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Adirondack Fibers and Yarn Shop in Long Lake, NY

Just in time for Adirondack Quilt Camp it’s time to open the window on Adirondack Fibers and Yarn Shop located on Adams Park Way off of Kickerville Road.  Hey, you never know what you’ll discover in Long Lake, NY!  


“If you’re anything like me when you have an idea for a project you want to do it RIGHT NOW!! I don’t want to have to wait until the weekend when I can get somewhere that sells the stuff I need, I want to start (and usually finish) it in that moment. Over the winter I picked up crocheting again after a few years hiatus. I had some yarn laying around to make hats out of, I borrowed yarn from friends and eventually had to get out of town to buy more yarn. Little did I know I didn’t even have to leave Long Lake to get material, we have our own yarn and fiber store right here in town! 


Adirondack Yarn and Fibers is located on 48A Adams Park Way, just off of Kickerville Rd, and it has IT ALL! You want to crochet? You got it! You want to knit? You got it. You want to weave or even make your own yarn? You can do all of that. 


Donna Adams is an avid knitter, crocheter and weaver who not only sells yarn, but made her own yarn (and it’s for sale) from sheep she used to have on her 36 acre farm. Although they no longer keep the animals they used to have she has plenty of wool and yard that she spun and dyed herself. The wool she has for sale is 50% wool from her sheep, 50% alpaca from the former farm in North Creek and 100% Adirondack! It’s very soft and comes in some amazing colors. In addition to these beautiful yarns she sells she makes any number of articles of clothing, one of my favorites is called a chill-chaser, and when time permits teaches all of these skills. 


Not to be outdone her husband, Bob Adams is an equally amazing artist. His carpentry skills are top-notch. The table and the beautiful cabinet that are in the yarn and fiber store were made by Bob right there at the farm. Make sure you ask Donna to roll back the protective placemats to see the table, it’s worth a look. In addition to the furniture Bob has made he has also made a lot of the products that Donna sells in the store. There are looms of various sizes for the beginner weaver to the experienced weaver. Knitting and crochet needles, as well as drop spindles that are tole painted by Donna herself, are also hand made by Bob, and can be purchased right there at the store. Everything you need for your next project is available at the store. 


I love crocheting and all of the things that go along with it but the thing that will make me want to go back over and over is the greeter, Cosmo. Going to a craft store is awesome enough but add this handsome dogger into the mix and it’s just about perfect! I wouldn’t mind sitting on the porch crocheting the day away with his handsome face! 


If you’re looking to stop up to the store her hours are Thursday through Sunday 11am – 4pm in the summer and by appointment in the winter. She also will take orders if you’re just looking for something handmade. You should never have to leave town again to get your craft on!”


Local Writer Wins 1st Place at Utah Film Awards

Jamie Sutliff is an author, sculptor, artist living in Long Lake, NY. If you’ve traveled through and around the Long Lake and Raquette Lake region you have seen Jamie’s talents on display. Whether you’ve seen his signs, rustic furniture, heard him play music or seen his displays at local art shows, or in folks homes, one is always bowled-over by the gifts and talent Jamie offers. His gift is great and he’s wowed us again by gaining much deserved recognition, now for his his writing. Jamie’s screenplay “The Ghost and the Gold Louis” will be awarded 1st place on March 25th for Best Unproduced Screenplay – Feature by the 2016 Utah Film Awards

He was just Long Lake’s own Jamie Sutliff, author, well-known Rustic furniture maker, musician, artist, and Renaissance man, and “independent spirit” and now he has won 1st place in a prestigious film festival for one of his books that he adapted into a screenplay.

Jamie Sutliff holds up the book he adapated "The Ghost and the Gold Louis"

Jamie Sutliff holds up the book he adapated “The Ghost and the Gold Louis”

This is a great honor for Jamie who has published several books and now he has the opportunity to travel to Utah to attend the ceremony where he will be recognized for his screenwriting achievement.

So how can you help? The notice of the award was Monday, March 21st and friends and fans are scrambling to get Jamie to Utah before the award ceremony March 25th, that’s this Friday, March 25, 2016. As it is March in the Adirondacks, that means for so many including artists, money is tight. You can help by participating in the gofundme campaign underway to get Jamie out West for Friday’s event. Jamie Sutliff Go Fund Me page

It is essential for Jamie’s writing career to go to the Utah festival. He will participate in the festival as an honored guest and having opportunities to meet with other film-makers, writers, producers as well as being interviewed on the red carpet to promote his work and success. This is a great opportunity to be up close and personal with members of the film industry and it’s an opportunity of a lifetime for Jamie. Time is short. A group of Jamie’s friends have already raised $1,000 towards the estimated expenses of getting Jamie to Utah for the Festival and the award ceremony and we’d like to ask for your help in raising the rest by March 23th.

Not only would this award be great for Jamie, but having an award winning screenwriter in Long Lake would be wonderful for the Adirondack region.

Here is a link to the gofundme campaign running only until March 23, 2016. Congrats to this talented Long Laker and we wish him the best of luck in his artistic endeavors and film-making dreams.

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