Trout Trout Trout

Have you heard about trout? Long Lake is sport a fantabulous weather report for this first weekend in April. This is the time to experience Long Lake. It’s quiet, tranquil, the ice hasn’t completely disappeared, its simply amazing to stand at the LL town beach knowing in a few short months it will be packed with people. One side is blissfullly open water, while the pond, right across the street still boasts a thin sheet of ice. How, in this blissful heat could that be possible? Just the way the current runs.

Long Lake Marina had one tin motorboat in the water today and I saw another lined up on the trailer. The sun comes out, its like a whole new world has opened up.

Trout season opened today. Surely if one was to venture into Sargent’s Ponds one would discover vigilant fisherman with their fly’s and waders storing various supplies in a lean-to, settling down for a nice woodsman experience. Of course there are limits to how many fish one can catch per day. But the peace without the bugs is simply too indulgent to ignore. Soon enough they will be here, but time to come up to the mountains and enjoy before they swarm.

Yeah the crazy month of March has gone buh bye! Step right up, because Spring has sprung and the snow and ice are a fading memory!


Long Lake