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Trails Added at Mt. Sabattis


The Town of Long Lake has opened Phase 2 of the Mt. Sabattis Mountain Bike Trail system, adding another 2+ kilometers of trails to the existing 2 kilometers of trails. The two new trails are an intermediate “climbing” trail from the base parking lot up to the Pavilion parking lot, as well as an expert trail that begins off Black & Blue and crisscrosses the Town property before reaching the Mt Sabattis Overlook. 

In keeping with the Rolling Stones theme, the climbing trail is named Start Me Up, and the expert trail is named Paint It Black. 

Start Me Up is considered a “climbing” trail because it accesses the trail system without riding up the Pavilion Road. Start Me Up is equally as fun descending as ascending, featuring a flowy pump section that allows the rider to carry speed without pedaling. This trail is the perfect way to get the blood pumping and the legs moving while climbing through gravel and dirt with switchback turns and burmed corners, before accessing the rest of the trail system from the Pavilion parking lot.

The expert trail, Paint It Black, showcases the best of Mt. Sabattis all in one trail. Beginning off of Black & Blue the trail winds its way through the woods with short punchy climbs, a few sharp turns, and a narrow bridge crossing before traversing the field portion of Mt. Sabattis and entering the woods again. Here the climb gets slightly more technical with another bridge and switchback turns, finally topping out at the Mt Sabattis Overlook.  From here the trail becomes a directional down trail with a built jump line featuring a rock drop, a step-up tabletop, another step-up jump, as well as a few “kicker” style jumps. This jump line is a one of a kind for the Central Adirondack region and is sure to draw novices and experts alike from surrounding areas to test their skills. The rock drop in particular is a showcase feature riders will be talking about long after they finish their ride.

Phase 2 of this build was completed by Steve Ovitt and his team at Wilderness Property Management, who have done an amazing job utilizing the Mt. Sabattis Recreation Area to the fullest and blending natural land features with built single-track riding.

These trails are open to bikers, hikers, dog walkers and any other non-motorized users, and can be found on the Trailforks app under the Mt. Sabattis Recreation Area.

Blog Post by Tim Helms.  


Tim has been the Long Lake Events Coordinator since 2019. Tim enjoys hiking, biking, climbing, skiing and so much more. When Tim isn’t out exploring the Adirondacks he be found planning and staging events for the Town of Long Lake, NY.

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