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Art Installation Melt Out

Light Installation Inspiration for Art Project Slated for 2011

Artists Matt Burnett and Scott Fuller were prepared to battle the rain to work on their artistic formations out of snow, but the temperatures and rapid thaw depleted snow supplies too quickly. Matt surmised sustaining the project for the allotted week of exhibition would have required a blast of artic air and it didn’t look likely this late in the game.

There is still evidence of snowpack on the snowmobile trails, but the large piles around town have visibly diminished. The channel under the bridge has opened up, the south end has opened up and while certain sections of the lake still boast several inches of ice, the slush weakens it and the lake is merely a widening in the river, so currents do affect change under the surface… so common sense rules.

Matt and Scott have an art opening slated for Summer 2010 in Saranac Lake and will collaborate next season to make their art installation come alive. Matt anticipates having the time will allow for more planning and looks forward to placing more formations in and around the village of Long Lake.

Stay tuned. If anyone traveled to the area expecting to see these great creations.. all we can say is thank you for your support and please come back soon!

Artistic Snowballs this March in Long Lake!

Community Spiral - Sample of Fuller/Burnett Collaboration

Artists Matt Burnett and Scott Fuller will be constructing an illuminated snow sculpture in the town of Long Lake in March. The project, loosely titled “E-llumination,” will entail molded sculptural forms in snow with light projected on them. The work will be directed by the artists and will entail cooperation with local town resources.

Burnett, who is a native of Long Lake and known for his paintings and exploration of Adirondack Wilderness, has been working with Fuller on several large scale outdoor installations in recent years. The pair first collaborated in 2006 at Mt. Desert Island with kinetic sculpture for an outdoor invitational (Non-Sentient Free Range Organisms) , and then again in 2008 at Saranac Lake’s winter carnival (Community Spiral) with a large scale illuminated ice structure.

The two artists, who met at Maine College of Art’s MFA program, have both long been interested in working with natural processes and environments. Fuller, who has been involved with a wide range of projects (from wood fired kilns in Hawaii to sculptures cut out of sheet metal from designs created on the computer), has really taken to the snow since moving to the north east (he lives in Poland, Maine). The several “fire and ice” public works that Fuller accomplished in the city of Portland (see photograph) are what lead to their associated with the Palace building crew in Saranac Lake. “We have plenty of winter, plenty of snow and plenty of ice; rather then complaining about it and waiting it out for half the year, I love the idea of celebrating what is unusual and beautiful about winter.” says Burnett. “I have been working with ice for some time, there is so much complexity and power in the way ice and snow form and dominate this time of year.”

Both artists have shown their work regionally and internationally. Fuller was most recently a finalist for a sculpture contest at the Bejing Olympics, where his design for a monumental sculpture toured China. “I really enjoy working with Scott, “ says Burnett, “We always challenge each other to work outside of our comfort zone, he’s really fun and reliable to work with, and our collaboration has resulted in some of the best work we have accomplished.”

Burnett and Fuller will be also exhibiting a new installation this summer at the 7444 Gallery in Saranac Lake (July). To see more of their work, visit their websites:

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