Swimming Lessons Announced

The Long Lake Lifeguarding staff will be offering Free Swimming Lessons for levels 1-6 starting Tuesday, July 5th, 2016 through August 4th. To sign up call Emily Waters at 518-637-7834 or go directly to the beach to register with a guard.

Best Swim Dock in the Adirondacks!

Best Swim Dock in the Adirondacks!

On vacation and won’t be here the whole summer, not a problem! Flexible lessons for a week at a time will be available if you come and go throughout the summer season. Everyone welcome to participate.

A friendly reminder, there are no life-jackets allowed on the beach or in the water to swim. If you want to swim to the dock, the lifeguards will assess your strength as a swimmer. If you pass, yahoo, you can go to the dock. If you don’t, don’t give up. Show the guards you are working hard and build up your swimming prowess and before you know it you’ll have permission to be jumping off the minitrampoline.

Long Lake’s Swim Dock boasts rope swings, a slide, mini trampoline and hours of beach entertainment. Come on by for the day and stay for the week! Best view in the Adirondacks.

All lifeguards are Red Cross Certified and trained in CPR, First Aid and lifesaving skills.

See you at the beach!

Long Lake