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#518RAINBOWHUNT in Long Lake NY

If you’ve been to Long Lake in recent weeks you may have seen rainbows adorning many places in town.  

The 518 Rainbow Hunt has over 115,000 members in it’s Facebook Group.  The group, created in March 2020 shortly after the NYS Pause orders took effect and homeschoolers were stuck at home, scared, uncertain and afraid of what would come next, volunteers decided to shine a little light, hope and rainbows on an otherwise extremely unprecedented, scary, uncertain lock-down.


Families in the 518 area code and beyond placed handmade rainbows in their windows, doors and driveways. The goal is to create a rainbow scavenger hunt for kids who are cooped up inside for most of the day.

A local Long Lake resident and parent asked businesses and the Town of Long Lake if rainbows could be placed about to include Long Lake in this effort to bring smiles, positive vibes during the Coronavirus Lock down in New York State.

As the school year winds down, and parents start to close up their zoom aps and Microsoft Teams for the year, we just wanted to make sure everyone saw the cool rainbows that were placed around Long Lake. 

Spreading Rainbows, Good Vibes, & Positivity Worldwide from the 518.

Road Rally on Wed July 27th

Ever funny-walked down the street, or done a handstand at the Long Lake sign? On Wednesday, July 27th at 7pm grab your camera or camera phone and race around Long Lake to compete for cash prizes in this year’s Long Lake Amazing Race Road Rally.


Drive around Long Lake, following a ridiculous set of instructions and collect photographic evidence on completion of the tasks. Rules of the road apply and spies will be watching your every move! With a two hour time limit, this game is not about speed but accuracy and imagination. On vacation and not sure you will know where you’re going? Not a problem — these crazy rules even confound the natives!

Teams of 2 or more are required and there is $5 car fee. Cash prizes awarded to the top team!

There is a max of 25 cars allowed to be registered. Cars can start registering by 6:30pm. 1st come 1st served.

Long Lake