sides.  We’ve left some snow – but it’s heavily traveled and can be hit or miss on the road sides.  Interior wooded trails are holding up.

3.     Park at the Owls Head Trail Head Parking Lot off of Endion Road in Long Lake NY.  Follow shoulder / road until you hang a right to access S86 – the backside of Lake Eaton Trail.  Take the backside all the way through to the Lake Eaton Campground, loop around.  There are two options that take you through the campground and get you turned around and back on the loop to get you back to your car. 

4.     Park at the NYS Northville Placid Trail Head on NYS Route 28N and Tarbell Hill Road.  Access C7B Newcomb Trail here.  Groomed and flat, great condition until you get to Pickwacket Pond.  But still a great ride. 

5.     Park at the NYS Boat Launch off of Dock Road in Long Lake to access spur trail to connect to Jim Bird Road/Tarbell Hill Road and the Newcomb Trail. Please note:  Trail is excellent until you hit Pickwacket Pond near the County Line – then expect spring conditions. But just turn around and come back to Long Lake.

6.     Park at the bottom lot of Mt. Sabattis and head up past the Ice Skating Rink to access S80 – The Power Line Trail.  This trail is flat and has seen very little traffic this week, so it’s a best bet.  Snap a picture of Long Lake from the Mt. Sabattis Pavilion.  You’ll have to turn around and head back into town before hitting North Point Road.  You can ride shoulders on North Point Road and visit Buttermilk Falls.  Leave your sleds in the parking area as the small path to the falls – is just that, a foot path.  Short hike to catch in the beauty of this scenic treasure.

7.     Municipal lot in Long Lake.  Free parking at the site of the old Highway Garage on Main St. Long Lake.  You can ride shoulders and sidewalks – but they are pretty bare at this point.  But this can get you into the center of town.  Stewart’s Shops is the place for Gasoline, so expect some scratchy road riding to access gas.


Winter Lodging

Click Here Winter Lodging List

Definitions for our trail report:

Great: Smooth Trails (you should be here)

Good: Bumps in the groove (inside of the turn) only

Fair: Bumps across the whole turn and some straight-aways also; Grooming may be limited by temperatures and snow conditions. 

Marginal: Minimum coverage; May be bare spots; Unable to groom due to warm temperatures and/or snow conditions. 

Groomers go out when temperatures and conditions warrant it. If you see an old report and you want an update contact 518.624.3077 9am – 4pm. Send mother nature’s snow machine up here. 

Use trails, not lakes. 

Gas In Long Lake:  Stewart’s Shops – route 28N and NYS 30 across from Hoss’s Country Corner. There is no gas at Kickerville Station on the Tupper Road. Best access via Jennings Park Pond thru Hoss’s Campground or off of South Hill Road connecting to the back off the Long Lake Town Offices through parking lot, to main intersection route 30 & 28N

Gas in Raquette Lake: Available at Raquette Lake Supply

Common Trail Names

C8B Powerline Trail to Forked Lake/ North Point Road

Newcomb Trail C7B.

Lake Eaton Trail.  S86 Short-loop.

Tupper Trail C7B.  Wooded log roads are good rides in the interior section of trails, from Grampus up to Number 5. Park trailers at lot just south of the the Northern Sabattis Road entrance – it’s posted with parking signs.Trailer and park at Kickerville Mobil to access Kickerville Road and Tupper Trail. 

This trail spans along logging trails near Grampus Lake, along NYS route 30 and connects with the Lake Eaton Intersection or continues on to Grange Park/Kickerville Road linking up to the business district in Long Lake. 

Train Tracks to Sabattis. C7B.  This trail connects south to Old Forge, Stillwater, Norridgewok and North to Tupper Lake. North is groomed by St. Lawrence Snowmobile Club and South Groomed by Beaver River Association. 

Sabattis Road. C7 Use this trail to connect to train track corridor or link up with C7B to link up to Long Lake along Route 30 to Kickerville Road. Banks routinely cut before weekends by Hamilton County Highway & Long Lake Highway Crews. 

Kickerville Road. C7B. Shoulders cut by LL Highway. Many driveways on this span of trail. Use caution.

Grange Park to Kickerville Road. C7B.  Road trails are the best ride. Continuation of the “Tupper Trail” from Lake Eaton and Endion road. Follow shoulders and speed limits. 

Lake Eaton backside loop. S86. Loop around Lake Eaton and link up to route 30, North to Tupper Trail/Sabattis. Access from Endion Road or NYS Route 30. This is a also a x-c ski trail. Use caution. New bridge on the backside of Lake Eaton. 

Jim Bird Connector Trail. Connects Jim Bird Road to Olivet Road via C7B. MUST USE THIS TRAIL TO ACCESS TOWN.  off of the Tarbell Hill Road and the Newcomb Trail..  

This is a windy trail along the edge of the State Boat Launch off of Olivet Road connecting to Jim Bird Road eventually to the Newcomb Trail. Use caution and go slow. Not a long connector, but necessary to connect from downtown Long Lake to Newcomb trail. Speed limit 20 mph. Connect to town on this short section of trail. 


We cannot recommend riding on lakes or ponds, as our snowmobile trails do not cross lakes. Lakes are not part of our trail system. Call 518.624.3077 

Bug Lake Trail. S81 & S8A1 – 

Browns Tract/Uncas Road. C8

Dump Road 

Moose River Plains 7th Lake Mt Connector  It connects to Moose River Plains. It is a narrow trail, follow posted speeds. Use caution.  Stumps hidden under fresh snow pack.  
The Town of Long Lake publishes a snowmobile trail map available by calling 518.624.3077 or request a map thru snail mail. Don’t forget to give us your address.

The Town of Long Lake publishes a snowmobile trail map available by calling 518.624.3077 or request a map thru snail mail. Don’t forget to give us your address.

Parking Information

N LONG LAKE – PARK YOUR TRAILERS – At Lake Eaton Campground, Base of Mt. Sabattis across from the Corner Motel, Park at the Long Lake State Boat Launch on Olivet Road, Park on Route 30 YS Route 30 between Sabattis Circle, adjacent to the LL Town Beach, or the large Municipal Lot located between St. Henry’s Church and the Ball Field – do not park in Church parking lot, but the large lot adjacent to it.   N Call 518.624.3077 for more information.

All local roads and sidewalks are part of the Long Lake Snowmobile Trail System

Snowmobiling Adirondacks has never been so easy!

Raquette Lake:  Check at the Tap Room for suggestions.  Look for state pull off areas and areas in the Village Green near the library. 

Moonlighter’s Snowmobile Club

Join the Moonlighter’s Snowmobile Club supporting both Long Lake, NY and Raquette Lake events and trails.

Register to become a Long Lake Moonlighter! Save on registration fees, fees help fund the trails in Long Lake and Hamilton County if you register through NYSSA! Save money and help out with trail maintenance!

Visit Their Website: Register On-Line to be a Moonlighter!
New York State Snowmobile trails. Long Lake zip code is 12847. Raquette Lake is 13436. If you ride in Old Forge & Inlet you need to purchase an additional snowmobile trail permit. Long Lake and Raquette Lake do not require additional permits. You only have to be a registered sled in New York State. 

AT&T cell phone & Verizon Cell Phone service now available in Hamlet of Long Lake. It’s a great safety net while snowmobiling in the Adirondacks.

Snow Conditions
Long Lake