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Prizes Announced and Gearing up for Winter Carnival Weekend in Long Lake

Mother Nature’s Snow Machine jumped into full gear on Monday giving the ground the look of winter we’ve all been waiting for. Our team of Winter Carnival Elves are pulling together events, orange cones, golf pencils, golf clubs, broomballs, cardboard boxes and chili for this weekends Royal Coronation at Mt. Sabbatis.

Events kick off at Noon on Saturday, January 16th with the Snowmobile Parade followed by the coronation and plenty of fun for everyone. Bring a sled, don’t bring a sled.. we have sleds, toboggans, ice skates, helmets. Come and go all day long and don’t forget to stop by the kitchen and visit with the Long Lake Fire Department.

The young set gets a push down Mt. Sabattis at the Long Lake Winter Carnival

The young set gets a push down Mt. Sabattis at the Long Lake Winter Carnival

So with that said, get psyched for Winter Fun by watching this video inspired by what it means to “Feel Long Lakey” It’s winter, “Feelin’ Long Lakey” is whatever you want it to be, but the week before Winter Carnival, it’s excitement, anticipation, invigorating and the idea of pushing yourself to your limits, whether your throwing a Frying Pan or hiking up Mt. Sabattis to play golf with your friends or hitting the rink with hockey sticks or brooms. Most of the stunts seen here were not shot in Long Lake, but some of the trail riding was. This video is themeatic, reflecting fun, whimsical and toughness and to get you psyched get out and enjoy some fun family recreation this weekend.

With Winter Carnival comes great cash prizes, so if you are on the fence about your Cardboard Sled, don’t be! It doesn’t take much to create a sled that zips down the mountain. We will be grooming the hill, packing it down so any fresh snowcover will add the glide we are looking for. Conditions look to be warm and snowy on Saturday, reaching as high as 37, so sledders best be prepared with some tape that glides!

Prizes Awarded

Town of Long Lake Sponsored Events
Cardboard Box Races
12 & Under Solo 1st = $15, 2nd – $10, 3rd – $5
12 & Under Team 1st = $20, 2nd $15, 3rd $10
13-17 Solo 1st = $25, 2nd = $15, 3rd – $10
13-17 Team 1st = $25, 2nd $15, 3rd – $10
Adults 1st – $75, 2nd = $50, 3rd = $25
Best in Show 1st = $75, 2nd = $50, 3rd = 25

Ladies Frying Pan Toss
1st $75, 2nd $50, 3rd $25

Wackiest Hat Contest
1st $30, 2nd $15, 3rd $10

Men Feats of Strength
1st $75, 2nd $50 3rd $25

Goalie’s Day Off – Sponsored by the Long Lake Diner/Owls Head Pub
Co-Ed Golf – Sponsored by Long Lake Real Estate
Broomball Tournament – Sponsored by the Moonlighters Snowmobile Club

Lunch will be served the the Long Lake Fire Department.

Schedule of Events, January 16, 2016
12pm Winter Carnival Kick off and registration opens.
12:15pm Snowmobile Parade
12:30pm Coronation
12:45pm Wackiest Hat Parade
1:00pm – Cardboard Sled Race & Adk Cardboard Sled Racing Circuit
1:00pm – 3:00pm – Three Hole Golf, Teams welcome
1:45pm – Town Wide Photo
2:00pm – Awards for Cardboard Sled Racing and Wackiest Hat Announced
2:00pm – Goalie’s Day Off
2:30pm – Kids Events
3:00pm – Ladies Frying Pan Toss
3:45pm – Men’s Feats of Strength Challenge – New for 2016!
4:30pm – Broomball Tournament – Teams of 5 sign up by 3pm.
6:30pm – Fireworks

Little Bus runs 6pm – Last call. Call 518.323.5001 for a ride! This is a free shuttle service for all ages to get to and from Winter Carnival, your lodging, your home to locations in and around town.

The Ice Skating Rink will be open after the fireworks until 10pm.

A short fireworks show completes the days festivities.  It happesn immediately following broom ball at 6:30pm. Join us!

A short fireworks show completes the days festivities. It happesn immediately following broom ball at 6:30pm. Join us!

Japanese Power Trio Shonen Knife to play Long Lake 2012

The underground all-female Japanese pop-punk band, Shonen Knife, will be performing in Long Lake on Saturday, July 28th at the Mt. Sabattis Pavilion. The concert starts at 6pm. (Scroll down to the bottom for more details on the venue) The band is heavily influenced by 1960’s girl groups, pop bands and early punk rock acts such as the Ramones. The trio maintains an underground garage rock sound rooted in edgy instrumentation.

Shonen Knife has been performing around the world and this year marks their 30th Anniversary and The Town of Long Lake in the Adirondacks will be welcoming them.

Alexandra Roalsvig, The Director of the Town of Long Lake’s Parks and Recreation Department reached out to Naoko with a series of questions to introduce them to the upstate audience.

In her own words…
Questions for Naoko and Shonen Knife for Long Lake, NY Adirondacks.

Naoko, vocal & guitar answered:
First of all we are thrilled Shonen Knife will be visiting the Adirondacks on July 28th in New York State this year.  Thank you!

Naoko: You are welcome and we are very happy to visit the Adirondacks.

Have you ever heard of the Adirondacks?

Naoko:  I’ve never heard of it before.  I looked up through internet and found that it’s a beautiful place.

Most people in Long Lake have not heard of Shonen Knife.  For someone new to Shonen Knife what albums do you recommend they listen to first?

Naoko: I recommend “Pop Tune” album.  It is the most happy, cheerful album.  It’s made by the present members, Ritsuko, Emi and I, the most powerful lineup.

What can fans expect in Long Lake for their introduction to Shonen Knife?

Naoko: We’d like to play enjoyable show and make people happy through our music.

I love the video for Perfect Freedom – Long Lake looks like the location in your video!  Will you be performing that song on the tour this summer?  I HOPE!

Naoko: Thank you very much!  We took that video at a big park but it isn’t huge like Long Lake.  I’ll make a set list now.  I’d like to answer to your request.

What songs get most requested?

Naoko: Since we have more than one hundred repertories, we get requests for many songs like Banana Chips, Twist Barbie, Bear Up Bison, I wanna eat Chocobars, Riding on the Rocket, Cobra versus Mongoose and … so many.

Did you ever get to meet the Ramones?

Naoko: Yes.  I first met them in 1995.  Since then, I saw them some more times.  I wrote the story about it on this page.
Please scroll this page.

How great was it to celebrate 30 years of Shonen Knife with a tribute to the Ramones?  Did you hear from any of the remaining Ramones about the album?

Naoko: I like Joey’s solo album.  It’s fancy.

How did you start working with Good Charamel Records?

Naoko: 5 years ago, Good Charamel invited me to join the recording of their label band called the Juliet Dagger.  I played the guitar and sang for some songs. Since then we got to know each other.

Shonen Knife has been on the music scene for over 30 years, what keeps you going?

Naoko: I never look back and just look “near future”.  I think it makes me keep going.  Actually I’m lazy and did never reconsideration and having a future plan, though.

Who wrote the songs on Pop Tune?

Naoko:  I wrote all songs on Pop Tune album.

What inspires you to write and how long from pen to paper to music does it take you to write a song?

Naoko: I wrote 9 songs in 9 weeks.  The last song of Pop Tune album “Move on” was written 2 years ago.

What inspires you to write your music?

Naoko:  My daily life and experience, my favorite things like sweets.  Then I expand these things with my imagination.
I wrote my introduction for songs here ↓

How do you keep your energy up while on tour?

Naoko: Playing tennis and keep healthy my physical.

What is your favorite American food to eat?

Naoko: I like American peanuts, mushroom veggie burger, BLT sandwiches and I can’t remember.  Everything is good.

How important is technology (cell phones & internet) to what you do?

Naoko: Internet is very useful for us because I can answer your e-mail interview very easily.
I can send this anytime, even in the midnight. I think too much technology destroy humanity.  We have to use technology but shouldn’t be controlled by it.

What’s the biggest show you have ever played?

Naoko: At some rock festivals.  Fuji Rock Festival in Japan, Reading Festival in UK, Big Day Out in Australia and NZ, Lollapalooza tour, too. Opened up for Nirvana shows were big, too.

How long will you keep playing music?

Naoko: I can’t imagine.  As long as I can.

Have you ever had your songs on TV?  Movies?  Commercials? Anime?  And which ones?   My 12 year old son can’t wait to meet you!

Naoko: Yes.  There are so many times and I can’t remember.  For Anime, our song “Buttercup” was used for “The Powerpuff Girls”.  Our cover of “Top of the World” was used for a movie and CM for Microsoft.“Ah, Singapore” was used for a movie, too.  And we have many more.

How much does American culture affect what you do?

Naoko: Without conscious, I often write songs related American culture.  For example, I’ve wrote songs about Barbie doll, Jelly Beans, Bison, All you can eat restaurant in America.

Why is most of your music in English? Do you do two versions of your music?  One English and one Japanese?  Why English?

Naoko: For me, English is a language of Rock Music because I like American and British rock bands.  For some albums, I wrote Japanese lyrics and English lyrics as bilingual songs.  For me, English is more getting along my melody lines.  Also my English lyrics aren’t so difficult and I’m sure many Japanese understand it.  I put lyrics and Japanese translation on inner leaflet of Japanese CD.

You have a fabulous wardrobe, bright, bold, happy, colors that pop.  Will we get to see some of your fashion on stage this summer in Long Lake on the tour?  Who designs the outfits?

Naoko: Yes, of course.  My younger sister Atsuko, who is our original member of Shonen Knife, designs and make the outfits.  We are inspired by 60’s and 70’s fashion.

When will you record next?

Naoko: We’ve just released “Pop Tune” and go to UK/Europe tour after North American tour.  We can record after next summer, I think.

How many albums have you recorded?

Naoko: 1 cassette album, 16 original full album and 1 cover album, totally, I think.

What’s the weirdest place you’ve ever performed a show?

Naoko: We always play at cool places.

Long Lake has a year round population of 711 people in 449 square miles.  What is the smallest town you have ever played in?

Naoko: Wow 711 people!!!  But 449 miles is so huge.  711 people town is the smallest, I think.  I wish 712 people.

712 is our secret number.  In Japanese, we pronounce Seven is Nana, One is Ichi and 2 is Ni or Futatsu.
Take the first sound of each word.  Na-na, I-chi Fu-tasu = Na – I – Fu = naifu = Knife
I feel destiny between Shonen Knife and Long Lake.

What’s next for Shonen Knife?

Naoko: I can’t wait to go to Long Lake and see people.  Keep on rockin’!

Shonen Knife is an all-girl power pop punk-rock trio hailing from Osaka, Japan. On July 28th, 2012 Shonen Knife will be performing at the Mt. Sabattis Pavilion in Long Lake with White Mystery as the opener. Doors Open at 5pm. Concert Starts at 6pm. Tickets are $15 and kids under 12 are free. Call 518.624.3077 for info. Tickets are cash or check only. Sorry, no credit cards. T-shirts and merch will be available on site!

The Mt. Sabattis Pavilion located off of Deerland Road, Route 30 in Long Lake. The Pavilion is a covered open-air facility. It is recommended to bring coolers, lawn chairs, a flashlight and flat shoes for the uneven ground.

Directions to Mt. Sabattis Pavilion

Entrance located at 1100 Deerland Road and look for the signs.

Mt. Sabattis Pavilion is located at the very top of the Mt. Sabattis Recreation Area in Long Lake NY. The road up is located at the intersection of South Hill Road and Route 28N/30 across from the Long Lake Post Office. If you get lost – stop at an area business, the friendly folks will be happy to tell you where to find the Pavilion.

For GPS – or mapquest directions enter the address of 1100 Deerland Road, Long Lake NY.

This project is made possible with funds from the Decentralization Program, a regrant program of the New York State Council on the Arts, administered by the Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts.

Winter Carnival


Winter Carnival slated for January 16, 2010.  Long Lake is where it is at for Winter Fun!  Edited by Victoria Sandiford.

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