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Road Rally on Wednesday Night. Fun Group Activity!

What:  Long Lake Road Rally

When:  Wednesday, July 24, 7pm

Where:  Mt. Sabattis, Geiger Arena Parking Lot 

Why: Because it’s fun! Because you’ve already done… the hikes,  the boats, the planes, the fishing, the swimming, the ice cream, the museum & the Wild Center (we hope) .. and now you have to do this! 

How much:  $5 a car… BARGAIN prices

What do I get out of it?  A sense of pride, community, sharing a common Long Lakey experience, some laughs, and maybe even SOME MONEY

The Long Lake Amazing Race/Road Rally is a timed driving event that is based on accuracy not speed.  Each team requires a legal driver and navigator to call out instructions and directions.  Teams can be as small as two or as many as can legally fit in the vehicle.  Teams follow unique clues and specific speeds to reach targeted locations around Long Lake.  Each location has a clue and specific task for the team to complete. Judges are hidden along the course to ensure each team member participates in the task or risks disqualification.
In 2018 tasks included: writing postcards to the Long Lake Parks and Recreation Office, building a human pyramid, singing I’m a Little Tea Pot, pretending they were Ghostbusters and launching a search for a lost bear.  Every year there are different activities and tasks.  Teams do the activities in real time as the race is about accuracy, not speed.  The team that comes closest to the official “time” without going over wins.  Teams get bonus points for costumes and team themes.

In 2019 the Road Rally will be on Wednesday, July 24th at 7pm and line up and registration happening at the Mt. Sabattis Geiger Arena, 6 Pavilion Way.  $5 Per Car per team.

The 2018 winners:
3rd Place:  “4ADVENTURES” with Rob Griffith, Jamie Lynn Griffith, Mathurin Griffith and Madelia Griffith. 
2ndPlace: “Fat River Foods” with Dustin Traynor, Kate Traynor, Chris Hample, Pailin Hample and Briggs Hample.
1stPlace: “Team Homeless”  Joy Thibodeau, Bob Thibodeau, Tyler Harrison, Brayden Harrison and Dan Thibodeau. 
The Long Lake Road Rally is held annually in July. 

You can’t win, if you don’t play!

Road Rally on Wed July 27th

Ever funny-walked down the street, or done a handstand at the Long Lake sign? On Wednesday, July 27th at 7pm grab your camera or camera phone and race around Long Lake to compete for cash prizes in this year’s Long Lake Amazing Race Road Rally.


Drive around Long Lake, following a ridiculous set of instructions and collect photographic evidence on completion of the tasks. Rules of the road apply and spies will be watching your every move! With a two hour time limit, this game is not about speed but accuracy and imagination. On vacation and not sure you will know where you’re going? Not a problem — these crazy rules even confound the natives!

Teams of 2 or more are required and there is $5 car fee. Cash prizes awarded to the top team!

There is a max of 25 cars allowed to be registered. Cars can start registering by 6:30pm. 1st come 1st served.

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