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Recruits Needed For Long Lake Army

For those of you not in the know, there is a Long Lake group on Facebook. It has been very proactive this week as there have been requests for definitions of Long Lake, what would you change. Have had lots of thoughtful answers and it paints a picture of nostalgia infused comfort, something along those lines. Most of the thoughts are singing of summertime fun and waxing poetic about the past. This is a call to action to reinvigorate our positive spirit. If there is an event going on, don’t take it for granted, participate. If you want a hose installed at the boat launch, call the DEC and find out why we don’t have one. Everyone has a voice, everyone has an opportunity to create something new in the town. Just this past weekend in Long Lake a hearty crew of two volunteers spearheaded a hugely successful Geocaching Weekend and the Moonlighters organized a Poker Run. These were highly successful, fun, memory making winter time events.

If you have an idea and want it to happen, think about that Nike commercial ” Just do it Know a good band? Write down the info, pass it along to the tourism office. Saw a fun event on vacation? Is it something you think you can help organize? Do it?

Take the bull by the horns. Long Lake is everyone’s town. Make a committment and break a little sweat… the easiest thing you can do.. tell your friends about Long Lake… invite your friends up to experience Long Lake. Our best advertisment, word of mouth. We need you and we can’t wait to see you back in town. Remember be heard. You see something that can be improved… tell someone…

Gearing up for Community Pride in May… Road trip anyone?

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