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Trout Season Opens April 1, 2021

man with large trout in Raquette Lake

Well, we may be having a snowstorm today, and the ice hasn’t completely gone out yet, but it’s official, New York State Trout Season is now officially open on Thursday, April 1, 2021.

In preparation for opening day, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation is stocking 1.8 million catchable trout in waters across the state. In addition to larger size fish being stocked this year, some stream reaches will receive four stockings of trout. 

New York State offers a diverse set of fishing opportunities for wild and stocked trout. Under the State’s new Trout Stream Management Plan, DEC has grouped stream fishing opportunities into five distinct categories for improved management and easy-to-understand regulations to help make fishing more accessible and enjoyable for all anglers, from novice to expert.

Trout Stocking in Long Lake happens from April until May – with local water bodies being stocked including: Rainbow Trout in Clear Pond, Lake Eaton, and Brown Trout in the Raquette River.  Link here for more info on stocking.


trout under water

NYS DEC announces access to current Trout Information.

New Interactive Trout Stream Fishing Map|

To provide additional information about how and where anglers can find their preferred type of trout angling opportunities, DEC is launching an interactive Trout Stream Fishing Map to provide a one-stop-shop for information about stocking, fishing access, season dates, and regulations on the DECinfo Locator. All Wild-Quality, Wild-Premier, Stocked, and Stocked-Extended reaches are mapped, and DEC will complete the mapping of Wild categorized reaches later this year. Links to the Trout Stream Fishing Map and a User Guide are available at DEC’s website.

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Trout Season Opens April 1

Forecast for the weekend is for beautiful weather. Stop by the Long Lake Town Offices (closed on Friday, April 2nd) or Hoss’s Country Corner for your fishing license. Always wise to call ahead.

Enjoy our waters!

Brook Trout Record

June 30, 2009

Breaking News: Brook Trout Record Shattered

It was just a matter of time before New York produced another “new” state record brook trout, and this time the lucky angler was well-known Utica wildlife artist Tom Yacovella.

Actually, if you know Yacovella, than you also know “luck” had little to do with it. He is a brook trout specialist with a nose for where the big ones live.

The monster female brookie tipped the scales at 5 pounds, 4 ½ ounces on four different state-certified scales. While the 21-inch length is impressive, it is dwarfed by the fishes’ amazing girth of 15 inches.

Yacovella was fishing on Raquette Lake. He was using an interesting three-way swivel with a pencil lead sinker. His lure of choice was a 3½-inch floating Rapala with a shad finish.

In recent months there have been rumors of other potential record brook trout coming out of the Adirondacks which have turned out to be splake. Yacovella’s fish was examined by NY DEC biologists who confirmed it was indeed a brookie.

One way to differentiate between brookies and splake is to count the pyloric caeca (the finger-like projections in the small intestines). Brookies have 23 to 55 pyloric caeca, and splake have 65 to 85. Yacovella’s fish had 37, thus confirming its status.

This is considered a new record in New York as all the old records dating back to the 1800s, including a rumored 14-pounder by well known politician and dictionary founder Daniel Webster caught in the Carmans River on Long Island in 1827, were retired within the past decade. The previous “modern” record was 4 pounds, 15 ounces taken by Jesse Yousey on a Lake Clear Wabbler somewhere in the Five Ponds Wilderness in 2006.

Look for the complete story of Yacovella’s amazing fish in the September issue of Outdoors Magazine.

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