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Columbus Day Weekend Craft Fair and Celtic Music 2021

Harvest Craft Fair

Long Lake, NY is the place to be on Columbus Day Weekend 2021.  Foliage is at a premium, temperatures will be mid 60’s and plenty to see and do.  

On Saturday, October 9th, join the Town of Long Lake at the Long Lake Town Hall at 1204 Main Street from 10am – 4pm for the return of the Annual Harvest Craft Fair. Vendors set up inside the town hall and offer a variety of hand-crafted goods. Great for gifts and unique Adirondack American-made items including books, glasses, balsam, baskets, wooden bowls, spices, paintings, pens, peppermills, tote bags, bibs, textiles, drawings, ornaments, barnwood signs and crafts, cutting boards and serving trays, jewelry, balsam, candles, knit items, wool soap and clothing.

Guests are strongly encouraged to wear masks when inside and less than six feet apart from others. Windows and doors will be open to provide ample air circulation.



Bangbrolly Performs a free concert on Sunday, October 10th from 3pm – 5pm.


Traditional Irish and Celtic music will be performed by Bangbrolly at the Long Lake Town Hall, 1204 Main Street, Long Lake on Sunday, October 10th, 2021 at 3 p.m.  Enjoy a concert of traditional Irish Music featuring the sounds of cittern, guitar, fiddler, vocals, Irish flute.  Irish Music in a genre of folk music developed in Ireland and has endured through the ages.  With timeless sounds and harkening back to a simpler time, guests will be stopping their feet and joining in the fun at the Long Lake Town Hall.
Bangbrolly’s unique line-up pulls from a collective of talented musicians familiar with the landscapes of Vermont and the Adirondacks rollicking with the traditional stylings, harmonies, and the sounds of Ireland.
Doug Riley, from Essex Junction Vermont has just released a solo CD of Celtic Music. Doug is an accomplished musician with turns in Bangbrolly at the cittern, guitar and vocals and Doug has performed in a multitude of Celtic groups over the years.
Jamie Savage, an Adirondack-based singer-songwriter and musician specializes in folk, folk rock, Celtic and traditional music. 
Rick Kovacs is the fiddler in the group. He plays all forms of Celtic Music on his five-string acoustic/electric violin.  In the nineties Rick, his wife Angie and Doug played together as North Country Fair, a traditional music group, out of Burlington, Vermont.
Riczi Kovacs plays Irish flute, guitar, synthesizer and tin whistles and provides back up harmonies for Doug and Jamie. Rounding out Bangbrolly includes the talents of Angie Oliver. Angie will join in as a special guest for a few guest selections at the performance.
Katrina Sheats, Crane School graduate and Choral Teacher at Clifton Fine School in Star Lake will be singing and performing with the band.
This is a free event. Guests are strongly encouraged to wear masks and social distance in the main hall.  Windows will be open, so the weather is chilly outside, guests are encouraged to layer up.  The Long Lake Town Hall is one of the oldest buildings in the community and doubles as a meeting space and theatrical venue and is located at 1204 Main Street, Long Lake, NY 12847. 
This project is made possible with the funds from the Decentralization Program, a regrant program of the New York State Council on the arts with the support of Governor Kathy Hochul and the New York State Legislature and administered by the Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts.

Mud Season Talent Show

Winner the original Long Lake Talent Show

Do you have a hidden talent that hides dormant, just waiting for that exclusive invitation to unleash it on the world? Long Lake is opening the doors to the serious, the wacky, the creative, the clever to take a leap of faith and get on the stage. This is your day.

Acts can include anything from bands (practicing for the Battle of the Bands in May.. come on join us, get the buzz going) Taking dance lessons in Tupper, show off your upcoming dance routine. Are you funny, can think of one fantastic hidden talent in LL who is deliriously unhinged at the moment and needs to get on the stage and rip out some one-liners… and then the old favorite.. try your hand at a silly human trick?

Show us your stuff. If you have you ever dreamed of being a “star?” this is your chance!

The Long Lake Mud Season Talent Show is on. Sunday, April 18 at 1pm at the Long Lake Town Hall, Route 30, Main Street Long Lake.

Refreshments and door prizes for all. Open to ALL ages and to the public. Sign up by calling Parks & Rec at 624-3077. Register by tax day (that’s April 15). Five persons per act. Max 7 minutes per act. PA system, amps, keyboard will be available.

Ya Zoo!!!

Geocaching Mid Winter Event Long Lake

February 27, 2010 will see the forth  annual Long Lake Mid-Winter Geocaching Event.  Not only will the weekend be filled with adventurous folks seeking treasure in the snowy tundra, we will even provide them with enterntainment at night from the AC with a performanced of Steel Magnolia’s at the Town Hall at 7pm, Saturday the 27th.

Book lodging early.  Check # for lodging in Long Lake. 

The Mid-Winter Geocaching Get-Together 2010 will follow the same theme as the previous three years. An event in the middle of the Adirondack Mountains, in the middle of the Winter where geocachers from all over the North East get together to geocacache, visit with geocaching friends, make new friends, share stories, trade geocoins and signature items, and just plain ol’ have fun in the snow. This years event will be the first year the event will be hosted under the BlueLine Geocachers.

Blue Line Geocachers Logo

This is an interim listing, in order to get the information out early enough so those geocachers who wish to come up earlier than the event date can make accomodation arrangements.

The following info will not change:

What: The 4th Annual Mid-Winter Geocaching Get-Together.
When: February 27th, 2010
Where: Long Lake Town Hall / Fire Hall (N 43° 58.352 W 074° 25.215)
Time: 9:00 am – 4:00 PM
Lunch: 12:30 PM

Lunch will be catered and more details on this to come.

February can be a month of much snow. If you have snowshoes or cross-country skies – do bring them (Not needed – but will help). Long Lake is also a great place to snowmobile. Many of the caches will be accessible via a snowmobile. If you own a snowmobile, do bring it.

Those of you who have never attended the Mid-Winter event, see the following links for previous events:

Mid-Winter GeoCaching Get-Together 2009
Mid-Winter GeoCaching Get-Together 2008
Mid-Winter GeoCaching Get-Together 2007

As in the past, many geocachers choose to come up on the Friday before the event and some choose to stay until the Sunday after the event. If you are interested in accomodations for the Long Lake Area, please visit this link

As we did for last years event, instead of having a drawing for prizes, we are going to have two contests instead. With three prizes for each contest.

1.) Geocache Container Contest
2.) Geocaching Photo Contest

Submissions for both contests will be accepted until 12:00 noon.

Geocache Container Contest.
Bring a geocache to the event to be judged by the viewing audience (event attendees).

Here are the categories:

– Best Overall
– Most Creative
– Best Craftsmanship

You can enter more than one geocache container. But, you can only enter one geocache container per category.

The cache needs to be constructed in such a way that it could actually be placed as a cache (must be able to stand up to the elements without falling apart or leaking).

It must contain a log book and should be given a cache name (written on the log book).

When you check in and enter your cache container , you will be assigned a number.

This number will be written on the first page of the log.

One voting slip will be handed to each person when they check in.

When you vote, you will use the number on the first page of the log to indicate which cache you are voting for. Write this number next to the category on your slip.

Geocachers can vote on their own containers.

All containers are the sole property of the geocachers who submitted them. Please take them back home with you after the contest unless you want to contribute them to the Blueline Geocachers.

Geocaching Photo Contest.

Each year, the event displays photoboards of photos of geocachers. In the past, we have asked the geocachers to mail us their photos and we displayed them on the board for the event. This year, we are asking the geocachers to bring the photos to the event to be entered into the geocaching photo contest.

Here are the categories:

– Funniest
– ? (to be determined at a later date)
– ? (to be determined at a later date)

You can enter more than one photo, but you can only enter one photo per category.

The photos must be a legitament photo you have taken on the trail during your geocaching adventures.

All photos submitted become property of the Blueline Geocachers for future event boards.

Photos can be printed or processed in any manner you see fit. All photos must be no larger than 4 X 6

When you check in at the start of the event, you will enter your photo then. You will be assigned a number for each photo, for each category you submit too.

Voting slips will be handed to each person/geocacher at the time of check in.

Geocachers can vote on their own photos. Again, this is an interim listing. Many more details to come. Please check back often. As in the past, there will be plenty of geocaches in the area.

Hope to see you here in Long Lake!

Hunters Dinner to Benefit Teen Center, Nutrition Site & Ham Radio Club

The Town of Long Lake in conjunction with student volunteers from Long Lake Central School and chef Jim Piraino will be serving up a delicious Roast Pork Dinner on Saturday, November 13th at the Long Lake Town Hall on Route 30 at 5pm. Meals are $7.50 and Kids under 5 are Free.

Traditionally Hunter’s Dinners had been hosted in years past to welcome visitors to our towns, to provide an affordable hot meal and a place to share nostalgic stories.

The Hunters Dinner aims to rekindle evocative tales about the buck, the moose, the wild boar and the snipe all hunted through the back country of the Adirondacks.

Serving dinner will provide an opportunity for fund raising for the kids of Long Lake, expand our new and growing Ham Radio Club and to help off-set the costs of new pots and pans for the Nutrition Site at the Town Hall which serves up hot meals daily to our senior population.

Pumpkin Drop Huge Success

Long Lake 1st Pumpkin Drop 2009

Long Lake 1st Pumpkin Drop 2009

October 10, 2009, Long Lake NY

Fans of the Great Pumpkin gathered on Saturday, October 10th at the Long Lake Town Hall to participate in the first Long Lake Pumpkin Drop. Fourteen contestants participated.

Pumpkins were airlifted into the sky thanks to a special scaffolding machine on loan from Wallace Contracting. Cliff Ross and Jordan Wallace of the Long Lake Volunteer Fire Department were hoisted safely forty feet into the air with fourteen pumpkins by rigging operator Greg Bruce. A panel of judges including: John Rayome, Rose Lily and Tammy Kitchen voted on the best pumpkin drop using a variety of criteria including: best splatter, best noise and biggest impact.

The kick-off pumpkin set the bar for the event as it landed on the pavement and splattered cherry pie filling. Luckily all spectators with a good distance away from the landing zone and no one got wet. Clean up crews cleared the area between drops so each pumpkin would have maximum impact and create a standardized, fair competition.

The Pumpkin Drop took place during the Long Lake Annual Harvest Festival and Craft Fair sponsored by the Town of Long Lake. Over twenty vendors from in and around the area sold their American made crafts and products. Pumpkins were purchased from Gracie Lamos of Northern Borne store.

The first place winner was Chandler Seaman, followed up by second place winner Lillian Dechene. The finale pumpkin weighed over 120 pounds and made an impressive showing.

Next for Long Lake will be the Halloween Carnival on Saturday, October, 31st at the Long Lake Central School Gym from 1pm – 3pm, admission $1.00. Everyone is invited to attend. The carnival is co- sponsored by the Long Lake Central School Student Council and the Town of Long Lake. Look for games, kids to adults costume competition and a traditional Haunted House. Prizes will be awarded in a variety of category for best costumes. Admission is $1.00.

Bob Milne Plays in Long Lake, NY

Bob Milne Talks about Stagger Lee

Bob Milne Talks about Stagger Lee

Bob Milne has been named a ”A National Treasure” and a “Musical Ambassador” He’s an extremely popular, highly regarded concert pianist with his roots as a young saloon piano player in the Dakota Inn Rathskellar in Detroit.

Bob likes to say that there’s a lot to be said about training in the saloons. It was there that he learned how to read his audience members and reach them and move them with his richly varied music, created on the spot and tailored to the mood of the moment.

Bob is an internationally renowned ragtime and boogie woogie pianist and he showcased his talents in Long Lake on Saturday evening, June 13, 2009 in the Town Hall.

Bob Milne’s performance is peppered with ragtime songs, boogie woogie blues and a treasure trove of anecdotes and historical facts instructing the audience about “ragged time”

He kicked off the show with Scott Joplin.

Mr. Milne talks throughout his performance, creating a sense of intimacy with his audience. The audience in Long Lake on Saturday night was attentive and curious to learn about the music he played. Bob played a medley of songs including Casey Jones (familiar to some as a Grateful Dead classic) but the song was written in 1902 based on a true life legend when Casey Jones was instructed to get his load of freight to hustle down to Mississippi and get there quickly. Everyone on the line radio’d down to clear the line and Casey got his train up to 80 miles an hour and crashed into the one train that didn’t manage to clear out in time. As Bob’s fingers danced up an down the keyboard he segued into Folsom Prison Blues and discussed the irony that the man “who shot a man in Reno just to watch him die” was serving time in Folsom prison in California. He suggested Johnny Cash may have been toying with the audience when he constructed his lyric.

Bob played the Honky Tonk Train Blues written by Meade Lewis in 1922. He talked about he doesn’t follow the guitar lead, but his left hand perches an octave behind middle C and plays the train up and down in a rhythm so the left hand doesn’t move other than to punch in the major and minor Chords. Meade Lewis was also known as the “The Prince of Luxenbourg” The Honky Tonk Train Blues was written to commemorate a journey down to New Orleans on the old party train from Chicago. Meade Lewis wrote the song in homage to a barrel house box car to capture the unbridled raucous energy of the crowd as the trip wore on into the night.

As Bob played the tune his right hand chased down the ivory keys, twinkling, kicking, jamming, pulsing in an emotive fury. His foot banged on the pedal of the piano and those of us in the audience were on the journey heading to New Orleans with Bob and the Prince of Luxenburg.

The dynamic energy of Bob’s performance explodes off the keys. His demeanor after the song is relaxed, as if we’re at a fireside chat and he’s sitting with a few of his intimate friends sharing a special evening. He tells us that “we are true students of music”

Bob waxed on about his love of pool, Mozart and Beethoven, but he’s equally interested in the world… he considers it a special category. He regaled us with the worst music joke in history…

“Knock Knock”

“Who’s there”

“Sombrero Verdi”

“Sombrero Verdi who?”

He sings “Som- bwhere – ooooo ver da rainbow…” Chip Lee stood up to walk away, but Bob heckled him and Chip obediently returned to his seat. Bob talked about having gone to a media seminar and learning a very important trick… “always get the audience on your side and get them to lighten up.” He certainly had that in spades with his audience.

One gets the sense he takes breaks between songs to catch himself that if he doesn’t stop to touch base with his audience he’d disappear into “ragged time”

Some of his fans in Long Lake, Carol Day and Helen Kentile never miss his performance… well Helen did this time, so it looks like we have to invite him back and there is an aim to attract a bigger audience because based on his performance, his skill, his ease, his energy, it’s a show one doesn’t want to miss as he travels the country performing over 250 times a year. Bob did mention he’d like to ease off his journey. His traveling mini-van which doubles as his mobile home has over 500 hundred thousand miles and one engine replacement, but traveling takes its toll. Bob hails from Michigan, but the sense is he doesn’t spend much time there.

His finale story was an answer to a question posed to him as he had just finished playing at Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts. An audience member asked him what the worst piano was that he ever played on. Bob coyly mentioned that the piano at the Town Hall in Long Lake was a fine instrument.. .but the worst piano he ever played..

He had been invited to play for President George Bush Sr and First Lady Barbara in a pole barn in Kennebunkport Main in August 2008. They had rented a catering hall which sat above the water. Bob spotted an upright, ragged looking piano in the corner of the hall and look to his friend and muttered under his breath “I hope they don’t expect me to play on that” Upon first glance he noted that half the piano hammers were still stuck on the strings on the top of the piano. All the keys were stuck. He had to lift them up individually to get them to make a sound. He played a chord and he knew the piano wasn’t in “tune” but turned out the piano was in tune with itself in B-major.

All three pedals were broken and on the floor. Bob having played in saloons for 25 years could handle a piano without pedals. So Bob played Canal Street Blues and half the notes would stick so he’d reach his arm into the body of the piano and pull the hammers back. The audience loved him. Bob wooed the visitors (mostly from Texas) by informing them that Scott Joplin was born there. So Bob played Maple Leaf Rag and continued to reach his hand into the piano to pull back the hammers. While he was playing he felt something crash against his limbs. A rod on the right side of the piano had come toppling down and the rod was thrashing and banging and Bob was still reaching in to pull out the piano hammers and a guest saw the piano falling apart and crawled along the floor to clear out the rod.

Bob finished out his third song with much relief as he had worked so hard and was so glad the performance was over when George Bush Sr. stood up and announced “That was great Bob, do it again!” And the crowd roared… so Bob rounded out his encore with a sing-a-long song about Texas. And that was the worst piano he had ever played in August of 2008.

Bob wound the evening down playing 1901 classic “Frankie and Johnnie” from St. Louis and a tune about murderous “Stack-O-Lee” which was a soulful, whimsical beautiful song. Most people are familiar with “Stagger Lee.” Bob commented that lots of beautiful soulful songs were written about Stagger Lee and he just couldn’t quite understand the homage paid to such a treacherous murderer. “Why would a beautiful melody be wasted on a guy like that.?”

As Bob played the audience members danced in their seats. Frank Pine wiggled in his squeaky seat in time, his elbows flopped and the audience smiled and hooted and cheered as each time Bob would play a song.

Bob’s performance was a real treat, his smile infectious and his joy palpable. The largest audience he’s ever played for about 5000. His smallest.. as he said he played in saloons for twenty-five years and he would play at 1:30 in the morning for one customer because one person is just as important as 150. Couldn’t be more true as he played for an intimate audience of twenty.

Bob doesn’t get nervous. He never has. He tried to study nervousness. He ascertained that nervousness is the fear of the unknown “I know what I’m doing, I’ve never been afraid to do this”

He plays everything by ear. He has a music degree from the Eastman School in Rochester for the French Horn. He has difficulty reading piano scores, they baffle him. Privately he wanted to know how badly he was offending the music teacher in the audience because he knows he breaks every traditional rule in the book about rhythm and timing.

He learned about the history of ragtime through attending Ragtime Festivals and meeting the greats including Euby Blake in 1975 and he was lucky enough to learn and study him for the last ten years of his life. Bob would stay up late nights talking “ragtime” and Bob would say “I don’t play the way its written” Euby said “screw those people, who cares?”

Music is a shared experience and those of us in the audience on Saturday night certainly had a special time.

We hope Bob Milne returns to Long Lake soon and that you come out with your family and friends and share in a once in a lifetime experience. . The incredible Bob Milne. He is a “National Treasure” there’s no doubt about that.

Long Lake