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Art Installation Melt Out

Light Installation Inspiration for Art Project Slated for 2011

Artists Matt Burnett and Scott Fuller were prepared to battle the rain to work on their artistic formations out of snow, but the temperatures and rapid thaw depleted snow supplies too quickly. Matt surmised sustaining the project for the allotted week of exhibition would have required a blast of artic air and it didn’t look likely this late in the game.

There is still evidence of snowpack on the snowmobile trails, but the large piles around town have visibly diminished. The channel under the bridge has opened up, the south end has opened up and while certain sections of the lake still boast several inches of ice, the slush weakens it and the lake is merely a widening in the river, so currents do affect change under the surface… so common sense rules.

Matt and Scott have an art opening slated for Summer 2010 in Saranac Lake and will collaborate next season to make their art installation come alive. Matt anticipates having the time will allow for more planning and looks forward to placing more formations in and around the village of Long Lake.

Stay tuned. If anyone traveled to the area expecting to see these great creations.. all we can say is thank you for your support and please come back soon!

Long Lake