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Long Laker Griffin Farr Showcases his Snowboard Style

2016 turned out to be an awesome winter for seven-year old snowboarder Griffin Farr. He took advantage of the varied terrain at slopes all around the Long Lake area. His treks included Jay Peak, Gore, Oak, and Smugglers Notch in Vermont. He was so excited about his excellent winter that he put togehter a highlight reel to show his friends at the Long Lake Central School Talent Show. He’s an insipration and we are thrilled that he shared his mad skills with us in this fun video.

Griffin Farr showcases his favorite Long Lake logo on his snowboard.

Griffin Farr showcases his favorite Long Lake logo on his snowboard.

Bubble Trouble and Talent Show in the Works

Even though Winter has been coming to a close, pretty much since it started, the activites don’t let up in Long Lake.

Coming on Sunday, March 20th is Bubble Trouble with Jeff Boyer
A bubble volcano. Bubble roller coaster. A kid in a bubble? Jeff Boyer takes bubbles to the max in this one-man bubble extravaganza Sunday March 20th, 1pm at the Long Lake Town Hall, 1204 Main Street, Long Lake, NY. It’s the craziest, most creative bubble show around. Jeff juggles bubbles, sculpts and builds with bubbles, makes fog-filled bubbles and more. Mixing comedy, music and interactive bubble-magic, he engages and delights audiences of all ages. A hit at performing arts centers, festivals…anywhere there’s air!

Bubble Trouble comes to Long Lake on Sunday, March 20th at 1pm. A great kid friendly event and it's free!

Bubble Trouble comes to Long Lake on Sunday, March 20th at 1pm. A great kid friendly event and it’s free!

Then on Sunday, April 17th we have the return of the Mud Season Talent Show. We’re hoping Mud Season will actually be over by April 17th, but in case it isn’t this is your invitation to pull your act together. Maybe you’ve written a poem you want to share. Have you edited a short movie starring your entire family and it really needs to be seen by a discerning audience? Well now is your chance! You never know who will see your act at the Long Lake Town Hall.

Mud Season Talent Show
Sunday, April 17th, 1pm
Long Lake Town Hall
1204 Main Street
Long Lake, NY 12847

Acts will be given the hook after 8 minutes. So it may not be Warhol’s 15 minutes of fame in in Long Lake, 8 minutes can seem like 15! Please join us! Bring your melodica, your guitar, your laughter, your family and leave the stage fright at home!

Mud Season Talent Show
Sing. Dance. Tell jokes. Play an instrument. Start a band. Slam Poetry. Monologues. You name it, you can do it at the Mud Season Talent Show, April 17th, 1pm at the Town Hall. All ages are welcome to participate and admission will be free. Sign up by calling 518-624-3077 to be guaranteed a spot or show up to the day of!

Mud Season Talent Show

Winner the original Long Lake Talent Show

Do you have a hidden talent that hides dormant, just waiting for that exclusive invitation to unleash it on the world? Long Lake is opening the doors to the serious, the wacky, the creative, the clever to take a leap of faith and get on the stage. This is your day.

Acts can include anything from bands (practicing for the Battle of the Bands in May.. come on join us, get the buzz going) Taking dance lessons in Tupper, show off your upcoming dance routine. Are you funny, can think of one fantastic hidden talent in LL who is deliriously unhinged at the moment and needs to get on the stage and rip out some one-liners… and then the old favorite.. try your hand at a silly human trick?

Show us your stuff. If you have you ever dreamed of being a “star?” this is your chance!

The Long Lake Mud Season Talent Show is on. Sunday, April 18 at 1pm at the Long Lake Town Hall, Route 30, Main Street Long Lake.

Refreshments and door prizes for all. Open to ALL ages and to the public. Sign up by calling Parks & Rec at 624-3077. Register by tax day (that’s April 15). Five persons per act. Max 7 minutes per act. PA system, amps, keyboard will be available.

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