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Mud Season Talent Show

Winner the original Long Lake Talent Show

Do you have a hidden talent that hides dormant, just waiting for that exclusive invitation to unleash it on the world? Long Lake is opening the doors to the serious, the wacky, the creative, the clever to take a leap of faith and get on the stage. This is your day.

Acts can include anything from bands (practicing for the Battle of the Bands in May.. come on join us, get the buzz going) Taking dance lessons in Tupper, show off your upcoming dance routine. Are you funny, can think of one fantastic hidden talent in LL who is deliriously unhinged at the moment and needs to get on the stage and rip out some one-liners… and then the old favorite.. try your hand at a silly human trick?

Show us your stuff. If you have you ever dreamed of being a “star?” this is your chance!

The Long Lake Mud Season Talent Show is on. Sunday, April 18 at 1pm at the Long Lake Town Hall, Route 30, Main Street Long Lake.

Refreshments and door prizes for all. Open to ALL ages and to the public. Sign up by calling Parks & Rec at 624-3077. Register by tax day (that’s April 15). Five persons per act. Max 7 minutes per act. PA system, amps, keyboard will be available.

Ya Zoo!!!

Holiday Decorating Contest

Compete for Cash Prizes in Long Lake

Game on in Long Lake.  The Town of Long Lake invites residents & businesses to participate in a decorating contest.  Judging for cash prizes will be on December 17th at darkness, but you must call 624-3077 to sign up for consideration.  There is also a contest in Raquette Lake, no sign up necessary. 

Also Bill Elick has a rockin’ display up on his house on Cemetery Rd.  Weeknights 6pm – 9:30 and weekends 6 – 10 (check #)  The website has info about the radio frequency to hear the coordinated music to the show.  The public is invited to see the spectacle.

The Annual Creche Lighting is on Sunday, December 6th at 11:30am at the Town Hall.  Town only has three figurines for the set, so anyone looking to upgrade the look of our manger cene is welcome to help us out.  The price for each new figure starts around $200 a pop and they are hard to find.  We need the wisemen, the animals.

December is happening in LL.  Snowball in Tupper Lake on Friday,  Dec 11th featuring local Long Lake musicians, Mr. B, Yod Crewsy,  Steve Signell & Vickie Sanidford.  The group will be performing at the Tupper Train Station at the ARISE benefit to re-open Big Tupper.  Anyone interested in signing up for the Little Bus must call 624-3077.  It is a $50 donation ticket for beer, wine, apps and live music.  16 slots on the bus, 8 are filled, come on, it will be fun, you know you want to…

Traveling Town

Today the town ventured to Tupper Lake, 22 miles north.  The Wild Center opened its doors to the neighbors and visitors of the north to experience it in all the springtime glory.  Vendors, exhibits, the sun, all came out to share in the fun.

A group of LL parents traveled north and enjoyed the company and the food at the cafe.  We hiked on trails, smelled mink scents, admired Sturgeon, saw a live porcupine eat carrots and felt the ice and wondered what it would have been millions of years ago as the Adirondacks were carved out of glaciers.

The kids ate boiled hot dogs and cheez doodles.  My daughter had to pee on the Forest Preserve… sorry about that!  She peed on her pants (at least not in them) so she rode home in her car seat without… ya know… the bottoms, but she was happy to have had the adventure.

We drove by Coney Mountain and gave homage to Verplanck Colvin and discussed a future hike up that mountain.  Have to find the magical power line trail.. it’s been over 25 years since I climbed that hill on the the Tupper Road.

Then we came home to Long Lake and had a nice meal courtesy of the Pizzeria behind Hoss’s.  Thanks Jody, it was yummy.  The dogs barking, calling out saying “ruff ruff, where’s my pepperoni?”

The buds are budding and the daffodils are out… and the best part… NO FLIES!

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