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5 Tips for Winter in Long Lake, NY

1.  Cross Country Skiing
If you’re looking for an excuse to get out of the house, and feel like you’ve earned those après beers, cross country skiing is a great way to do that.  Around Long Lake we have many options, ranging from beginner to more intermediate.  Just learning to glide the planks?  The Lake Eaton Campground loop, or Long Lake when it is frozen (and safe) are both flat open areas that are perfect for getting your feet under you.  For the more intermediate skiers, there is the Three Brook Ski Loop off the Northville-Lake Placid Trail, and the Owl’s Head Trail to Lake Eaton, that both offer slightly more technical skiing, but nothing too advanced.  One of my personal favorites is skiing into Great Camp Santanoni for a sunset beer.  The road in is wide and easy to navigate and usually has a ski track set in it, which is perfect for coming out via headlamp or by full moon. 

Bonus Tip: Three Weekends a year there are stewards on site to talk about the history of the camp and show people around (Jan. 19-21, Feb. 16-18, Mar. 16-17)

Sunsets at Santanoni.  Always be prepared with proper gear!  Remember cell phones shouldn’t be used as your only means of flashlight if adventuring out after dark. Be prepared!  

Skiing around Lake Eaton is well known among the locals.  The trail is groomed for snowmobiles, but it’s always a common site to find x-c skiers out sharing the trail. 

2.  Winter Hiking
While the High Peaks get a lot of press for their incredible vistas and often full day to multi-day excursions, not everyone is ready to be the next Verplank.  Around Long Lake we have ideal mountains for training for longer hikes, testing out new gear, or just exploring outdoor winter hiking for newbies.  Between our local Mt Sabattis and Owl’s Head, to the NPT, Castle Rock, and Blue Mountain, every direction you drive out of Long Lake has at least one good winter hike that doesn’t require all day and a Sherpa. 

Be Prepared. There is nothing worse than being caught without proper equipment in the Adirondacks.  The weather can change unexpectedly.  Don’t rely on cell phones for consistent service when hiking.  For more info and safety tips check out the information on the NYS DEC Webpage

Fire Tower in Winter

3.  Alpine Skiing
Although Long Lake is not the quintessential ski town that you might picture, it is centrally located between all six of the Adirondacks ski resorts, has year round dining and lodging options, and is significantly cheaper than staying in the bigger towns closer to the mountain.  Within just over an hour from Long Lake we have Whiteface, Gore, Titus, McCauley, Oak, and West.  The six mountains offer unique experiences at each depending on the type of skiing or vacation you are trying to have.  Not sure if you want to ski the same mountain for four days straight?  Stay in Long Lake and be able to decide the morning of which mountain to shred. #SkiADK

4.  Weekend Events
Exercising outside in the winter is the best way to beat cabin fever, but sometimes we just want to stand around a bonfire, drink beer, and talk about how cold it is.  With events planned throughout the winter weekends there is always something to do, and an excuse not to exert yourself too much. From the popular Winter Carnivals in Long Lake and Raquette Lake, to vintage snowmobile races on the pond, to guided winter birding weekends, it isn’t hard to find something to do on the weekend that doesn’t entail frostbite or physical exhaustion.

5.  Dinner and a Movie
Tired of being outside and wearing 23 layers at a time?  Take in a movie in one of the neighboring towns without breaking the bank.  The Indian Lake Theater and The State Theater in Tupper Lake are some of the last places in America to be able to catch a flick for under ten dollars, and just 25 minutes away.  Showing new and classic movies, both venues are a blast from the past in price point, but not amenities.

Bonus Tip: You can get Chinese food in Tupper Lake…and it’s pretty decent.

Blog by Tim Helms.

Tim Helms is a native Long Laker who enjoys everything he writes about in this article.  Tim can be found moving docks in snowstorms, skiing on his days off, pouring brews and making sandwiches at the Adk Growl and Grub, and working hard for the Long Lake Parks and Recreation Department preparing very very difficult trivia questions.  


Spur Trail Slated for Long Lake, NY

Construction plans for a spur trail from the Northville-Lake Placid Trail connecting to the center of Long Lake is slated to be finished by the fall and ready for use in 2018. The connector trail connects with the Three-Brook Loop Cross Country Ski Trail giving hikers an option for a short-cut into the village of Long Lake go into the town for a stop at the Post Office (located at the base of Mt. Sabattis) eat and even take advantage of multiple lodging options in the commmunity. 

The spur trail will potentially save a lot of hoofing along route 28N, a busy travel corridor between Long Lake and Newcomb.  This gives hikers traveling from the south end of the trail from Blue Mountain a much more convenient opportunity to pop into town for a rejuvenation stop for food, sleep, and replenishment of supplies. 

The section of trail will be partly on state land and partly on property owned by the Town of Long Lake. 

For those hikers not looking to come into town, there will be a bypass to continue on to the northern section of the Northville-Lake Placid trail and avoiding the drop off into town.  


This is part of The Adirondack Community-based Trails and Lodging System and the Hamlets to Huts project. 






Long Lake is in the Adirondacks

A brand new reality show aired on the Animal Planet last night and the program featured remote property in Long Lake, NY. It was very exciting for folks who love Long Lake NY to see this little corner of the world showcased on national tv. New people would learn about the region, the unintiated will come visit!

But as far as finding Long Lake fact-checkers had to clarify the location as it was mis-stated on the show. Long Lake, NY is in the Adirondacks and not along the Appalachian Trail. Long Lake, NY is five hours north of NYC, three hours south of Montreal, three hours east of Syracuse.

It wasn’t the only mistake/fact misstep this week. Long Lake Tourism had clips on a weather channel video and it said Long Lake is located on the inner part of the ocean. Sometimes things aren’t always correct. But we love the coverage anyway!

Long Lake NY is 449 square miles of lakes and mountains, snowmobile trails, and woods and waterfalls and campgrounds and fishing and memories. Long Lake is in the heart of the Central Adirondacks located on the crossroads of NYS Routes 28N/30. If you go to Clarkson, St. Lawrence, Canton, Paul Smiths or Potsdam, you’ve probably driven through our town on more than one occassion. We’re in the real Upstate New York and in the Adirondacks (not the Appalachian Trail)

We welcome guests to come experience real hospitality in a great small Adirondack town. We can’t wait to meet you, but just wanted to make sure you know how to find us!


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Long Lake