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Aquatic Invasives Harvested in Long Lake

Aquatic Invasive Plants to be Hand Harvested from Long Lake throughout the Summer of 2017:

Variable-leaf milfoil will be removed from Long Lake by the Paul Smith’s College Adirondack Watershed Institute (PSCAWI) with funds awarded to PSCAWI by the Environmental Protection Agency through the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.

PSCAWI will utilize a five-person control team consisting of four divers and one top-water support person.  The divers will remove the milfoil by hand using proven techniques developed by PSCAWI over the last 15 years.  The Long Lake Association (LLA), in collaboration with the Town of Long Lake staff, will bring the harvested milfoil to the Long Lake Transfer Station for composting.  Pending approval of a permit by the APA, removal will begin on July 10th and will continue for about ten weeks.  The control team will return again for ten more weeks in 2018 to complete removal.

Our goal is to eradicate this species from Long Lake and to have the lake declared free of aquatic invasive species.  By definition, a species is considered eradicated if it is not observed for three years after control ends.  Since it is unlikely that we will eradicate variable-leaf milfoil from Long Lake in two years, the LLA has committed to seek funds through grants, fund-raising, and support from the Town of Long Lake to continue the control program in later years.

Variable-leaf milfoil was first reported in Long Lake in 2006.  This aquatic plant is usually very invasive and as such is ranked very high by New York State as a threat to waterbodies.  Variable-leaf milfoil typically forms dense beds that broach the surface, preventing use and enjoyment of large areas of lakes invaded by this species (as is the case in the Fulton Chain and Raquette Lake).  Fortunately, though variable-leaf milfoil has been present in Long Lake for at least 11 years, it is not a dominant species nor has it established any beds.  We believe this lack of invasive behavior is partly explained by the large fluctuations in water level in Long Lake that provides a natural means to control this species.

When you are out on the lake this summer, please be on the lookout for diver down flags and stay at least 300 feet away to protect the divers.  You are more than welcome to stop and observe the control team in action.

For more information and contact information, check out the Long Lake Association website at

Running from the Flies 5K Results 2012 Long Lake, NY

Racers gather for pre-race meeting

Despite a gloomy forecast 34 runners turned out for the first Running From the Flies 5K race on June 2, 2012. The race was held at John Dillon Park in Long Lake, NY sponsored by the Town of Long Lake Parks and Recreation Department.

Mass start!

Racers arrived in the morning delighted at the low impact of the black flies. Racers and spectators were directed up the route 30 approximately one mile north of the John Dillon entrance to park cars and to hop aboard the Paul Smith’s shuttle van. The van delivered contestants to the registration area at the John Dillon Welcome Center located two miles in from route 30.

The course, along Grampus Lake, featuring gravel packed, mobility accessible trails which merged with a dirt road up to Handsome Pond circling back to by the eastern end of Grampus Lake to the upper parking lot. The first leg of the course was mostly uphill and once tackled the rest of the course was primarily mixed, flat terrain. The course was all dirt and gravel with some rocks. Some of the race followed wooden boardwalks that were slippery due to an overnight rainfall, but runners were cautioned and many used a special “tip toe” technique to navigate the hazard.

Race course along Grampus Lake

The rain held off and 34 racers hit a mass start at approximately 10:15am. Racers ranged in age from age 11 to over 50.

Trophies were awarded to the top male racer, John Burger with a time of 22:25 and top female racer, Samantha Burnett at 27:42

Winners 2012 Running From the Flies 5K - John Burger and Samantha Burnett

The race was hosted by the Town of Long Lake, Paul Smith’s College, John Dillon Park and International Paper. Volunteers manned water stations, the registration table. Members of the 2012 Long Lake lifeguard team manned the time clock and the Long Lake Rescue Squad was on scene to provide medical services if needed.

Racers received a lunch from Paul Smith’s and T-shirts designed by Stacked Graphics in Tupper Lake, NY.

John Dillon Park is located at 2150 Tupper Road/Route 30 in Long Lake NY is owned by International Paper and managed by Paul Smith’s College. It is a mobility accessible campground on the shores of Grampus Lake located in Long Lake, NY. The campground is open to everyone and offers free on-site lean to camping making the natural landscape of the Adirondacks available to everyone, especially people with disabilities.

John Dillon Park boasts nine lean-to’s built for accessibility. There are wide trails, flat throughout the park to accommodate wheelchairs so anyone can enjoy the beauty and natural surroundings along Grampus Lake and a new site on Handsome Pond.

Pinny # Times Names  
347 22’25 Dave Burger   First Male
420 22’57Scott Weilacher  
413 25’55 Joseph Florenza  
29 27’38 Leonard Clement  
34 27’42 Samantha Burnett   First Female
416 28’25 Cecilia Poulin  
35 28’36 John Mulcahey  
443 29’03 Elizabeth Kreppel  
419 29’09 Jillian Kreppel  
38 29’52 Robert Burns  
220 29’54 Laura Levi  
242 29’54 Mike Black  
412 29’56 Sophia Martin  
225 30’09 Carma Flannery  
48 30’35 Thomas Ventre  
102 30’45 Timothy Lamoy  
448 31’34 Dave Staspak  
403 31’34 Nancie Battaglia  
442 32’06 Corenne Black  
401 32’06 Spencer Morrissey  
36 32’35 Linda Pickering  
223 33’00 Leslie  Bouchamp  
46 33’29 Stephen Flannery  
50 34’37 Wayne Gerhartz  
441 34’38 Amy Gerhartz  
18 36’33 Karen Sweet  
222 36’58 Paul Roalsvig  
421 39’45 Genevieve Lipps  
137 39’45 Maria Black  
24 42’20 Stephen Ellis  
49 42’20 Sara Wade  
226 43’15 Genevieve Boyd  
104 46’00 Jean Iselo  

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