Whitney Wilderness

A 13.5-mile foot trail system utilizing former logging roads provides hikers the opportunity to access many of the waters and some of the designated campsites typically reached by paddling.

Mt. Frederica (2,170 feet) is the only mountain in the area with a trail to the summit. The summit provides views of Lake Lila and other lands and waters to the south and east. There are two starting points for this hike.

A 4.8-mile hike begins at the Lake Lila Parking Area and travels along a private access road. A trail intersects with road 0.2 mile after the road leaves the lake shore. The trail climbs 400 feet and 1.2 miles to the summit.

An access site on the western shore of Lake Lila at the site of a former lodge, not far from where the private access road leaves the lake allows paddlers to reduce the length of the hike to 1.6 miles.

Lilypad Pond Trail begins at the Burn Road Parking Area on the Sabattis Road and travels 8.2 miles to the Lilypad Pond paralleling the northern shore of Little Tupper Lake and crossing Charley Pond Outlet. Camp Bliss Trail intersects with the Lilypad Pond Trail at the 4.7-mile mark and travels 1 mile to the clearing where Camp Bliss stood on the western shore of Little Tupper Lake, passing the eastern edge of Bum Pond on the way.

Rock Pond Trail intersects with the Lily Pad Pond Trail at the 5.7-mile mark and travels another 2.8 miles to the eastern shore of Rock Pond.

Hardigan Pond Trail is a spur trail that intersects with the Rock Pond Trail at the 1-mile mark and travels 1.5 miles to Hardigan Pond, following an old railroad grade shortly before reaching the pond.


Map of Whitney Wilderness

Long Lake