Superbowl Weekend

Make the plans… get your sleds ready. Now here’s a conumdrum.. I hear.. oh there are 300 sleds over in Raquette over the weekend and the reports of the snowmobile trails are mysterious, but there are great trails between Raquette and Long Lake and they are groomed and open, come on out, send in a report. Raquette trails are groomed and great and so are Long Lake trails, so please check us out! Yes, we can always use more snow and it is falling right now. We need one of those two day blizzards so we can boil up Dinty Moore Stew and gear up for some winter recreation. FYI Lake Eaton Trails are finally open for business.. sure the ride is still a bit bumpy from the rocks and such, but the trees are cleared and it is passable.

If snowmobiling isn’t your thing.. check out the Stewarts Cooking Challenge at the Arts Center In Blue Mt. on Saturday, February 6th It starts at 6pm. Spectators welcome. It involves finding food at Stewarts and making an edible dinner (sounds like everynight at my house)

Saranac Lake kicks off the winter carnival on Friday with the coronation of King and Queen. The lighting of the castle and fireworks are on Saturday, Feb 6th.

Sunday is SUPERBOWL. Buy a square, eat some food, find a cozy spot in one of the many pubs around Long Lake and watch the game… or the commercials.

If you are a man, go to the Stewart’s Cooking Challenge and learn how to make a nice meal for your wife, she could use a break in the kitchen ya know! : ) See you on the flip side, when there is some breaking news!

Long Lake