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Matt Burnett Live Art at Long Lake Harvest Craft & Fire Fest

Over the last several months regional artist Matt Burnett has launched a large-scale outdoor art installation project around the Town of Long Lake in the Adirondacks of upstate New York. Three 8×8 portraits can be seen at locations around town including the Shaw Pond Turnaround on route 28N, Deerland Road (on the Big Red Barn) and at the former site of the Blarneystone Restaurant along Main Street. In addition he recently installed three additional portraits along the Burns Road Wall on Route 30 just past the Long Lake Bridge.


The public is invited to meet Matt and participate in a public art project on October 11th at the Long Lake Harvest Craft Fair and Fall Fire Fest at the LL Town Hall on Main Street in Long Lake. This is an opportunity for Matt to meet anyone interested in discussing the project, how it evolved, where’s he’s going from here, negotiate a deal (this art is for sale if anyone is interested) and to also invite everyone of all ages to help create another large scale work. Children and adults and all levels of talent are encouraged to participate in this public interactive art project. This event is made possible with public funds from NYSCA Decentralization Regrant Program. In Hamilton County the Decentralization Program is administered by the Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts.


We asked Matt.. in his own words to describe the Portraits in the Wilderness Project and what it means to him.


I can still remember my first introduction to the Seamans. I was about 13, proudly stepping up to race in the Long Lake Boat races. I had lots of time in a boat but very little time steering at this point in my life, so naturally I entered all 3 categories (guideboat, canoe, and rowboat). Let alone I had no guideboat with me!

In the midst of all the hubbub (mostly audience and support staff scattered around the Long Lake Town Beach, by the late 80s this event was waning), an older gentleman introduced himself to me. He told me that if I wanted to race in the guideboat division he could help me out.

And so I raced with Howard Seaman’s guideboat, not realizing until many years later the significance of this meeting and of his unmatched reputation racing in guideboats.

Like so many of my experiences in the small Adirondack Alcove of Long Lake, the significance of where I was, what I was doing and who I was doing it with took on much more meaning and history as I became an adult.

So it was with his wife, Francis Boone Seaman. When I was a little older and trying to make my way as a professional artist, Francis called me out of the blue and told me to drop by, she had something for me. It turned out to be a box of illustration clippings, animals, landscapes, a bit of everything, that she had been holding onto for years. She also made a point of coming to my first solo exhibition in the area.

Again at the time I didn’t really realize who was taking such an interest in me. I had always thought of Francis as the lady who had been town historian for as long as I could remember. It wasn’t until I read about her earlier years as a fire tower warden in Nehasane that I started to realize what I dynamic artist and outdoorswoman I was dealing with. I remember seeing the photograph of her in her early twenties in a red wool lumberman’s coat pulling back a long bow. Another child of the Adirondacks! I’m glad I got the chance to tell her what a striking photograph that was.

So what does it mean to be living history? The best way I can try to answer this question is tied up in the murals and portraits that I installed in Long Lake this year.

I have tried to choose subjects that would speak to the community at large, not just residents, summer people or tourists but everyone. I’ve chosen places that everyone could identify, places that are tied up with the history and memories and idea of our unique village.

For the portraits, I’ve tried to pick a few people that are a clear part of this community’s history. It was hard to start with three only; I could easily fill this wall with significant figures from our town.

This paintings are my way of answering, and of thanking.

Vintage Bugatti’s spotted in Long Lake, NY

September in the Adirondacks is the best time to explore. There are no bugs, it is still relatively warm (with a few frost warnings sprinkled here and there) and the developing fall foliage makes any drive more pleasurable. The roads are quieter, the restaurants are open, the stores aren’t crowded and the scenery is just as pleasing if not more so with the backdrop of the colors.

Today a group of Vintage Bugatti’s traveled through town. Messages came in from friends from other areas via FB photos, “wow, check out these amazing vintage cars! They are heading north, be on the look out.” Sure enough after being notified through the modern world of email, Facebook and other social measures, the LL Parks and Rec staff kept our eyes peeled out our office windows just waiting to see what all the fuss is about.

Bugatti rounds the corner by Hoss's in Long Lake NY on NYS Route 30.

Bugatti rounds the corner by Hoss’s in Long Lake NY on NYS Route 30.

“Um, what’s a Bugatti? Is it a watch?” Someone asked… “really? no.” So I googled it. Why not? What is the Bugatti after all?

Wikipedia reports: “Automobiles Ettore Bugatti was a French car manufacturer of high-performance automobiles, founded in 1909 in the then German city of Molsheim, Alsace by Italian-born Ettore Bugatti. Bugatti cars were known for their design beauty (Ettore Bugatti was from a family of artists and considered himself to be both an artist and constructor) and for their many race victories. Famous Bugattis include the Type 35 Grand Prix cars, the Type 41 “Royale”, the Type 57 “Atlantic” and the Type 55 sports car.”

NYS Route 30 is a stop on the Adirondack Trail, part of the Adirondack Scenic Byway.

NYS Route 30 is a stop on the Adirondack Trail, part of the Adirondack Scenic Byway.

Comments from the roadside crowd, wondering what all the fuss was about could be heard, “wow, that steering wheel is on the wrong side.” “What is making that racket?” as the cars revved and honked to enthusiastic passers by.

Even though they didn’t stop and park for a prime photo op when we were out there, many of the cars slowed down so we could catch a photo.

It’s a great weekend in Long Lake and one never knows what you’ll see.

Upcoming this weekend:

Antiques Weekend at the Adirondack Museum, in Blue Mountain Lake and in Indian Lake
Long Boat Regatta and 1911 Old Town War Canoe Dedication at the Long Lake Town Beach, Saturday, September 20th at 10:45am.

Foliage Report:

Developing. Swamp maples are red, and others are starting to pick up the pace.

Long Lake American Legion Post 650 Re-Launches Restored 1911 War Canoe

The Adirondack Watershed Alliance will be sponsoring the Long Boat Regatta on Saturday, September 20th at the Long Lake Town Beach. Featured races include; the North American War Canoe Championships, a fifteen mile race on Long Lake. Other events include the ten mile New York C4 Co-Ed College Cup and the Adirondack Kayak Championships and the 10-mile “Anything goes” races for youth and adults. This event has been designated a NYMCRA Kayak Points race. Registration is 9:30am – 10:30am on the porch of the Adirondack Hotel.


As part of the Long Boat Regatta race day join the Long Lake American Legion Post 650 for a special war canoe dedication ceremony at 10:45am also at the Long Lake Town Beach. The American Legion will be re-introducing their vintage 1911 Old Town War Canoe restored by Caleb Davis, the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association and many volunteers. Members of the public are invited to the dedication ceremony at 10:45am followed by inaugural paddle of the war canoe. The Long Boat Regatta races will start at 11am.

Follow up the paddle races with the American Legion Post #650 at the Veteran’s and Friends Fall Dinner at the Long Lake Diner. Social hour starts at 5:30pm. The featured buffet includes: BBQ ribs, chicken, beans, coleslaw, potato salad and surprise dessert. $20 a person includes tax and tip. Call 624-2606 for reservations with the American Legion Post #650.

The Old Town War Canoe restoration project started in 2011. While working for the Town of Long Lake, Caleb Davis discovered a war canoe stored in a pole shed owned by the town. After investigating the history of the boat and how it was acquired, Caleb was determined to bring it back to its former best self. Caleb worked with American Legion Post 650 as it was the last known group to paddle it before being stored.

WCHA War canoe

Caleb enlisted the assistance of the Wooden Heritage Canoe Association, Mac’s Canoes, the Town of Long Lake and Long Lake volunteers Robert Vris, Mason Smith, Brian Penrose, Bob Tice, Gail Epstein, Christine LaRocque, Paul Roalsvig, Alex Roalsvig, and Tim Ball to help transport, canvas, re-plank and refurbish the boat. Volunteers spent over 100-125 hours restoring the boat.

Restoration efforts included installing turn-buckles to hold the shape of the boat, re-canvassing the boat, re-planking and painting the new canvas. White–ash was used to trim the gunnels, stem band and keel. The interior of the boat was varnished to maintain the old-style feathered interior. Caleb estimates the boat to weigh approximately 225 pounds. Markings on the boat include a serial number 17816, Old Town Canoe and Hackett, Long Lake NY markings on both the stern and bow of the boat.


photo 1

Long Lake Parks and Recreation Department is working on plans to make the boat available in 2015 with the hope to re-ignite interest in vintage war canoes, racing or community paddle days.

Bob Milne, Ragtime Pianist Returns to Long Lake

The Town of Long Lake announces Bob Milne in concert on Friday, August 29th at 7:30pm at the Long Lake Town Hall at 1204 Main Street, Long Lake.

Bob Milne is considered to be the best ragtime/boogie-woogie pianist in the world. He was filmed and documented for future generations in 2004 during three days of interviews at the Library of Congress, and was declared a “National Treasure” at the conclusion.


Mr. Milne is an active “Musical Ambassador” for the United States Dept. of State, and has performed numerous times in Japan, including the Okinawan Islands and Hokkaido. He has also performed in this capacity for members of the Swiss Parliament at the U.S. Embassy in Berne.

Playing in concert halls now since 1991, Mr. Milne plays worldwide every year. A comment often heard following one of his performances is, “unbelievable.” He teaches music history at various universities around the country, and is also the founder and director of the Frankenmuth Ragtime Festival in Michigan.

Bob Milne teaches music and music history at Florida/Atlantic University every winter for Lifelong Learning. His courses are among the most popular in the curriculum.

Shhh. Keep Quiet, I’m Fishing in Long Lake!

Mud Pond

Locals love spring fishing. It’s quiet, the working summer season hasn’t zapped every extra minute of free time. It’s still early yet and while the black flies are out, they are still in their dumb, confused stage, so not quite the venomous monsters expected to hit in a few days. So it’s time to get out and hit the secret fishing spots around the area. With so many abundant waterways to explore there’s plenty.

Reports and tidbits from facebook posts include “Brookies are hot. Down deep in the river eddies.”

“I saw a 12 pounder pulled out”

“Love the sunsets at my secret fishing spot.”

It’s a great time of year, and time to get out. Whether you fish from the shoreline or a boat, it’s the best time to get out and relax.

Big One by the spillway

Got a fishing story? Submit it to our blog!

Best Snowmobile Conditions of the Year


With over a foot of snow falling in Long Lake & Raquette Lake this week, we can honestly boast we have the best snowmobile conditions of the year. All trails are being groomed and prepped for heavy weekend travel to keep the trails as flat and rideable as we can. Use caution around the groomers. Look for banks cut on all roads leading to town including North Point, Kickerville, Dock Road, Tarbell and Sabattis. We’ve heard the good word that the tracks are in great condition, finally, the first time we’ve heard that all season!

Here’s the map.

What else is going on this weekend?


The Puppet People Performance & Showcase
10am at the Town Hall, 1204 Main Street, Long Lake
Join “The Puppet People” as they bring Stravinsky’s “The Firebird” to life with
enchanting puppets. For young & old alike. Following performance “The Puppet People” will be leading a workshop to
make a rod puppet.
Performance & workshop, free to the public

Moonlighter’s Snowmobile Club, St. Patricks Day Dinner for the Veteran’s
Corned Beef & Cabbage/ Chicken & Bow Ties
Social Hour at 5:30pm – Cash Bar.
Dinner Buffet at 6:30pm, with dessert, coffee, and tea.
$18.95/person, includes tax and gratuity.
50/50 Raffle
All reservations or takeout orders appreciated by March 11th. Call Jim or Paula 624-3941(Diner) or 624-6317(home).
$2 or every dinner and raffle profit to benefit a veteran’s cause.

Newlywed Game at The Cellar Restaurant and Pub
$55 a couple includes a four-course meal and tax and tip! Participant registration at 5:30pm. Reservations required by March 9th. All couples welcome to play, married or not!

Wine Tasting at the Adirondack Hotel
The Adirondack Hotel Wine tasting with Chef Christian Ives & his wife Kristina Randazzo Ives of Coyote Moon Vineyards Clayton, New York. Wine will be paired with appetizers by our Chef Darren Linck. Starting at 7pm.

Winter Hiking

The Town of Long Lake has two more winter snowshoe hikes available this season and both are free.

On Saturday, February 22nd, join Spencer Morrissey for a hike to Sawyer & Little Sawyer Mountain and on Saturday, March 1st, join Joan Collins, resident bird expert, on a trek along the Roosevelt Truck Trail.


Guiding Fee: FREE!

Room for 15 on the trip. Winter trips are not recommended for kids under 12, without prior experience in similar outings Transportation provided by the Town of Long Lake, meet at the LL Town Offices, 1130 Deerland Road, Long Lake, NY 12847, Call 518-624-3077 to reserve spot.

Sawyer and Little Sawyer
This two peak hike is a very unique adventure located in the backcountry near Indian Lake. We will follow a well developed trail to the summit of Sawyer Mountain before starting a short bushwhack route to Little Sawyer Mountain. Both peaks have great views and unique in their own respect. This will be a loop trip back to the starting point. Breaking trail through an open forest without a trail will be part of the learning experience and part of the trip as a whole. .

Snowshoes are a must and in no instance should anyone be wearing cotton (jeans, Hoodie, t-shirts ect…). Boots need to be warm, regular hiking boots will not be enough and in no instance will low top shoes be allowed. Gaiters are highly recommended.

Roosevelt Truck Trail
Snowshoe the Roosevelt Truck Trail in Minerva on March 1, 2014. Meet 8am at the Long Lake Town offices, 1130 Deerland Road. Participants must be pre-registered. Waivers will be available day of hike. This hike is FREE!

Participants must provide their own water and lunch.

Lovely, mature boreal habitat spans the 2.5 mile long Roosevelt Truck Trail. This wide, road-sized trail runs between Route 28N and the Blue Ridge Road in Minerva. Joan Collins will lead a snowshoe hike along this route beginning at the Route 28N trailhead and ending at the Blue Ridge Road trailhead. The trail has hilly and level terrain with an overall gain of 100 feet in elevation by the end of our hike. The habitat along the route provides a year-round home to many boreal bird species. Participants will also be looking for animal tracks – Black Bear and Moose tracks are frequently found on this old road. Meet at the Long Lake Town Offices, 1130 Deerland Road, Long Lake at 8 a.m. for transportation to the trailhead. (There are two outhouses along the trail (at two handicap accessible camping areas available in summer)!)

Call 518.624.3077 to sign up. Must have 4 minimum to run the trip.

Everyone MUST have snowshoes. If snow level is low, snowshoes will still need to be carried but Microspikes will also be needed for icy conditions.

Required equipment
Waterproof/breathable pants and jacket
2-liters of water or Gatorade – large mouth opening so they don’t freeze
Warm hat
2-pairs gloves or 1 pair gloves and 1 pair of mitts
Warm boots and socks, not cotton socks
Backpack per person
Lunch and snacks
mid weight or heavy weight underwear top and bottom
Snowshoes (rentals available, $20)
Chemical hand warmers and toe warmers
Fleece or Primaloft jacket

Recommended equipment

Microspikes or other traction (rental available for $10)
Face mask/balaclava
Gaiters (highly recommended)

Winter trips are not recommended for kids under 12, without prior experience in similar outings

Equipment Rentals also available at

Hoss’s Country Corner 518-624-2481
Adk Trading Post 518-624-2357

Raquette Lake Winter Carnival Feb 15th – Feb 16th!

The Raquette Lake Winter Carnival returns with two days of fun and wacky events for all ages!


The weekend kicks off on Friday, February 14th with a Pasta Dinner hosted by the Raquette Lake Softball Team at the Raquette Lake Fire Hall. Dinner is served at 5pm until it is sold out, so be sure to get there early to fuel up for the long weekend ahead and support a great group!

The carnival begins Saturday, February 15th at 10am with kids’ activities including a snowshoe contest, tire races, a balloon chase and sledding races. At noon, the ever popular Frying Pan toss will kick off followed by adult golf at approximately 2pm. Both events feature great cash prizes for winning competitors.

Great Camp Sagamore gets in on the action by offering two snowshoe expeditions both Saturday and Sunday at 10am. Check out all the details here. Great Camp Sagamore Expeditions

Also at 2pm, magician Jim Perry will be delighting children in the Raquette Lake Library. Jim Perry presents a fast paced show where fire, water, and silks vanish, appear and dance in astonishing and impossible illusions. Stop by the Raquette Lake Library to warm up and take part in this interactive show. The Raquette Lake Library will have cookies and hot chocolate throughout Saturday, and are looking for cookie donations to contribute to the delicious selection.


Saturday continues with a town wide tug of war contest and concludes with a bon fire and fireworks at dusk!

On Sunday, February 16th the Raquette Lake Ladies Auxiliary and the Raquette Lake Women’s Softball Team will host a pancake breakfast at the Raquette Lake Fire Hall from 10am-noon. The weekend will conclude with the ever popular Crosscut and Chainsaw Contest at noon.

Great Camp Sagamore to Host Guided Snowshoe Tours President’s Day Weekend

Rare Opportunity to See Great Camp Sagamore in Winter

GCSagamore Snow

Great Camp Sagamore is excited to host two guided snowshoe hikes of their grounds February 15 and 16 as part of Raquette Lake’s Annual Winter Carnival. This is a rare opportunity to see the National Historic Landmark in the winter, a season when the former Vanderbilt family owners traditionally visited. The free, guided hikes depart from the camp’s barn parking lot at 10 am both mornings and conclude two hours later with hot cider in the Reading Room of the Conference Building.

Guides will lead groups on these hikes through the campgrounds to see building exteriors, followed by treks to different portions of the newly-designated Great Camps Historic District. Spencer Morrissey of Cranberry Lake will lead the Saturday, Feb 15th hike, around the grounds and on the trail that circles Sagamore Lake. Morrissey is a long-time Adirondack resident, outdoor enthusiast and co-author of Adirondack Trail Runner: A Sample of More Than One Hundred Trail Running Destinations.The Sunday, Feb 16th hike will be led by Walt Linck, an APA Natural Resources Planner, outdoor educator and former Sagamore staff member. Linck’s hike will include a trip out to see some of the historic ruins connected to the great camp, such as the sugar shack, farm meadow and powerhouse.

Great Camp Sagamore is a National Historic Landmark located just south of Raquette Lake in the central Adirondacks. It is an iconic example of Great Camp architecture and was recently featured on a PBS special, Sagamore Lodge: America’s Great Camp. The camp was built by William West Durant in 1897 and sold to Alfred G. Vanderbilt I in 1901. The property originally encompassed over 1500 acres – today it is 19 acres and 27 historic buildings under the stewardship of the non-profit Sagamore Institute. The camp is open for tours, overnight stays and residientialresidential programs from late-May through mid-October. The two guided hikes February 15 and 16 are the only time the grounds will be open to visitors this winter.

There is no charge for the hikes and no reservations are necessary. Guests should plan to bring their own snowshoes and are advised to allow extra travel time for Sagamore’s four-mile driveway. To reach the barn parking lot from which the hikes depart, take the right fork about 3.5 miles down Sagamore Road and turn left after the bridge. Restrooms will be available in the Conference Building at the end of the hike.

For more information about the hike call Great Camp Sagamore’s winter office at 585-285-3724. For directions to camp and general information about tours, events and programs, visit online at

Long Lake Winter Blast is COOL!

The Winter Olympics kicks off in Sochi, Russia on February 7th and it boasts a roster of Adirondack athletes that is something the entire region can be proud of. Look for biathletes Lowell Bailey, Tim Burke and Annelies Cook; luger Chris Mazdzer; New Jersey-raised bobsled pilot Jamie Greubel; nordic combined skier Billy Demong; ski jumper Peter Frenette and doubles luger Jayson Terdiman, originally from Berwick, Pa., now makes his home in Lake Placid year-round. There’s also alpine skier Andrew Weibrecht, a Lake Placid native who won a bronze medal at the 2010 Olympics also joining the 2014 team.

sochi medal

Celebrating the Olympic Fever is always something folks in the Adirondacks enjoy and Long Lake is no exception. As winter comes into full swing and the Polar Vortex easing mid-week folks looking for outdoor recreation can finally get outside and enjoy what winter has to offer.

Long Lake and Raquette Lake have full schedules in February. On February 1st, Joan Collins, an Adirondack birding expert and guide is hosting a snowshoe hike along the Roosevelt Truck Trail at 8am. The Town of Long Lake provides transportation and guests provide their own snowshoes and lunch. Joan is an excellent guide and has an excellent ear and eye for spotting birds. The trek itself is 2.5 miles long on fairly even ground. Folks can sign up by calling 518.624.3077. There is a guiding fee of $20 per person. Family rates are available.

All About Ice


On February 1st look for not one, but two ice harvests. Every year Raquette Lake Supply harvests ice to used throughout the summer months as mother nature’s natural air conditioner. The harvest of ice manned mostly by volunteers, using original ice harvesting equipment, lasts all day and helps keep supplies cool well into the summer. Not many of these operations are still functioning, but on-lookers can catch a glimpse a window into history. In Long Lake, there will be a private ice job in operation on the north end of Long Lake just past Round Island.

Coming up the weekend February 7th and 8th we see the return of Ice Fest, which was postponed in January. Stan Kolonko from the Ice Farm will be installing nine sculptures. First will be on Friday, February 7th at the Raquette Lake Library. After he has lunch at the Tap Room, he’ll move the operation over to Long Lake. The Long Lake Historic Society will have an installation of the historic Sagamore Hotel at the Long Lake Town Offices. The historic hotel, now long gone, remains very much a part of the culture and history of Long Lake’s narrative and Stan will be re-creating a slice of the past by recreating a replica of the hotel.

Stan will be moving from location to location, explaining how he works, how he makes the ice, how heavy the blocks are (it’s back-breaking work) and he’s always game to interact and answer questions about his work. Stan was a 1st place award winner in 2013 at the World Championships in Alaska.

Look for additional sculpture installations at Shear Images, Shamrock Motel and Cottages, Hoss’s Country Corner, Ali Baba’s Liquors, Long Lake Diner/Owls Head Pub and the Adk Trading Post. Businesses will be hosting a variety of events, from wine tastings, hot chocolate and coffee, chili tastings and more.

1.ll-poker run-poster2014-1

The Annual Moonlighter’s Poker Run runs from February 7th -8th. This fun event is a great way connecting the business communities of Long Lake, Raquette Lake and Newcomb along the connecting corridor trails or by the highways. The Poker Run is two days, and players are welcome to start on either day, it’s two days long so players have plenty of time to collect stamps from all three communities. For $10 players start at either the Raquette Lake Tap Room or the Newcomb House. Collect stamps at participating businesses and check in the Long Lake Diner starting at 4pm on Saturday. Dealing start at 4pm and all cards must be in by 5pm. Players are dealt the number of cards corresponding to the number of stops and the best hand wins. Plenty of great door prizes, and cash prizes too. Don’t’ have the snowmobile? People in cars can play too. As a bonus, the Long Lake Diner will also have an ice sculpture on hand to admire!

February 8th the Long Lake Fish and Game Club host their 2nd Annual Fishing Derby Registration Click Here at Lake Eaton fishing for Landlocked Salmon and Brook Trout. Registration will be at the Long Lake Town Hall at 6am and lines are in at 7am at Lake Eaton. Cash prizes for weight, ties are broken by length. Registration takes place at the Long Lake Town Hall on Saturday starting at 6am. Location: 1204 Main Street, Long Lake, NY. The derby is at Lake Eaton Campground, located at 1671 Tupper Road, Long Lake, NY


For those looking for something more serene there is x-c skiing and snowshoeing. Take a trips to the Wild Center in Tupper Lake (it’s open on the weekends) where Planet Adirondack is a do not miss exhibit. Cabin Fever Sunday’s at the Adironack Museum and check out the New York Audubon walk at the Newcomb Visitors Center. Pre-registration is required. 

Don’t forget! Long Lake always has ice skating. Free ice skates, popcorn and sledding at Mt. Sabattis/Geiger Arena. Call 518.624.3031 for conditions. Just last week we had 52 folks rent out an entire lodging, take over Mt. Sabattis for the day (it’s open Noon until 10pm) for FREE and they had a great time. Think about having your mid-winter family adventure in the heart of the Adirondacks. In the middle of everything!

Make your Long Lake your winter destination and launch your adventure!

Long Lake