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Winter Update on Long and Raquette Lake

On Tuesday Feb 9, 2016, the New York Times published an article titled “In Unfrozen Northern New York, Winter Isn’t the Same” . This winter season has brought forth a variety of fluctuating conditions to the Adirondacks resulting in inconsistent ice conditions and challenges for winter recreation.

Long Lake as seen on Monday, Feb 8th with a light coating of snow.

Long Lake as seen on Monday, Feb 8th with a light coating of snow.

Skating on the lake is not recommended which is why the Town of Long Lake boasts the Geiger Arena Rink located off Deerland Road at 6 Pavilion Way (across the street from the Post Office) The Geiger Rink is manned by fan favorite Bobby Helms, an avid ice fisherman and hockey player. He’s built the ice surface two or three times this winter and he anticiaptes old-man winter is finally here for good. Look for Adult Ice Hockey coming up on Thursdays. Call for conditions and hours 518.624-3031. Bobby will be open daily during President’s Week.

If you are seeking ice skating fun in Raquette Lake, look no further. Michael Bartow will be teaching ice skating at the Raquette Lake Winter Carnival starting at noon on February 13th near the site of the Raquette Lake Winter Carnival. Bring your own skates!

Long Lake is a widening in the Raquette River and there is strong current in and around inlets/outlets, brooks and under the bridge near the Long Lake beach. Stay away from brooks, streams, inlets/outlets, shorelines and dock bubblers.

Outlook for weekend looks cold.

Snow is here!

Time to get in the holiday spirit.  Snow started flying yesterday leaving a thin coating.  We had a bit more dust the streets starting up this afternoon.  Members of the community are starting to light up their houses, but we are still waiting for sign ups for the contest! 

Little Bus travels to Tupper Lake on Friday night, leaving Town Hall at 7pm.  The Yod Squad will be playing and ARISE will be making money to support the re-opening of Big Tupper. 

Gearing up for icing up the rink, looking at getting our skates back from the sharpener.  No rental fees, come on to the rink and skate, borrow town skates.   

January will see Winter Carnival, Lake Eaton Fishing Derby, Mike Norris Fishing Derby in Raquette Lake… Fireworks and Festivus.

Stay tuned!

Long Lake