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“National Treasure” Bob Milne – Live in Long Lake

Internationally renowned boogie-woogie pianist, Bob Milne, will perform live in three locations! He kicks off Durant Days in Raquette Lake with Raquette Lake Navigation’s historic tour of the Great Camps. On Friday, July 31st, Bob will play piano at Camp Pine Knot for a short 20 minute concert during the special luncheon cruise tour of the historic Great Camp Tour which makes stops at St. Williams, Camp Pine Knot and other surprises. Call 315 354-5532.

On Friday, July 31st at 7:30pm, Bob will perform a concert at the Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts in Blue Mountain Lake. This is a great partnernship between the Town of Long Lake and the Arts Center and we are excited to partner to host a special concert there.

Some people love Bob so much they will hit all three performances. His final performance during his mini-tour will be at the Long Lake Town Hall on Saturday, August 1st at 7:30pm.

Tickets for the shows in Blue Mt Lake & Long Lake are $12 a person.

Bob Performs three concerts in 2015.  Raquette Lake, Blue Mt. Lake and Long Lake July 31st & August 1st.

Bob Performs three concerts in 2015. Raquette Lake, Blue Mt. Lake and Long Lake July 31st & August 1st.

Milne has had a long career as a successful concert pianist and has even been officially recognized as a “National Treasure” by the Library of Congress. He has traveled the world entertaining audiences and is an active “Musical Ambassador” for the United States Department of State. He enthusiastically shares his knowledge of piano playing and music with his listeners, as well as the incredible histories of others like him.

As a recording artist, Bob Milne has produced numerous collections of solo piano rags, blues, boogies and folk/traditional tunes. Milne is the author of “The Journeyman Piano Player,” a collection of humorous anecdotes taken from his early years as a working musician. The book has become highly regarded by working professionals and amateurs alike, and has been suggested as required reading for anyone entertaining the notion of pursuing a career in music.

Bob Milne is a well established Long Lake favorite, so be sure not to miss this one-of-a-kind performance! Admission is $12. For ticket information, call (518) 624-3077.

Celebrate the Season

December 5-7th
“Celebrate the Season” Weekend in Long Lake, NY
The Town of Long Lake will be hosting “Celebrate the Season” the weekend of December 5-7th. Look for local retail sales and events at participating shops including the Adk Trading Post, The Adirondack Hotel Gift Shop, Hoss’s Country Corner, Incapahco Art Song Studios, a performance of the “Sound of Music” Saturday, December 6th at 7pm at Long Lake Central School by the Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts and the “Winter Winds are Blowing” Holiday Concert on Sunday, December 7th at 3pm at the United Methodist Church.


Adirondack Hotel Gift Shop, 1245 Main Street, Long Lake, NY will offer a 20% discount on all items from the Adirondack Hotel’s Gift Shop. Jewelry, winter hats, gloves, scarves, stuffed animals, long and short sleeve shirts & sweatshirts.

ADK Trading Post, 1601 Tupper Road, Long Lake
Open Monday -Saturday 9am – 6pm
Sunday, 10am – 4pm
December 5th-7th – Enjoy lunch and shopping in one spot!
While waiting for lunch, get some shopping done! 25% off all weekend long on most everything!

Hoss’s Country Corner, 1142 Main Street, Long Lake, NY offers a buy one get one free half off equal or lesser value. Excludes groceries, beer, previously discounted select items. Some restrictions apply.

Incapahco Art Song Studio, Open House, Saturday December 6th, 4pm – 8pm. Featuring 31 bags and Wick in the Sticks Cancles. Choose from many handmade gifts, jewelry and art supplies. Also make your own “Christmas Wish” necklace for a special gift. $12 each. 518-572-7772

On Saturday, December 6th, the Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts presents The Sound of Music at Long Lake Central School at 7pm featuring local community actors including Long Lake’s own Jason Hall, Harrison Hall, Christine LaRocque, Stephanie Hample, Paul Roalsvig, William Belcher, Amelia Belcher, Abbie Roalsvig and Pailin Hample. For tickets call 518-635-7715.

“Winter Winds Are Blowing” Holiday Concert, Sunday, December 7th 3:00pm. Enjoy Baroque, Romantic, Impressionist and holiday music presented by Lynn Walckman, Janice Kyle, David Carpenter. This concert is presented by the Long Lake Friends of Music. For more info call 5187-624-2056.

For more information about Long Lake or Raquette Lake

Battle of the Bands

Crowd Gathers for Battle

The crowd was humming in Indian Lake on Friday, May 7th, 2010 anticipating the kickoff of the second annual Battle of the Bands sponsored by the Adirondack lakes Center for the Arts and the Indian lake Theatre. 

 Five bands slated to compete for the coveted title of winner and defending champions the Long Lake Razz Jazz Band were determined to keep their mantle. 

 First up on the roster, Jason Hall, a singer-songwriter from Long Lake, NY.  His band consists of his Ensoniq Keyboard and 88 keys.  Jason started the evening off as solo on the Indian Lake theater stage performing a song called “Don’t Fall Awake’” written about his young son.  Friday evening marked the first night Jason’s son was in the audience to watch and hear him.  The lyrics of “Don’t Fall Awake’” enlist images of a father protecting his child and the haunting line “I’m with you wherever you are” showcased the connection between father and son. 

Jason Hall Sings his originals

 After song number one concluded Jason lightened up the audience, “my band is kind of shy, it fell into my keyboard,”  An audience member shouted out’ “Free the band!” and Jason did as he rocked the house with country tune about a father and son discussing the birds and the bees while fishing.  Lyrics mention “have the talk that got away” Voices of Dad and son, the Dad assuring the boy, “someday you will’”  A six year old in the audience, listening to the lyrics honed in on the fishing angle of the story stating “I remember when I caught my first fish, it was a sunfish” illuminating it was definitely a family friendly evening.

 Jason’s final son “Someday Son’” was dedicated to Wayne Austin, a longtime Long Lake resident who recently passed away. No dry eyes in the house after that.

 Jason’s songs are truly stories, his voice deep and rich also lifts up into the sky as he pours his heart out, his passion for singing and songwriting is not to be missed.  Check out his facebook music page or find him on myspace.

Creative Differences Take the Stage

 The second band called themselves’ “Creative Differences,” and they also hailed from Long Lake.  The minute the band took over the microphone you knew we were in not just a musical showcase, but a comedy routine between two brothers.  One exclaiming, “I thought we were supposed to dress up for this, but you look like your going to finish yardwork” Mike Nerney quickly responding, “you like you are going to an Amish wedding’”  The family band, consisting of Mike Nerney on acoustic guitar, his brother (sorry didn’t hear his name) on electric guitar, Mike’s wife Camille, tambourine and backup vocals and Long Lake high school senior, Colleen Nerney on electric bass, warmed up the crowed with “Mess ‘O Blues”  The revved the crowd up with their energy and strumming.  The second song, a tune by Simon and Garfunkel called “Richard Corey’” harkened back to darker days and Colleen sang a lyrical back up, showcasing the comfort this family must have, jamming out on the porch in the summer time.  They take their music seriously, and definitely have fun sharing it with each other.  The final song originally written by Alex Chilton and the Box Tops, covered by Joe Cocker called’ “The Letter” rounded out their energetic set.

Traveling Blueberries Acoustic Wonders

The next group called themselves the “Traveling Blueberries” because “Wilbury was already taken’” hailed from Indian Lake and Old Forge.  Three diverse acoustic guitar players kicking off their set with the Spanish flavored “Ciablo Diablo’” a long incredible instrumental introduction followed by vocals.  Their second song was a crowd pleaser, “Take It Easy’” by the Eagles and the crowd joined in and sang along. 

More Blueberries

 Third band up, another Long Lake export, The Yod Squad, led by Yod Crewsy, guitarist, former member of the Splat Cats, Jacklords and Dark Marbles from Buffalo NY, with Steve Signell on lead guitar, Brian Beaudin on bass and Seth Hart a student at Long Lake Central School on drums took the stage.  Yod explained their first song on the roster originally appeared on a vinyl 45 and he questioned if the audience even knew what that was.  The band jammed out to “Revolution” by the Beatles and got the crowd rocking.  Yod sang leads and Steve Signell jumped in to do background.  Seth Hart owned the drum with his “stick tricks” marinating a strong beat and big energy.  One audience member commented about Yod, “I’ve never seen him in jeans before, where are his purple running shorts?” 

Yod Squad Hits the Stage

 Second song up was “Stray Cat Strut’” led by Steve Signell claiming he admired this song from the early years of MTV.  Yod Crewsy harmonized.

 The third song was an incredible rendition of Guns and Roses “Sweet Child of Mine,”  haunting leads kicked off by Signell.  Brian Beaudin, music teacher at Long Lake looks like an all-american guy, but he was definitely owning Axl Rose as he hammered out the powerful lyrics.  The building was shaking and buzzing, the reverb echoing off the walls.  Signell broke a string, but the show powered on.  The band kicked up the competition and electrified the crowd with their own wall of sound.’

 The final band, defending champions, The Long Lake Razz, gathered on the stage.  The audience was definitely loaded with fans, it helps when there are at least 15 members in the band.  They busted out their first song, “ Eye of the Tiger” and the six year old sitting next to me (ok my kid)  put her hands over her ears and complained’ “ I heard this song everyday in the lunch room and it’s driving me insane”  But the band rocked it, they were tight.  Horns, sax, keyboards and drums creating their own jazzed up energy. 

Mr. B still in Yod Squad Shirt

Mr. B (Brian) and Seth Hart of the Yod Squad also performed with the Long Lake Razz and for their second song, Mr. B changed from his Yod Squad tee-shirt into his Long Lake Razz T-shirt before he got kicked out of the band.  Other songs performed by the Long Lake Razz included a medley of “Orinoco Cocoa/Rumba Latina” and the finale “Say What” ending with a powerhouse drum solo by Seth Hart.

 After excellent banter by Indian Lake Theatre representative Ben Strader and Executive Director of the Arts Center, Stephen Svoboda, ballots were collected and counted and the winner was announced.

 Competition was tough and the winning band, by one vote, “The Yod Squad” 

 It was a great evening, great talent, multi-generational, kids to grandparents, playing together.  It was an opportunity to learn about cultural events coming up this summer in our region including the much anticipated Summer Theatre festival and the importance of supporting the arts with membership and participation to keep them vibrant and alive.  Please donate to both organizations to keep the arts alive in the Adirondacks.

 Congrats to the Yod Squad (and don’t tell them that two members of the Razz forgot to turn their votes in to count… oops)

Busy 27th

Steel Magnolias Sat Feb 27th 7pm Town Hall

There Something for everyone in Long Lake on Sat. Feb 27th.

The 4th Geocaching Event is headquartered at the Long Lake Town Hall. Check out for some info. If you don’t know what it is, if you have heard of it, but have never tried it, if you are sitting around the house and watching the tube- force yourself out, call a friend and “go on ovah” to the Town Hall. Upon arrival, check out the displays, then put on your brave adventurous face and call out for Shane Holmes. Shane loves everything outdoors. He snowmobiles, scuba dives, climbs, hikes, hides geocaches, and if there is a fish to be caught, he is there, all year round. He is passionate about outdoor adventure.

Shane Holmes on Long Lake

His infectious enthusiam will not only inspire you to buy a GPS, but he is a great teacher too. He volunteered at the Long Lake Teen Center in the summer of 2009 to teach the kids about geocaching, think fun scavenger hunt (but there is a LOT more to it than that!) Shane has hidden caches for novice participants. Stop into the Town Hall from 9 am to 4pm. Lunch at 12:30 catered by Cybercreek Cafe. $14 adults $10.25 for kids.

Moonlighters Poker Run on Saturday, kicks off from the Newcomb House or the Raquette Lake Tap Room. If you don’t ride a snowmobile, don’t let that stop you. Get the kids, gas up the car and take a scenic drive to each biz and draw a playing card. Don’t know how to play, I didn’t either, but it makes sense once you pick up your $10 entry card (only available at The Raquette Lake Tap Room or the Newcomb House.) Go to each biz listed on your official Moonlighters Poker Run Cardboard card (shout out to Harry Buxton) and draw a playing card. The card is then handwritten on your official Poker Run Tally Card. The more businesses you go to, the better the hand. Once completed you turn it in and the best The best hand wins cash. The Round up at the end of the day is at the Adirondack Hotel featuring live music Eric Peter. The entry fee $10 per card. All ages welcome to play. Call 624-3941 to confirm start time. Some say 10am, posters say noon and so I say… call Jim at the diner and let him tell you (we like to keep people guessing in Long Lake – we refer to that as “whimsy”)

Family Entertainment on Saturday night. Bring the kids to the Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts production of Steel Magnolia’s. An emotional journey, laughter, tears and local talent illuminate the Long Lake Town Hall Stage. Join the Arts Center and receive discounted tickets.

Weather report… it is Tuesday morning, the snow is coming tonight and tomorrow (how much… well the weather man is always a mystery) but I was in Glens Falls yesterday and it looks like spring. But in Long Lake, it looks like winter so please let me clarify, we do have snow – not a ton, but enough to ride, snowshoe, x-c ski etc and 3-6 inches are predicted to fall tonight, so I am keeping my fingers crossed. More snowcast updates coming this week.

Hope to see you in Long Lake, Raquette Lake & Newcomb this weekend.

Expect the unexpected!

Long Lake celebrating break with Wacky Winter Wonderland Week

Skating Races Too

Racers Line Up at Starting Line

Sleds Lined Up for Racing

LONG LAKE—The Town of Long invites everyone to participate in the first-ever Wacky Winter Wonderland Week kicking off Monday, Feb. 15.

Take advantage of a winter backdrop as the town partners with local cultural resources, including Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney Long Lake Library, Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts and local businesses, to offer a slate of diverse activities including outdoor activities, arts and crafts, a tribute to the Winter Olympics, epicurean delights and a way to burn off steam at the end of the week.


Monday, Feb. 15, a Ski Bus to Big Tupper will depart Town Hall at 10 a.m. Call 624-3077 to register; the bus needs a minimum of 10 to travel. Those over age 12 do not need a chaperone.


Tuesday, Feb. 16, Long Lake sponsors its own Winter Olympics at the Mt. Sabattis Recreation Center with sledding, skating, cross-country skiing and snowshoe races. The event begins with a torch lighting ceremony at 1 p.m. and medal ceremonies after the events.


Wednesday, Feb. 17, Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney Long Lake Library and the Town of Long Lake sponsor a Polymer Clay Workshop for children ages 10 and up, who will make light switch covers.

Call 624-3825 to register. An adult must accompany those under age 10.

Also Wednesday, the Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts sponsors “Think Outside the Snowball” at Mt. Sabattis starting at 1 p.m. Children and adults are invited to build snow monsters, snow dogs or any kind of creation imaginable.


The Epicurean Highlight of the week transpires Thursday evening, under the cover of darkness. Feb. 18 is the first-ever Long Lake Hors D’ Oeuvres Tour.

Participants will travel from restaurant to restaurant starting at 5 p.m., enjoying a special selection of appetizers. Judging cards will be handed out to select a “People’s Choice,” and top secret “celebrity” judges will be sampling and voting on their selections for “Judges Choice.”

The criterion includes: presentation, variety, innovation, taste and the overall experience. Sign up ahead of time so the restaurants can be alerted. Those who forget to sign up should go anyway. Bring friends and be spontaneous.

The stops include: The Cellar 5-6 p.m., Adirondack Hotel 6-7 p.m., The Owl’s Head Pub & Long Lake Diner 7-8 p.m. and Quackenbush’s Long View Lodge from 8-9 p.m. Results will be announced on Friday, Feb. 19.

Call 624-3077 to reserve a spot on the Little Bus to enjoy luxury travel to each establishment or to let the town know you’ll be joining in the fun. It is “pay as you go.”


Friday, Feb. 19, rounds out the week with a Day of Dancing in Long Lake. All ages are welcome to participate in a free Hip Hop Dance workshop with Anton Briones from 1-4 p.m. at Town Hall.

Learn a trick or two and showcase it at the Winter Ice Dance kicking off at 7 p.m. with DJ Glen LaBlanc. LaBlanc lights up the event with popular music, games and contests as the finale to a fun week of winter-themed events.

Families with small children are welcome to come to the first hour of the dance to enjoy games and fun, but then the lights dim and the party gets started.

Look for more events and highlights on #.

Superbowl Weekend

Make the plans… get your sleds ready. Now here’s a conumdrum.. I hear.. oh there are 300 sleds over in Raquette over the weekend and the reports of the snowmobile trails are mysterious, but there are great trails between Raquette and Long Lake and they are groomed and open, come on out, send in a report. Raquette trails are groomed and great and so are Long Lake trails, so please check us out! Yes, we can always use more snow and it is falling right now. We need one of those two day blizzards so we can boil up Dinty Moore Stew and gear up for some winter recreation. FYI Lake Eaton Trails are finally open for business.. sure the ride is still a bit bumpy from the rocks and such, but the trees are cleared and it is passable.

If snowmobiling isn’t your thing.. check out the Stewarts Cooking Challenge at the Arts Center In Blue Mt. on Saturday, February 6th It starts at 6pm. Spectators welcome. It involves finding food at Stewarts and making an edible dinner (sounds like everynight at my house)

Saranac Lake kicks off the winter carnival on Friday with the coronation of King and Queen. The lighting of the castle and fireworks are on Saturday, Feb 6th.

Sunday is SUPERBOWL. Buy a square, eat some food, find a cozy spot in one of the many pubs around Long Lake and watch the game… or the commercials.

If you are a man, go to the Stewart’s Cooking Challenge and learn how to make a nice meal for your wife, she could use a break in the kitchen ya know! : ) See you on the flip side, when there is some breaking news!

Long Lake