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10 Year Anniversary of the 100 Year Flood in Long Lake NY

The Long Lake 100 Year Flood happened 10 years ago this last week of April in 2011.  The water slowly crept up and made its first disruption on the intersection of Deerland Road and Emerson Road. Then as the water continued to rise, it  disrupted traffic on either end of town.

The waters climbed steadily in all directions impacting homes in Newcomb, Tupper Lake and beyond. Heavy unexpected snow in early March coupled with heavy rains in April perpetuated a record runoff  into the watershed of the Raquette River flooding north in to Tupper Lake and beyond. 

Financial losses to the surrounding communities were felt by our local businesses and homeowners, but ten years have passed and we’ve slowly moved on to other worries. 

The following videos were shot over the course of the week of the flood.

2011 The Great Flood of Long Lake A Step Back in Time

Back in 2011 Long Lake saw an unanticipated flooding event that rocked the communities up and down the Raquette River.  An epic snowfall in March, followed by torrential spring rains and even a dramatic hail storm pounded the town. An ice out, combined  spring thaw and in a matter of hours, turned into disaster.  Long Lake lake started to back up and flood all along the 14 miles shoreline.

The main roads were closed. The Town of Long Lake declared a state of emergency, and the community was suddenly thrust back in time where the only viable mode of safe and practical transportation was by boat.  

The two sides of town were cut off, by water. Our first introduction to social distancing in recent times. 

Interesting timing to reflect on this slice of history now, while we are hunkered down, social distancing from our friends and family and our future feeling somewhat uncertain and unpredictable.  So for today, lets look back at a calamity that hit the town only 9 years ago this week and recognize this community, and our entire nation, has gotten through troubled times before and we’ll get through troubled times again.

We want to thank our frontline Medical Workers, First Responders and Essential Workers for continuing to power through this most incredible, historic, painful time of grief and unprecendented crisis in our global history. 

Hang in there my friends.  We will get through this. Together. 


April 28, 2011

Long Lake, NY

Check out the view from the porch of the Adirondack Hotel. While we clearly are laughing it up, it is not lost on any of us the damage the flood waters have caused. Our thoughts go out to all the property owners of Long Lake. It’s only April 28th. We have plenty of time to dry out. Long time resident of 93 years has never seen the water this high.


The Long Lake 100 Year Flood


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April 29, 2011
Day Two of the 100 year flood. Long Lake, NY

The water at Route 30 in Front of the historic Adirondack Hotel measured 18 inches at the deepest part of the road. It was over the second step at the hotel. Beaver activity was spotted in Jennings Park Pond. A park bench from the Long Lake beach was floating down river. Photos and reports have been filing in from around the area. Long Lake Central School is closed.

Some re-caps for folks – Newcomb, Long Lake and Johnsburg and Indian Lake Schools are closed; Rt 28 between North Creek and Indian lake is closed, State Rt 28N in Newcomb is closed by the gas station and Lake Harris. Route 30 in Sabeal is open in one lane for traffic between Sabeal and Speculator. Route 30 between the Adk Hotel and Long Lake bridge is closed and covered with 18 inches of water, but larger trucks are passing through at their own risk.

There is a detour for cars only on Route 30/28N in Long Lake in Deerland on Emerson Road.

The Town of Long Lake and the Fire Department and Rescue Squad have equipment on both sides of the bridge so the town has safety response in place in the event of emergencies. Thank you to all volunteers, the Long Lake Highway Crew and NYS DOT for coordinating these efforts.

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April 30, 2011, Long Lake NY. 7:00am.

This morning at 7am, near the Adirondack Hotel and Helms Seaplane Base along NYS Route 30, the flood water had gone back down to levels seen on Thursday afternoon.

NYS DOT still has the road blocked to truck traffic between Blue Mt. and Long Lake across the bridge. Passenger cars and trucks are still getting thru at their own risk. The water was down and will continue to recede throughout the day.

The Adirondack Hotel reports they were able to turn off the pumps to let them rest for a bit (but they are back on, just in case). Initial reports say the compressors were spared. Electricity was turned back on. Northern Borne Store had stopped pumping water out of the basement as of 7am this morning (if not sooner)

There is a log truck parked in town, currently awaiting permission to travel north to Tupper Lake once the NYS DOT gives clearance.

Special thanks to the Hamilton County Highway, Long Lake and Indian Lake DOT and the Long Lake Highway Department for manning the roads on 24 hour shifts to keep truck traffic routed through Newcomb.

We look forward to having a reunion with both sides of town very soon.



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Three Day Siege in Long Lake
May 1, 2011

The water starts to recede and the events start to blend together… so here’s a recap.

Roads to and from Long Lake had limited vehicular traffic for three days. The water has started to recede.

Videos edited and produced by Alexandra Roalsvig


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May 3, 2011

The water level in Long Lake has dropped over two feet since the flooding reached its peak level on Friday, but the weather forecast looks grim with rain predicted for the next several days.

Town Supervisor Clark Seaman met with Highway Superintendent Chip Farr and Hamilton County Foreman John Walker to discuss the current conditions of the area around Long Lake. Over the weekend a portion of Sabattis Road washed out, but was quickly assessed and repaired by the Hamilton County Road Crew. Foreman Walker continues to monitor the water level at Forked Lake, South Pond Inlet and other creeks along Northpoint Road/County Route 3.

Long Lake Roads including Endion Road have fully re-opened to local traffic and Emerson Road is no longer needed as a detour for passenger vehicles on route 30. NYS Route 30 re-opened to truck traffic on Sunday over the Long Lake Bridge and through the Deerland section of the road early Monday.

Several camps owners on the boat accessible-only section at the North End of Long Lake reported waters inside their summer homes, which at the height of flooding reached over a foot of water, had finally cleared out on Monday afternoon. Many families who own property along the lake arrived on scene over the weekend to assess the damage and begin clean up.

Estimates for property damage are being collected and calculated for many businesses and homes in the area including the Adirondack Hotel which has shut down temporarily, but a sign in the front says “Closed, Reopening Soon.”

Predictions from has Hamilton County with a Flood Watch alert with a 90% chance of rain tonight, May 3 with rainfall possibly over one inch. Wednesday, May 4th, rainfall is predicted at a half an inch and Thursday reports possible snow showers.

While the ground is saturated with water, much of the snow pack has dissipated and most are hopeful with the two to three feet drop already of the lake level that it won’t return to the highest level we saw on Friday.

It’s a watch, wait and see. To the north Tupper Lake has extended its State of Emergency for an additional five days.



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Director of Parks, Recreation & Tourism 

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