Swimming in the waters of Long Lake is a must for every summer vacation.  Long Lake boasts the best beach in the Adirondacks with unsurpassed views of the Seward Mountain Range.  A swim dock boasting a mini-trampoline, slide and rope swings. 

Red-Cross certified lifeguards on on site daily to surpervise swimming from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily.  Free swimming lessons by a WSI certified instructor are also available.  But don’t just take our word, dip your toe in, the water’s fine!  

1258 Main Street
Open Daily 10am – 6pm

Reopening New York Lake and Ocean Beach Activites Guidelines 

Max capacity of the beach will be 50% legal capacity currently it will be 73 people until further notice. Per NYS DOH Capacity Limits

Max capacity of the bathrooms will be one patron per individual bathroom or mulitple-members of the same family/household unit/group may use the bathrooms. 

Beach-goers are expected to check in with Designated Lifeguard/Beach Monitor

Density reduction – All beach blankets/towels/family/group set ups must be spaced 10 feet apart. Beach monitor will provide a marking sign to denote 10ft of spacing throughout beach blanket/congretation areas. 

Please adhere to 6ft distancing along shoreline unless you are with members of you household/family unit maintaining distance between employees and members of the public.

Anytime individuals less than 6ft apart from one another must wear an acceptable face-covering  – per NYS Executive Order 202.34 and NYSDOH Lake & Ocean Guidelenes.

Swimmers will NOT have to wear masks when swimming. Lifeguards will NOT be wearing masks while actively monitoring and guarding the water – but when less than 6 feet apart from a member of the public, masks will have to be worn by all.

Max gatherings of any size are not allowed, except for groups from within the same household / family unit.** Max 10 per group on the beach. 

Except in an emergency, congregation, beaching or tying together of multiple vessels (e.g. kayaks, canoes, rowboats) within a facility is prohibited to avoid group gatherings. Vessels may be beached and /or tied together for storage, without any persons using them.

Organized or “pick up” sports and concerts and movies are not permitted until further notice. **

Adhere to hygiene and sanitation requirements from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and New York State Department of Health (DOH)

Provide and maintain hand hygience stations on site. Hand sanitizer will be available by the lakeshore swimming area, bathers are asked to wash and/or sanitize their hands upon entry/exit of the water. 

No beach or swimming equipment may be shared unless disinfected between uses. 

Max capacity rules of Swim Docks must be followed.  Please stay spaced 6 feet apart from others not from your family or household on swim docks and maintain 6 feet distance from lifeguards.

Patrons are not required to complete a health screen or provide contact information, but may be encouraged to do so.  Patrons are given the option to provide contact information to be logged and contacted for contact tracing if necessary. See Beach Safety Monitor to check in. 

Patrons are asked to please abide by the Guidelines:

Be prepared. Bring acceptable face covering to wear within 6 ft oor more and avoid gatherings of any kind, except among members of same household/family unit. Large gatherings, picnics and beach parties are not allowed.

Open Daily 10am – 6pm
Currently trampoline is under repair and closed.
Covid-19 Safety Precautions currently in place.
Masks required when using restrooms and moving about the beach, exception applies when swimming. 

Rope swings, a trampoline, and slide to get your adrenaline pumping. Swimming lessons are offered starting first week of July through August. Red cross certified lifeguards keep a professional and watchful eye on the water. Pass a swimming test and garner ultimate status and permission to use the dock. Just remember, follow the rules. If you use the rope swings you must let go. One person at a time on the tramp and no running on the dock. Sorry no doggie paddling to the dock. Don’t worry, the lifeguards will be happy to assist you better your strokes and get you swimming strongly out to our float in no time.

There are no floatation devices or lifevests allowed on the Long Lake Town Beach.  For questions or concerns regarding this policy contact the Long Lake Town Supervisor’s office at 518-624-3001. 

DUE TO COVID 19 – Swimming Lessons will not be available in 2020. 

Free swimming lessons are available at the Long Lake Town Beach.  Whether you are here for the entire summer or just for a week vacation, our Waterfront Safety Instructor is available.  Group Lessons happen Monday through Thursday 10am – 12:30pm.  Stop by the Long Lake Beach in person on Monday morning and catch our head lifeguard.  You will sign up right at the beach and the swimmer will be tested to determine what level they are best matched with and a schedule will be set up.  

Swimming Lessons to be announced for 2020
Level 5 10am – 10:30am
Level 4 10:30am – 11am
Level 3 11am – 11:30am
Level 2 11:30am – 12pm
Level 1 12pm – 12:30pm

Lessons are free. Interested in lessons? Stop by the Long Lake Town Beach and see Lara for registration information.

This event has been cancelled for 2020

The Paddling Olympics are held every July and hosted by the Long Lake Association. For all youth.  These free races are a great place to develop traditional paddling skills, compete in Stand Up Paddling, and fun races.  No experience necessary.  

Events include Canoe Races, Hand Paddling, Back Paddling, Four -Person Relay, Stand Up Paddle Board Races, Kayak Races, Kayak Back Paddling and Canoe Tug-O-War. The Long Lake Lions Club will be on site serving up Hot Dogs, and Sausage and Pepper Sandwiches. There will be awards and recognition.

Participants in the past include visitors who have no experience paddling a watercraft and it’s a great way to learn a new skill and find a fun new activity while on vacation.

Novice Paddler? Don’t worry we have paddle expert, Caleb Davis the night before the event to teach the kids what to do. Kids that participate receive a coupon for an ice cream cone!

The US Waterski Show Team will be back in 2021! Stay tuned! 

Year after year the US Waterski Show Team visits the Long Lake Town Beach the third weekend in July.  Their spectacular show features an original story, vibrant costumes and stunts to wow the crowd.  Barefoot waterskiing, ski-lines, pyramids, jumps and so many tricks.  This is a must see show and now a yearly event.  

Floatation Devices.

The Town of Long Lake does not allow Personal Floatation Devices of any kind at the Long Lake Town Beach.
Why not? 
Long Lake Beach has two designated areas for swimming. A shallow section for inexperienced swimmers, just learning how to swim and a deep end.  Only strong swimmers who comfortably pass a test are permitted to swim in the deep end and to the swim dock.

-Life jackets provide a false sense of security by allowing a non-swimmer to enter an area that is too deep causing panic and possibly disaster.

-Without the flotation device(s) the attending adult will stay with the child.

-Inflatable devices are easily punctured or torn by teeth, fingernails and foreign objects.

-A non-swimmer would have a difficult, if not hazardous, situation attempting to regain buoyancy in deep water after slipping off, or out of, the flotation device(s).

-Use of Floatation Devices places a burden on the lifeguard, distracting from his/her guarding duties, to inspect and make sure that all straps and other devices are secure on the person entering the water.

-If one individual is allowed a flotation device, then everyone must be permitted to use one, and not everyone has “approved” equipment.

According to the Coast Guard’s website, life vests should be worn to prevent drowning, but can be useless if not worn properly. 
Children panic when they fall into the water suddenly. This causes them to move their arms and legs violently, making it hard to float safely in a PFD (personal flotation device).

A PFD will keep a child afloat, but may not keep a struggling child face-up. 

For questions or concerns regarding the Town of Long Lake’s Floatation Device policy please contact the Long Lake Town Supervisor at 518-624-3001

Long Lake