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Holiday Shopping 2021 and Black Friday Deals


Black Friday Deals
ADK Trading Post
1601 Tupper Road
Long Lake, NY 12847

20-40% off gifts
Thanksgiving Weekend Hours
Friday, 10-5
Saturday 10-3

Check out these great gift ideas from the ADK Trading Post! 

Hoss’s Country Corner
1142 Main Street
Long Lake, NY 12847
Hoss’s next week, we are closed Wednesday and Thursday.
Friday & Saturday open 9-5. 20% off inside store

Excludes food n beverages

2km of Mountain Bike Trails Open in Long Lake NY in 2021

On Friday, October 1, 2021 The Town of Long Lake Parks and Recreation Department officially opened 2km of Mountain Bike/Shared Use trails at the Mt. Sabattis Recreation area in Long Lake, NY.  
Steve Ovitt and his team at Wilderness Property Management built 2km of three machine-built trails.  “Let it Loose,” is the novice trail, and “Black and Blue” and “Waiting on a Friend” are the two intermediate trails. Trail names are an homage to Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones as Jagger visited Long Lake in the 1980’s.  
Supervisor Arsenault opened with remarks about the expansion of recreational opportunities in the center of the town benefiting the entire community. Opening trails and offering more experiences for residents and visitors will enhance an underdeveloped Town asset and promote healthy living and outdoor recreation. He invited volunteers to help with trail maintenance and for everyone to have fun.

Local riders remarked how it was great to have these nearby trail options as single-track mountain biking trails are scarce in the central Adirondacks. The Long Lake trails are located on municipally owned land with future plans to include a climbing trail, pump track and an expert trail above the current build.

Riders complimented the build for being flowy, and full of fun. Riders navigated rollers, and corners through the woods and wide-open meadow overlooking Long Lake. Views are outstanding and added to the entire experience. Trails will also be open for walkers and trail runners. Rules are posted at the trail head which is located at the Mt. Sabattis Parking Area at 46 Pavilion Way, located on the property above the Geiger Ice Skating Arena and tennis courts.
Several walkers came to the event and enjoyed the trails and took advantage of a short climb up to the open summit overlooking Long Lake for outstanding foliage views. Guests were eager to find out what the plans were for winter recreation. Efforts will be made to open the novice trail for x-c skiing and the intermediate trail for snowshoers.

Business Supporters Long Lake and Raquette Lake

Business Sponsors and Contributors
Long Lake and Raquette Lake have a robust business community that works together and collaborates with the Long Lake Parks and Recreation Department year-round. With events being the cornerstone of the Parks and Recreation Department, we couldn’t pull off all we do without the volunteers and commitment of our business community. Our businesses are famous for donating time, materials and helping co-sponsor events,  art installations, planting flowers, keeping our community beautiful and our businesses showcase our community pride and strong Adirondack spirit. There are ample opportunities to promote and support the variety of programs within our towns.  If you don’t know our businesses and volunteers, you should! 
Please support our local business sponsors. They keep our community ticking! Their support is vital and if you see us mentioning them in social media and on our website, you can be assured they are part of our ongoing community building that continues to grow as we see new businesses open and grow even throughout the very economically challenging pandemic. We thank our businesses for their support despite the hardships and obstacles so many faced.
If you are a local business owner or volunteer and want to get involved, don’t be shy! We’d love to have you!  Please email to receive information on our advertising programs, social media promotions, sponsorships, events news and more.

Winter Carnival 2019
Adirondack Experience ADKX
ADK Trading Post
Another Paradise Cove
Charles Grover Woodworks, Inc.
Chipman Woodworks
Corporate Service Solutions
Gillis Real Estate
Hoss’s Country Corner
Howe May We Help You, LLC
Keller Landscapes
Long Lake Rentals
Motel Long Lake
Roalsvig Law
Shamrock Motel & Cottages
The Dechene Family
Long Lake Fire Department
Winter Carnival – 2020
Another Paradise Cove
Adirondack Growl & Grub
Turner’s Pizza
Motel Long Lake
Long View Lodge
Roalsvig Law
Long Lake Real Estate
Adirondack Hotel
Corporate Service Solutions
ADK Trading Post
Gillis Real Estate
Hoss’s Country Corner
Shamrock Motel & Cottages
Chipman Woodworks
How May We Help You, LLC
Long Lake Fire Department
Long Lake Diner/Owls Head Pub
Moonlighters Snowmobile Club

Community Pride Day 2020
Order of the Eastern Star Abenaque Chapter #745
Long Lake Lions Club
Hoss’s Country Corner
Friends of the Long Lake Library
Raquette Lake Preservation Foundation
Shamrock Motel & Cottages
Roalsvig Law
Long Lake Diner/Owl’s Head Pub
Dr. Russell Rider
Long Lake Fire Department
Raquette Lake Fire Department
Chipman Woodworks
Helms Village Store
Raquette Lake Supply
Moonlighters Snowmobile Club
Another Paradise Cove
Long Lake Central School
Raquette Lake School
Motel Long Lake
ADK Trading Post
Community Bank NA
Long Lake Fish & Game Club
Winter Carnival   2021
ADK Trading Post
Adirondack Hotel
Howe May We Help You, LLC
Long Lake Rentals
Thomas Donnelly Logging
Motel Long Lake
Geiger Arena 
Dr. Sheridan Mish Life Power Chiropractic
Anonymous Supporters
Rebecca La Fountain Stoner

Community Pride Day
Eastern Star Abenaque Chapter #745
Raquette Lake Preservation Foundation
Roalsvig Law Office
Long Lake Fish & Game Club
Long Lake Lions Club
Branden Tokarz Excavating LLC
Thunder Lane Property Management
Helms Aero Service
Adams Plumbing & Heating
Long Lake Central School
Raquette Lake Navigation
Raquette Lake Tap Room
Raquette Lake Free School District
Hoss’s Country Corner
Burnt Mountain Lodge
Church of the Transfiguration
Shamrock Motel & Cottages
Friends of the CVW Long Lake Library
Helms Village Store
Long Lake Diner & Owl’s Head Pub
Long View Lodge
Chipman Woodworks
Mountain Times 2021
Pine Bear Cottage
Long View Lodge
Hoss’s Country Corner
The Park
ADK Trading Post
Dr. Rider Office
Roalsvig Law Office
Adirondack Experience
The Wild Center
Burnt Mountain Lodge
Britton Inn
Shamrock Motel & Cottages
LL Thrift
Branden Tokarz Excavating LLC
Wide River Antiques
Raquette Lake Navigation
Heart Uplifted
Custard’s Last Stand
Mintaska Cottage
4th of July Fireworks 2021
Whitney Industries – Gold Sponsor
  Eastern Star Abenaque Chapter #745
  Fred Short Landscaping
  Long Lake Diner
  Stewart’s Shops
  Raquette Lake Navigation
  Pohl Construction
  Long Lake Fire Department
  Long Lake Rescue Squad
  Britton Inn and Cottages
Flower Barrel Volunteers
Planting and watering the flower barrels in Long Lake & Raquette Lake
Mindy Hoegerl
Dean & Donna Pohl
Hallie Bond
Ruth Howe
Darlene Vartuli
Linda Gibson
Maxine Rider
Jackie Copeland
Mary Marcell
Dianne Waters
Alex & Paul Roalsvig
John Hosley
Camille Cristaldi
Helen Kentile
George Britton
Carol Turner
Lola Linck
Robert Tice
Carol Benson
Bob & Peggy Dechene
Pat Benton
Karen Seaman
Bob Gibson
Cindy Black
Venita Keller
Long Lake Lifeguards

Hiking Paddling Challenge for Long Lake and Raquette Lake

Long Lake Parks and Recreation has developed a Hiking and Paddling Challenge and it is now officially launched! It includes a variety of hikes and paddles in the region stretching from Long Lake to Raquette Lake.  There are 24 activities on the card with over 50 miles of hiking, 3 mountains, one Adirondack Great Camp and nine paddles enabling participants to achieve a variety of patches.
It looks like Bingo, but it’s a little different!
Complete one row and you will be an Alvah Dunning Cruiser. 

Alvah Dunning was an experienced guide and hunter who wanted to live a simple life. He lived his life off fish and game and sharing his knowledge with sportsmen who traveled to the region in the 1800s.  He moved around to avoid the influx of tourists visiting the Adirondacks newly developed tourist destinations. He lived in Blue Mountain Lake, then on to Raquette Lake where he made homes at Indian Point, Osprey Island, Brown’s Tract, and Golden Beach .  Dunning starting hunting and trapping at the young age of six and guiding his first solo excursion at the age of 11 and died in 1906.
Complete two or more rows of the challenge to become a Rondeau Rambler, named after Noah John Rondeau the hermit who lived in Cold River Country.


Rondeau was an infamous Adirondack Hermit who built himself two cabins and several wigwams, and lived on trout, local game, and greens. He lived alone in Cold River City from 1929 until the blowdown of 1950 when he had to leave due to the forced closure of the area after the 1950 blowdown.
If you complete the entire card you will be rewarded with a Sabattis Maximum patch named after Adirondack Guide and Long Lake legend, Mitchell Sabattis.

Sabattis first came to Long Lake at the age of 8. Sabattis was known for his fearlessness and hunting prowess. He guided and fished in the woods of the Adirondacks and made Long Lake his home until he died in 1906. 
The selections of trails and paddles were made in collaboration between with Long Lake local  outdoor enthusiasts Shane and Doree Holmes along with guidance, and suggestions from the NYSDEC Region 5 staff and rangers.

The goal of the challenge is to get everyone outside to recreate on trails and waterways they may not have otherwise discovered.  Some adventures are short and easy with a variety of terrain, views and unique places along the way.  
Participants will be asked to keep track of when they complete their hikes and can submit for a patch as soon as one row is complete. This is not a year-round challenge as lakes and ponds freeze thereby making paddling impossible. There is no deadline or timetable associated with this card. Take as long as you need to complete the challenge. If you got outside in 2020 and already completed some of these tasks, feel free to document them to count toward your accomplishments.
Some of the challenges utilize NYS DEC Conservation Easement lands and are not always open all the time.  Participants are asked to check out the rules and regulations, and open dates. More details will be available on-line at as the web page evolves.

Visitors will be directed to the Cedarlands Easement, John Dillon Park, County Line Flow Waterway Easement off of Route 28N.  Please note that the Cedarlands Easment is only open from August 24th until June 24th, but paddling access to Mud Pond is open year-round. John Dillon Park is located on NYS Route 30 and open only during the summer months.
While completing the tasks of the challenge everyone is asked to please adhere to the 7 Principals of Leave No Trace,  and take the pledge at
For waterway challenges, any amount of paddling is acceptable. If it says paddle Long Lake or Raquette Lake, you can paddle as much or as little as you can handle, but please use common sense and wear lifevest and follow all NYS navigation laws. Take a lesson on how to get in and out of your canoe or kayak and get comfortable before venturing out. Check out boat rentals at Birds Marina, Burkes Marina in Raquette Lake or Another Paradise Cove or Long Lake Marina in Long Lake.  
Many of the paddles listed have short carries from the car to the water, so be prepared to use some muscle to get your boat in the water. A log of those who complete the challenges will be posted at


Patch Update! We didn’t want to delay the challenge, so the patches are NOT ready to go yet.  But if you complete the challenge before they arrive, we will take your name and information and log it on the site and as soon as our merch arrives, we will get it out to you!  We ask for patience during this time!  Thank you so much. We can’t wait to get underway! 

Questions email  

4th of July Festivities Return in 2021!

Annual Fourth of July Festivities Return to Long Lake, NY
Join the Town of Long Lake in celebrating the Fourth of July with a return to our annual celebration festivities.  The day is full of family friendly activities starting with the Fourth of July games in the morning, food, snacks, swimming and fun in the afternoon and a free concert with Grit n Grace.  End the night with the best fireworks in the Adirondacks with friends and family.
Starting at 10 a.m., join us at the Long Lake Town Ball Field for games for people of all ages.  Classic favorites include a relay for the youngest, as well as balloon races, sack races, egg toss and a three-legged race.  Children will have a great time competing for prizes and, with over 1,000 prizes to choose from, children will want to join in the activities again and again.
Finish out the evening dancing until dark with live music from country band Grit n Grace, from central NY, starting at 6:30 p.m. Their blend of modern country, rock, hits and dance music will have everyone celebrating. The evening concludes with the best fireworks in the Adirondacks at dusk.  Fireworks can be seen from the beach, boat, or the Mt. Sabattis Pavilion.  We look forward to seeing you there!

If you find yourself in neighboring community of Raquette Lake, you’ll be able to enjoy your own fantastic Fireworks Extravaganza.  This event takes place at dusk.  Enjoy the show as it blasts off from “The Barge” in the middle of Raquette Lake. Enjoy the lights and echoes from your own boat, or from the shores of Raquette Lake. A special time in a small remote lake in the Adirondacks, sure to never forget! 

Dining on the 4th of July

There will be no food sold or served on the beach just for 2021 so you can explore our amazing food and dining options in our community. Grab and go, or sit and dine!  So many choices! Enjoy! Thanks for supporting our businesses as they work to bounce back from last year! 

The following businesses will be open all day on July 4th serving up good eats and we thank them for their support, cooperation and for sending in the info to our office about their upcoming specials for the 4th of July! They are truly a pleasure to work with. 

Adirondack Growl and Grub Open until 7pm
ADK Trading Post Open at 10am 
Adirondack Hotel BBQ Sunday July 4 Noon to 8pm. Sausage peppers and onions, Rib & Chicken. Mini plates and full dinners. 
Another Paradise Cove Bakery. Open at 8am Serving Fresh Baked Goods and Coffee!
Custards Last Stand. Open 11am-10pm  on July 4th 
Long Lake Diner/Owls Head Pub Open at 7:30am. Serving Breakfast Lunch and Dinner
Long View Lodge Serving Brunch starting at 11am, last dinner seating at 7pm
The Park Open at 9am. Burgers, Fried Goodies, Ice Cream and more! 
Turner’s Pop-Up-Shop 12pm to 9pm!! Individual take out and family meal packages available! Serving BBQ specials for the 4th of July Weekend. 

4th of July Info
Mountain Times Free Newspaper

Farmer’s Market in Long Lake, NY

The Long Lake Farmers Market is every Thursday from June 24th through September 2nd, located at the Mt Sabattis Lower Parking Lot, on South Hill and across from the Post Office. Look for fresh veggies, pies, ice cream, Otter Creek wines, jewelry and more!

This market has been offering wares and local goods for over 13 years in the Long Lake community.  

Stock up on treats you can only get in the summer! 

Long Lake Central School Not Slated to Receive Funding

From Long Lake Central School, April 5, 2021

Link to newsletter here:

Long Lake CSD has not received any federal COVID-relief funding due to the funds being allocated based on a formula that leaves out schools like ours. We don’t fit the formula and as a result we have been left out and left behind. While there is $134,948,000 allocated for the North Country, Long Lake is not currently scheduled to receive any of that money.

To give some comparisons, some of our neighboring school districts will receive the following projected COVID-relief funding. It’s important to note that this does not include any previous funding received through two rounds of the CARES Act at the end of 2020. This is the third round of funding projection:

Wells CSD: $245,000

Lake Pleasant CSD: $199,000

Newcomb CSD: $153,000

Minerva CSD: $262,000

Johnsburg CSD: $808,000

Westport CSD: $702,000

Tupper Lake CSD: $984,000

Lake Placid CSD: $743,000

To see the full district-by-district breakdown you can visit this website. This will bring you to Senator Schumer’s webpage and then prompt you to download an Excel spreadsheet that is organized by region and county. You will notice that Indian Lake CSD is the only other school in the North Country that is not projected to receive any funding.

To note, I highlight the projected funding for our neighbors to simply make clear what Long Lake CSD deserves to receive. The same is true for Indian Lake CSD. I have worked closely with Indian Lake CSD Superintendent David Snide in our efforts to reach out to our representatives to make our story known. I believe that our neighbors deserve every dime of their projected funding and am asking our representatives to find a way for our district to receive comparable funding. The money is there. They just need to do the work to advocate on our behalf and find a solution.

Why aren’t we included? The money was allocated based on a formula that is reliant on past census data that doesn’t adequately represent our true population.

The money is allocated based on the Title I formula. The Title I formula is reliant on census data to identify schools based on need and it requires a minimum number as the threshold. According to the 2010 census, Long Lake CSD has 5 students between the ages of 5-17 that identify as living in poverty, which according to that same data represents 11% of our population. To be eligible for Title I funding, you need at least 10 students.

If our district’s poverty rate is the only means that qualifies our district for funding, we more than meet the requirement. Our Free and Reduced Lunch population, which is updated on an annual basis and more accurately represents our student population, is at 39% of our students. In sum, we have been knocked out of the funding because the census data is old and is only as good as the number of people who participate. Additionally, since the formula is based on a minimum number rather than a percentage, we do not qualify.

Long Lake Central School deserves funding just as much as any other school district. We have incurred significant financial expenses due to COVID and we also deserve the opportunity to invest in upgrades in technology, programming, and equipment that positions our school to better prepared for future challenges.

COVID knocked us all down, and it is only fair that all schools are given equitable access and support to get back up on our feet. While we are one of the few schools in the state that has been left out of any federal funding, I am confident that our elected officials at the state and federal levels can work together to find another funding source to correct this oversight.

Please join me and asking them to step up and speak out for us. Below is contact information for our elected officials. There is power in numbers, and whether you still live in Long Lake or not, as someone who is connected to our school, your time and support would mean a great deal.

Senator James Tedisco:

Albany Office: 518-455-2181


Office Addresses:


Assemblyman Robert Smullen:

Albaby Office: 518-743-0964


Office Addresses:


Congresswoman Elise Stefanik:

DC Office: 202-225-4611

Glens Falls Office: 518-743-0964

Website Email and Office Addresses:


Senator Kirsten Gillibrand:

DC Office: 202-224-4451

Albany Office: 518-431-0120

Website Email:

Office Addresses:


Senator Charles Schumer:

DC Office: 202-224-6542

Albany Office: (518) 431-4070

Website Email:

Office Addresses:





Ms. Noelle Short


(518)624-2221 ext. 206






Maco The Shark Winner Best in Show

2021 Winter Carnival Wrap Up

For Immediate Release
January 19, 2021
On Saturday, January 16, 2021, the Long Lake 19th Annual Winter Carnival saw major changes to the line-up and was able to host a modified version renamed Winter Carnival “Lite.”  The only coordinated event was the Cardboard Sled Races which were held with Covid-19 protocols in place. All participants and spectators had to register in advance for a maximum of 50 and there was no on-site registration.  Everyone wore masks and kept a minimum of six feet between racers and families. 
Race was only open to participants 18 and under and the winners for 2021:
Best Crash: Logan Hosley “Living Machine”
3rd: Kamila Stryszowski “The Rocket”
2nd: Morgan Delehanty “Muscle Tape”
1st: Quinn Giordano “The Mighty Eskimo
Best in Show: Matt & SJ Hosley “Maco”
Award-Winning Ice Carver Stan Kolonko from the Ice Farm helped create a drive by Ice Sculpture display sponsored by our local businesses including: Motel Long Lake, Tom Donnelly Logging, Howe May We Help You, LLC, Long Lake Rentals and a combo business sculpture by the ADK Trading Post and Adirondack Hotel. There was also a large Long Lake bear sculpture installed at the Long Lake Town Beach.
The Long Lake Ice Skating rink and sledding hill was open all day with Covid Protocols in place and the day ended with a Fireworks display at Mt. Sabattis with spectators watching from inside their vehicles.
There was no royalty crowned and no infamous Ladies Frying Pan Toss in 2021, but we look forward to next year which will mark the 20th and is scheduled for January 15, 2022. Save the date!

2021 Winter Carnival “Lite”

Saturday, January 16, 2021
Winter Carnival “Lite” 

We are still moving forward with a modified, revised version of Winter Carnival.

10am Cardboard Sled Races  – MAX 50 includes races and spectators. Everyone MUST sign up in advance to attend this event. There is no walk up registration. Everyone must be pre-registered in advance – this 100% includes any spectators that may accompany the racer. This race is for 18 and under ONLY for 2021.** Please note – this event subject to change without notice.  Registration in advance.  518-624-3077. We we have to cut the list off at 50 as NYSDOH  Covid 19 regulations require  that events with have a max 50 people.  
10am – until complete  – The Ice Farm installs Ice Sculptures – Businesses have been invited to participate to help sponsor our ice sculpture park.  Must respond by Monday, January 11th.  Prices for small sculptures are $225 to $250 depending on number of sculptures commissioned. The price decreases with more participation.  Plan is to have an installation at the Beach and some carvings at Mt. Sabattis. We are encouraging drive by viewing.
Fireworks at 6:30pm SHARP. Viewers to watch from their vehicles – at Mt. Sabattis – or Post Office Parking Lot. This is a TEN minute show and always starts on TIME. Again – cars can view from Mt. Sabattis Parking Lots or Post Office Parking Lot 
Changes for 2021. 
We have postponed Coronation, Frying Pan Toss, Caber Toss, Kids Balloon Chase, One Shot Hockey & Bonfire. There will be no bonfires at all on that property that day to mitigate any possibility of congregation.
The Geiger Rink and Sledding Hill will be open with current Covid-19 Protocols in Place.  Link here for protocols:  

Long Lake