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Long Lake Winter Carnival Winners

The offical results from the Long Lake Winter Carnival are in. Happening on Saturday, January 16th, the light rain didn’t dissuade folks from coming out to see the crowning of the royalty. Steve and Shelley Gilbert have owned property in Long Lake for many years, cherishing their family vacation home in all seasons. Avid snowmobiliers, Steve and Shelley have been members of the Moonlighter’s Snowmobile Club for years. When asked how they felt to be crowned the royalty, “We were delighted to be asked. What an honor, to be part of Long Lake History. We couldn’t be happier” When asked why they missed the town – wide photo, “we’re royalty now, we had to go home and take a nap,” said Shelley, but when pushed she admited, she and Steve stopped in at a local pub to greet their adoring fans. “We had a ball! Thank you so much Long Lake!”

Royalty 2016
King and Queen-Steve and Shelley Gilbert, of Hicksville and Long Lake, NY

King and Queen of the Long Lake Winter Carnival 2016 Steve & Shelley Gilbert

King and Queen of the Long Lake Winter Carnival 2016 Steve & Shelley Gilbert

Adirondack Cardboard Sled Racing Circuit
1st Jeff Glick and Eric Smeland – 40 Points

12 and Under Individual Sled Race
1st -Matthew King
2nd- Harrison Hall
3rd- tied Annalise Penrose and Daphne Seaman -tie

12 and under Team Race
1st-Brendan, Evan and Marrissa Walker
2nd-Makenzi, Luke and Kaleb Keller
3rd-Pailin Hample and Antwon Gachowski

13-17 Team Sled Race
1st-Anna and Hannah Keller
2nd-Lillian Dechene, Karlee Rochstroh, Harry Katz and Ethan Kohn

18 and up Solo
1st-Sam Keller
2nd-Paul Roalsvig
3rd-Sheri Cook

18 & Up Team Race
1st-Leslie and Ed Walker
2nd-Matt Hay and Prudence Dechene
3rd- Cathy Hunt and Debbie Clemente, Sisters Corn

The Cardboard Sled Races are always a popular favorite. It took a little longer than anticipated to get the races organized because as Events Coordinator Steph Hample explained, “We had a lot of sleds and some accidentally signed up in the wrong categories and some registered at the last minute, so we had to redo the brackets at the top of the hill and my hands were cold!” But the races went off without a hitch. No injuries, no course corrections needed and only a few sleds blew around the backside of the safety hay bales. Course conditions started out with a slow hill, slowed down by the light rain, but as the racers took multiple heats, they figured out the best place to position themselves to make it down the hill expeditiously.

There were plenty of creative sleds in the race this year. Long Lake Camp for the Arts provided a space for construction engineers to forumlate designs, ideas and plans. Seven sleds emerged from the workshops including the crowd-wowing Millenium Falcon and the replica of the trail groomer the Pisten Bully Paana, used on the Long Lake Snowmobile Trails.

Best in Show
Millenium Falcon designed by Richard Dechene, Jim Waite
Pisten Bully Groomer by Jim Waite
John Deere Tractor Christopher Pritchet

Jim Waite and Richard Dechene crafted the Millenium Falcon.  Winner Best in Show!  The Force has AWOKEN in Long Lake

Jim Waite and Richard Dechene crafted the Millenium Falcon. Winner Best in Show! The Force has AWOKEN in Long Lake

Wackiest Hat
1st-Christine Hickey
2nd-Abbie Roalsvig
3rd-Clarisse Glandon

Co-ed Golf
1st- Chuck Frost, Bree Waite, Lillian Dechene, Richard Dechene
Goalie’s Day Off- Erik Arsenault

Laura Young lifts and hurls her frying pan down the course

Laura Young lifts and hurls her frying pan down the course

Shari LaPlant has claimed her spot at the podium back when the Frying Pan toss was first introduced to Long Lake.

Shari LaPlant has claimed her spot at the podium back when the Frying Pan toss was first introduced to Long Lake.

Ladies Frying Pan Toss
1st-Jess Plumley
2nd-Bree Waite
3rd-Kelly Brown

Men’s Feats of Strength
1st-Jed Locy 23 feet 7 inches
2nd-Richard Dechene 21 feet 2 inches
3rd-Bobby Helms 20 feet 9 inches

1st-Team Ramrod, Austin Pierce, Trevor Montayne, Branden Tokarz, Andy Snide, Bobby Helms

Over $950 in cash prizes were distributed.

Special Thanks to
Michelle and Tom Donnelly, Bonfire
Jules Pierce and Hoss’s Country Corner for mini-golf clubs, popcorn bags and volunteering her time
Kelly Brown, Michelle Donnelly, Jules Pierce and Melanie Marcone as judges
Cliff Ross and Marty Pierce as line judges for Ladies Frying Pan Toss
Gabe Farr and NYSEG for Tug Of War
Dave and Vickie Snide for running the broomball tournament
The Long Lake Fire Department and Ladies Auxiliary for excellent chili and hot dogs!
Long Lake Real Estate – Sponsor of Co-Ed Team Golf
Long Lake Diner/Owls Head Pub – Sponsors of One-Shot Hockey Prizes
Moonlighter’s Snowmobile Club – Sponsors of Broomball Prizes
Town of Long Lake – Cardboard Sled Races, Ladies Frying Pan Toss, Feats of Strength
Jim Swedberg, Official Event Photographer – all photos posted on this blog page by Jim Swedberg
The Adirondack Cardboard Sled Racing Circuit
American Fireworks

The Town of Long Lake can be found on Twitter,

Proof of Life!  The Long Lake Town Wide Photo!  Did you make it in the photo in 2016?

Proof of Life! The Long Lake Town Wide Photo! Did you make it in the photo in 2016?

For More Photos click on our Long Lake Facebook Page

Winter Carnival Schedule Announced

The Town of Long Lake and Moonlighter’s Snowmobile Club will host the annual Winter Carnival Weekend from Friday, January 15th through Saturday, January 16th.

Next weekend weather outlook looks good for winter activities with light snow predicted throughout next week with temps for Saturday, January 16 looking to be about a balmy 27 degrees! So come on out!

Friday Night Concert!

C.C. Vagabonds, a gypsy jazz band, will be performing a concert for the LL Library “Café Livre” series on Friday, January 15th at 7pm. The Vagabonds represent blend Django Reinhardt style with modern takes on classics and jazz standards. The concert is free and will be at the CVW Long Lake Public Library at 1195 Main Street, Long Lake, NY.

We have our own Feelin' Long Lakey Selfie Board! Instagram #mylonglake

We have our own Feelin’ Long Lakey Selfie Board! Instagram #mylonglake

2016 Winter Carnival Long Lake Promo

On Saturday, January 16th at noon, the Long Lake Winter Carnival will be held at Mt. Sabattis Recreation Center in Long Lake, NY. Events begin with a bonfire, snowmobile parade, coronation of the King and Queen and the first stop on the award-winning Adirondack Cardboard Sled Racing Circuit. The Cardboard Sled Races start at 1pm. Prizes are awarded for speed and for Best In Show Decoration. Sleds can be made with cardboard, paint, wax and tape only. Categories are broken up by age group and teams.

New for 2016 will be the Men’s Strength Challenge to complement the Ladies Frying Pan Toss. The Wackiest Hat competition returns with a parade, voting and winners announced at 2pm. Returning in 2016 is Co-Ed Golf replacing the Men’s Golf Drive.

Schedule of Events – All times subject to change without notice. Free ice skating and sledding all day long. The Long Lake Fire Department will provide hot food, hot chocolate, popcorn and snacks. This event happens snow, rain or shine.

Fireworks delight the crowd in a wondrous display

Fireworks delight the crowd in a wondrous display

12pm Winter Carnival Kick off and registration opens.
12:15pm Snowmobile Parade
12:30pm Coronation
12:45pm Wackiest Hat Parade
1:00pm – Cardboard Sled Race and Adirondack Cardboard Sled Racing Circuit
1:00pm – 3:00pm – Three Hole Golf, Teams welcome
1:45pm – Town Wide Photo
2:00pm – Awards for Cardboard Sled Racing and Wackiest Hat Announced
2:00pm – Goalie’s Day Off
2:30pm – Kids Events – Miniature Golf, Tug O War, Snow Maze & Ice Cube Spoon Race
3:00pm – Ladies Frying Pan Toss
3:45pm – Men’s Feats of Strength Challenge – New for 2016!
4:30pm – Broomball Tournament – Teams of 5 sign up by 3pm.
6:30pm – Fireworks

The Mt. Sabattis Recreation Center, Geiger Arena is located at 6 Pavilion Way across from the Long Lake Post Office on Deerland Road, NYS Route 30 in Long Lake, NY. This event is free. Parking available in the lower parking lot, along South Hill Road, Owls Head Lane and at the Post Office after 12pm. There will be free shuttle service running starting at 6pm until 2am to and from the event location and pickups throughout town. Call 518-323-5001 for a ride. Open to the public.

After the Winter Carnival check out our local pubs, retail stores and restaurants for a hot toddie, meal and entertainment.

Adirondack Growl and Grub serving deli sandwiches, beer, wine & cider until 10am-7pm. Behind Hoss’s. 518.624.2816
ADK Trading Post. 1601 Tupper Road. Homemade soup, panini’s and gifts. 518.624.2357
Adirondack Hotel serves dinner until 9pm and offers live music with Eric Peter at 9pm. 518.624.4700
Ali Babas Liquors, 1601 Tupper Road. 518.624.2020
Cellar Restaurant and Pub serving dinner from 4:30pm – 8pm. Jukebox and Pool Table 518.624.5539
Hoss’s Country Corner, Gifts, Fishing Gear, Warm Clothing 518.624-2481
Long Lake Diner/Owls Head Pub, Pub open. 518.624.3941
Kickerville Station, Groceries, Gear and Deli. 518,624.2178

Shamrock Motel & Cottages 518.624.3861
Adirondack Hotel 518.624.4700

For more information about Long Lake, or call 518-624-3077.

The Royal Family is always crowned at the start of the Carnival

The Royal Family is always crowned at the start of the Carnival

Carol and Kay, the reigning Princesses turn over the kingdom!

Carol and Kay, the reigning Princesses turn over the kingdom!

Long Lake Gears up for Cold Weather Fun

The Town of Long Lake Parks and Recreation Department announces a vibrant winter season filled with events aimed to please the entire family.

Say goodbye to all the Mayan Prophecies with the season kick off on December 29th, 2012. Yes, if the world doesn’t actually end, we’ll still be here and we’re having a Polar Bear Plunge to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project. Join the wild, adventurous, and hearty Long Lake Fire Department, Long Lake Rescue Squad and volunteer teams for a brand new event to finish off 2012! Plungers are invited to take pledges and raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project. Everyone over age 18 can participate, but you have to fill out forms and sign up by contacting 518-624-3077 for more information. It will be a crazy event, so get in on the first year so 20 years when you’re in your rocking chair you can tell all the grandkids… “I was at the very first one!” All plungers will have their blood pressure tested before the event to ensure the safety of all, but the plungers are going in at their own risk! See if they have enough guts to withstand the frosty cold icy waters of Long Lake! Don’t want to plunge, we need cheerleaders so come on down! You won’t believe what you see!

Ring in the New Year in Long Lake. The Long Lake Little Bus provides free transportation to all ages starting at 5pm. Kids ages 10 and up can go the the Geiger Arena for a Pizza, and Skating party. Adults can enjoy a leisurely meal out at the Cellar Restaurant and Pub 518.624.5539, the Adirondack Hotel 518.624.4700 or the Long Lake Diner/Owl’s Head Pub call ahead 518.624.3941. Locals say, be spontaneous and have your very own family reunion and ring in 2013 with a winter backdrop! Celebrating in Long Lake is memorable, and filled with great ways to dance your socks off!

Other events slated for 2013, Ice Fest returns on January 11th and 12th! On-lookers will enjoy hot toddy’s, ice installations and silly games at each location! Sponsored by the Town of Long Lake and local businesses.

Did someone say BACON? Ladies get ready for the Annual Ladies Frying Pan Toss at the Long Lake Winter Carnival on Saturday, January 19th. You have no excuse not to put that sled, snowmobile or all the winter gear on the trailer and come on up for one of the most fun events of the season. Get to know Long Lake and feel like a local! We promise, we’re nice! Broomball, Snowmobile Parade, Cardboard Sledding Box Race, Free ice skating all day, Fireworks! Long Lake is an escape from the noise and drudgery of the real world and we know because we live here! Once you experience the Winter Carnival you’ll be making it the family tradition for years to come, you’ll probably be looking at real estate before you’re done.

The Long Lake Little Bus rolls ALL DAY, starting at noon. That means FREE TRANSPORTATION. Leave the car at home, we’ll drive for you! Book your room today! Lodgings from The Shamrock Motel 518.624.3861, The Adirondack Hotel, 518.624.4700 Akuna Matada, 518.624.6430, Brook Camp 518.624.4234, Lake Side Cottage 518.624.9806 and the Corner Motel 518.624.3571 are adding extra blankets getting ready to welcome you for your long weekend stay! X-C skiers, snowmobiliers, birders, extreme recreational hiking enthusiasts, take a break and come to Mt. Sabattis!

You forgot something? Don’t worry, we have stores, really we do! Take the Little Bus out on the town and visit our array of stores to buy some new socks, Moonshine, a souvenir or a make a pit stop at one of our eateries to warm up with a cup of soup or hot chocolate if ya need it! (shhh… its a secret!) But we promise, you won’t forget the fun you had in a remarkable Winter Wonder Land. You don’t have to leave Mt. Sabattis (if you don’t want to miss anything) because the Long Lake Fire Department serves up hot, delicious yummy treats all day. Fireworks at 6:30pm and then it’s time to hit the town for a meal and a safe ride home! Bring the whole family!

Kick off of the Adirondack Cardboard Sled Racing Circuit. If ya race your Cardboard Box this winter season in Long Lake, Indian Lake, Inlet and Old Forge – you get something special (ok we’re still working on what that is, but participant is eligible for a super cool trophy – so call us and we’ll tell you all about it!)

So many events to post, you’ll have to check back in and find out more!

Stay tuned for more announcements!

March Madness Begins

Extreme Cold Ice Fishing... Long Lake is way warmer!

Ice Fishing Derby on Sat, March 6th. Kids and adults team up to catch the sweetest, fattest prize of the Winter Season. Fish caught in waters in and around Long Lake are eligible for prizes. Never gone fishin’ in the winter before? Don’t let that stop you. Head down to the Spillway (that’s across from the town beach) Hook up with our fearless members of the Fish n Game club and get outfitted with tip ups, (adults must be licensed) and head out for the catch of the day. Food will be served. Cash prizes including consolation prizes.. just so the kiddies don’t cry (or the parents for that matter)

Sunday, March 6th is the final race of the New York State Vintage Snosled racing circuit. This is truly a ballsy spectator sport. Got fear? You’ll love watching these sleds pound the ice track at speeds of the most heart pumping caliber. Check out the boards to see if you know someone racing. Our own Gabe Farr completes his tour this season. Come out and root for the Long Lake team!

Got snowmobiles. We still have trails alive. Yes we do have some bare spots, but waa waa waa… just do it. So you may hit some bare spots on some well traveled places, just pack the tools and get yinnin’ The season isn’t over yet and Long Lake still offers miles and miles of free, GROOMED trails – thru the woods… best ride in the Adirondacks – if you don’t believe it.. it’s true. Ya dats rite. Love the kick ass thrill of the ride… you’ll still have fun… I promise. If you don’t.. waaa waaa waaa…

Park the trailer at Kickerville Mobil and gear yourself up. Visit all the local eateries, create your own adventure. Chapter one… LL Diner/Owl’s Head Pub.. get the eggs on… bust up the Powerline for a midday treat at Quack’s Long View Wilderness Lodge, do a Chinese fire drill and head back to the oldest working Hotel in the Adirondacks (that’d be the Adirondack Hotel)

Want to hear birds… just go outside. They are starting to sing and even tho Long Lakers eagerly anticipate the onslaught of mud season.. well guess what… Winter is NOT OVAH yet! Go skiing, snowshoing, go sledding… (the Geiger Ice rink is kind of out of commission.. sorry about that.. can’t help the beating sun) but the sledding hill rocks…

Corn on OUT! C You Soon…

Long Lake