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Photo Contest Announced

Calling all photographers, the Town of Long Lake Parks & Recreation Department is announcing a photo contest in and around the Long Lake and Raquette Lake area. This contest will be a little different than others, there will be three recreational areas in Long Lake and two in Raquette Lake that THE PICTURES MUST BE TAKEN IN.

In Long Lake the three locations will be, Mt Sabattis Recreation Area, Fishing Brook Access, and the Cedarlands Easement area. In Raquette Lake the two areas are Golden Beach and Brown’s Tract. For your photo to be considered it must have been taken in one of the three areas, but, you will be allowed to submit older photos, as long as they were taken in one of the designated locations. The submission window will be open from now until September 30th, and the grand prize for each community will be having your photo framed and displayed in the community for one year.

You can submit your photo (don’t forget to tag location) by uploading it to the official Long Lake photo contest portal at:

For more information please visit or call 518-624-3077.

Geocaching Mid Winter Event Long Lake

February 27, 2010 will see the forth  annual Long Lake Mid-Winter Geocaching Event.  Not only will the weekend be filled with adventurous folks seeking treasure in the snowy tundra, we will even provide them with enterntainment at night from the AC with a performanced of Steel Magnolia’s at the Town Hall at 7pm, Saturday the 27th.

Book lodging early.  Check # for lodging in Long Lake. 

The Mid-Winter Geocaching Get-Together 2010 will follow the same theme as the previous three years. An event in the middle of the Adirondack Mountains, in the middle of the Winter where geocachers from all over the North East get together to geocacache, visit with geocaching friends, make new friends, share stories, trade geocoins and signature items, and just plain ol’ have fun in the snow. This years event will be the first year the event will be hosted under the BlueLine Geocachers.

Blue Line Geocachers Logo

This is an interim listing, in order to get the information out early enough so those geocachers who wish to come up earlier than the event date can make accomodation arrangements.

The following info will not change:

What: The 4th Annual Mid-Winter Geocaching Get-Together.
When: February 27th, 2010
Where: Long Lake Town Hall / Fire Hall (N 43° 58.352 W 074° 25.215)
Time: 9:00 am – 4:00 PM
Lunch: 12:30 PM

Lunch will be catered and more details on this to come.

February can be a month of much snow. If you have snowshoes or cross-country skies – do bring them (Not needed – but will help). Long Lake is also a great place to snowmobile. Many of the caches will be accessible via a snowmobile. If you own a snowmobile, do bring it.

Those of you who have never attended the Mid-Winter event, see the following links for previous events:

Mid-Winter GeoCaching Get-Together 2009
Mid-Winter GeoCaching Get-Together 2008
Mid-Winter GeoCaching Get-Together 2007

As in the past, many geocachers choose to come up on the Friday before the event and some choose to stay until the Sunday after the event. If you are interested in accomodations for the Long Lake Area, please visit this link

As we did for last years event, instead of having a drawing for prizes, we are going to have two contests instead. With three prizes for each contest.

1.) Geocache Container Contest
2.) Geocaching Photo Contest

Submissions for both contests will be accepted until 12:00 noon.

Geocache Container Contest.
Bring a geocache to the event to be judged by the viewing audience (event attendees).

Here are the categories:

– Best Overall
– Most Creative
– Best Craftsmanship

You can enter more than one geocache container. But, you can only enter one geocache container per category.

The cache needs to be constructed in such a way that it could actually be placed as a cache (must be able to stand up to the elements without falling apart or leaking).

It must contain a log book and should be given a cache name (written on the log book).

When you check in and enter your cache container , you will be assigned a number.

This number will be written on the first page of the log.

One voting slip will be handed to each person when they check in.

When you vote, you will use the number on the first page of the log to indicate which cache you are voting for. Write this number next to the category on your slip.

Geocachers can vote on their own containers.

All containers are the sole property of the geocachers who submitted them. Please take them back home with you after the contest unless you want to contribute them to the Blueline Geocachers.

Geocaching Photo Contest.

Each year, the event displays photoboards of photos of geocachers. In the past, we have asked the geocachers to mail us their photos and we displayed them on the board for the event. This year, we are asking the geocachers to bring the photos to the event to be entered into the geocaching photo contest.

Here are the categories:

– Funniest
– ? (to be determined at a later date)
– ? (to be determined at a later date)

You can enter more than one photo, but you can only enter one photo per category.

The photos must be a legitament photo you have taken on the trail during your geocaching adventures.

All photos submitted become property of the Blueline Geocachers for future event boards.

Photos can be printed or processed in any manner you see fit. All photos must be no larger than 4 X 6

When you check in at the start of the event, you will enter your photo then. You will be assigned a number for each photo, for each category you submit too.

Voting slips will be handed to each person/geocacher at the time of check in.

Geocachers can vote on their own photos. Again, this is an interim listing. Many more details to come. Please check back often. As in the past, there will be plenty of geocaches in the area.

Hope to see you here in Long Lake!

Long Lake