Water Hits New Levels

The NYS DOT will be closing route 30 dividing the town of Long Lake in two. Look for the road to close at 1pm on Thursday, April 28th. The Town of Long Lake at 1pm will declaring a State of emergency due to the conditions of the road between the Adirondack Hotel and the Long Lake Town Bridge.

Water rises in front of the Adirondack Hotel

The Long Lake Fire Department has a pumper at the Adirondack Hotel and is attempting to divert water from the historic building into Jennings Park Pond which has seen record levels of water.

Last of the cars passing through before the road is closed at 1pm

Long Lake Central School released the students early.

Dave Lamos, proprietor of Northern Borne Store, was concerned about the peak level of water predicted from all the rain and run-off. He was unsure if he should clear out and move his inventory to higher ground. A large generator was in place pumping water out of his submerged basement. The level of the water was two feet below the first floor at 11:30am.

In the midst of all the emergency chaos the Red Cross is at the Long Lake Town Hall for the spring Blood Drive which opened at noon today, April 28th. If you are able to reach the Long Lake Town Hall the Red Cross will appreciate your time and donation.

Long Lake