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Record Setting Temps Don’t Ice out the Long Lake Plunge

The Town of Long Lake hosted the 5th Polar Plunge on December 30th, 2017 at a Northeast record breaking cold at  7 degrees Fahrenheit. Seemed warm to us. 

Teams raised over $1900 for High Peaks Hospice. Donations can still be made in honor of the Feeling Long Lakey Polar Plunge by sending donations to

High Peaks Hospice
PO Box 840
Saranac Lake NY 12983-0840


Best Costume – “Team” Schindler for Skins Flippers

Best Plunge Technique – “The Howes”

Best in Show – “The Rubber Ducks” also winning for most funds raised by a team $636

Best Individual Costume – Paul Roalsvig

Thank you to the Long Lake Fire Department, Long Lake Rescue Squad, Long Lake Parks and Recreation Team including Cindy Black, Steph Hample, Erik Arsenault, Alexandra Roalsvig.  Also thanks to volunteers Barbara Gachowski, Barbara Taylor, and photographer Jim Lanthier.   A huge thank you to our emcee Peter Michael Marino

Congrats to our amazing, courageous plungers for taking a dip in dangerously cold temperatures! 

Paul Roalsvig, Shane LaRose, Denis Martin, Russell Clinard, Paul Martin, Stephanie Howe, Christopher Howe, Thomas Scott, Spencer Schindler and Kelly Gottstine. 

Check out the national news media links talking about the crazy cold weather and Long Lake’s own plunge.. and lets go SNOWMOBILING!  

Special thanks to the Town Board of Long Lake.

Clark Seaman, Supervisor of Long Lake

Town Council 
Dean Pohl
of Raquette Lake
Tom Donnelly 
Craig Seaman
Richard Dechene
of Long Lake. 

It’s so cold sharks are dying

Special Thanks to our generous supporters who donated to High Peaks Hospice Feeling Long Lakey Polar Plunge

Hoss’s Country Corner, Long Lake
Roalsvig Law Office, Long Lake
Long Lake Rentals, Long Lake
Adirondack Hotel, Long Lake
Tupper Lake Supply, Tupper Lake
Touch Above The Best LLC, Tupper Lake
Adirondack Renovations & Contractors, Tupper Lake
Raquette River Brewing, Tupper Lake
Larkin Deli & Bakery, Tupper Lake
Ray’s Liquor, Tupper Lake
Boulevard Wine & Spirits, Tupper Lake

Dennis Martin
Shane LaRose
Paul Martin
Russell Clinard
Mike  Russell
Gary Alexander
Tim Larkin
Dustin & Kate Traynor
Barbara & Chuck Taylor
Sally Neenan
Paul & Alexandra Roalsvig
Mike & Nancy Hosley
Vickie Plumley
Thomas  Scott
Spencer Schindler
Kelly Gottstine
Jack  Carney
Lorrie & John Hosley & Jules Pierce
Clay  Arsenault

And all the donators that contributed on the spot at the Long Lake Town Beach





What Obsession, dear? Deer?



Dan was born and raised in Camden, NY. His commitment to hard work and love of the outdoors was instilled in him at a young age. He attended Paul Smith’s College and graduated with honors in 1981. In the years to follow, Dan “stayed the course” by working as a woodlands caretaker, hunting & fishing guide, forester, logging supervisor, timber cruiser, and an acquisition agent. It was Dan’s love for the woods and his desire to provide land to “everyday folks” that prompted him to form Christmas & Associates, Inc. in 1989.

Dan’s interests include hunting, fishing, trapping, canoeing, Alpine and Nordic skiing & snowboarding but he will say that his greatest accomplishment in life was raising six beautiful children. Dan’s devotion to family, love for the land, generous spirit and strong work ethic have shaped his life and formed the foundation and success of Christmas & Associates, Inc.

Lands and Camps Website


Hunters Report More Deer in 2017

This is post is by Dan Christmas.  Originally posted on Facebook the last day of traditional deer hunting season in the ADKS in 2017.  Thanks to Dan for letting us share it. 

For the first time in many years I’m facing the last day of hunting season without a buck.

My wife says, “honey this has become an obsession with you” and as she continued in not so friendly terms “ I’ll be glad when it’s over” Actually she didn’t say “ honey” in addressing me…I made that up.

Obsession you say, “I doubt it!”

Yes I did take way too much time off work this November, and maybe I forgot a couple of birthdays, and ok I’m still driving a few thousand miles on the under sized spare tire on my truck but obsession you say?

Every piece of hunting gear, clothing, radios, binoculars, food and water is piled high in the back seat of my truck which proves I’m careful in my daily preparations, certainly not the habits consistent with someone obsessed.

Ok maybe my ankles and torn up knees are stiff and throbbing and my boots leak a little but I take my Advil and sleep with the heating pad on my back each night. Clearly I’m considerate of my body!

“Haven’t I been promising you a foot rub every night just before I doze off till 5 am?”

Obviously well rested, would an obsessed man be so worried about his rest? Of course not!

This morning as I put my boots on, starring at a plank floor that’s not been swept in a while, (approximately one month) I think about the first time hunter with his eight pointers, the little teenage girl with her first buck (also a big eight pointer) and even the Syracuse city slicker with his ten point buck and my mood sours a little.

I used to love sharing pictures on Facebook now I skip over anything with an antler!

I love to listen to Christmas music in my truck, until I song comes on about Rudolph the red nose reindeer, that pisses me off too!

Obsession? Nonsense.

When you grow up in the North Country and it’s November you don’t get asked about your kids, how’s the wife? or the weather. NO, you go to Byrne dairy, the mechanics shop, the hardware store and even the elementary school and there’s one looming question.

“Did you get your buck yet”? Usually followed by, “did you hear about the one so and so got?”

It is more than a man can take!

Then if the last day comes and goes you start to stew and fret over next year and what if you go two years without a buck????

Well, that’s when you start hearing guys talk about their age, all the Buck’s they used to kill, how they just enjoy “being out there in the woods” and worst of all you may hear a man who has accepted his fate talking of a fall wine tour with his wife!!!!

Well that my friend is when you know you’re washed up, a failure, a forgotten man.  A has been!

There’s one more day to get my buck, tomorrow is it, bottom of the ninth, fourth quarter, last gasp, Hail Mary, wing and a prayer, last bite at the Apple.

At 5 am I’ll begin my morning ritual.  Turn off the heating pad, forget to brush my teeth, no time to shave, down four Advil, choke down two cups of very dark coffee (spilling at least 30% in my lap) turn my socks so the heel hole faces up, boots on, medicated patch on back and knees. Heading to the woods, the cold, dark woods.  I’ll sit in a chair left by another old hunter around 1966 and wait for a deer, teeth chattering, shoulders and legs quivering uncontrollably until just after daylight at which time you begin your stalk. Up ridges, down valleys, across swamps and icy logs spanning fast moving streams.  That’s when you remember it’s just nice to be in the woods!



Bob Milne Ragtime Pianist August 25th, 2017

The Town of Long Lake will host a performance by ragtime virtuoso Bob Milne on Friday, August 25th, 2017 7:30 p.m. performance at the Long Lake Town Hall, 1204 Main Street, Long Lake, NY.  General admission at $12 a ticket.

Milne interlaces his performances with tidbits on the history and technique of ragtime and boogie woogie piano showcasing a unique American art form. He has performed for President George H. W. Bush. In an interview with Jennifer Cutting at the Library of Congress, Milne described the technique he learned came from watching someone play billiards and how effortless they made it look.

He earned a music degree in French horn performance at the Eastman School of Music and taught himself to play piano completely by ear. From playing night after night in bars and clubs, Milne progressed to the concert stage.

Known as a “Ragtimist” (a term he coined), Milne acquired both a vast repertoire of tunes and extensive knowledge of their origins. These histories and the stories of the piano players who were playing them are anecdotally incorporated into Milne’s presentations.

Milne has produced 11 solo piano recordings to date. He has also composed more than 40 works for multiple instruments including piano, trumpet, flute and violin. 

Bob Milne is a well-established Long Lake favorite. General Admission is $12. To purchase tickets in advance, visit the Long Lake Town Offices, 1130 Deerland Road, Long Lake, NY Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Tickets will also be available at the door.  This is a general admission event.


Long Lake Natives Showcase Work at Art Center in Blue Mt. Lake

Blue Mountain Lake, NY: The Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts announces its annual Members’ Show now on exhibit through July 1, 2017. In addition, works by two sisters, Laurinda Minke and Louisa Wright, are on exhibit in the Arts Center’s second-floor galleries. A reception and artists’ talks for all three exhibits will be held on Friday, June 30, 2017, from 4 to 6 p.m. The reception is free and open to the public.

The Members’ Show is open to all Arts Center members who wish to display up to two pieces of their work. The 2017 exhibit includes the following artists: Frances Armstrong (rustic mirror), Fred Holman (abstract), Beverly LaBarge (gourd), Chip Perone (photography), Elizabeth Pinaha (oil), Al Pouch (reliquaries), Laura Smith (handmade purse and stash book), Eve Whalen (watercolor and charcoal), Raymond Whalen (mixed media and ceramic) and Joseph P. Wild (photography).

Minke’s Adirondack Musings includes more than 20 photographs of some of the Adirondacks’ most iconic images and locations including loons, whitetail deer, and views for Santanoni, Tahawus, and Long Lake. Wright’s mixed media Native Song depicts natural and repurposed elements, words, and quotes to share her deep connection to her ancestors and the Adirondacks with others.

Louisa Wright currently owns and operates the Incapacho Art Song Studio located at 8085 Newcomb Road, Long Lake, NY.  Louisa will be teaching at Adirondack Quilt Camp in Long Lake, NY from June 26th – 27th. Louisa also offers workshops and gifts at her shop.  She will be participating in the Long Lake Open House Tour on Wednesday, June 14th

The Arts Center, located at 3446 State Route 28 in Blue Mountain Lake, is open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday through June 25; the Arts Center will be open Monday through Saturday beginning June 26.

The Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts is celebrating its 50th season! Visit for the most up-to-date information about performances, workshops, gallery exhibits, programs, and special events. The Arts Center is generously supported by grants from the New York State Council on the Arts.

Long Lake