Why I moved home?

So everyone said I was nuts? Move to Long Lake?

Leave Cranford NJ? You live three minutes away from Target and Pathmark and Shoprite. You can order groceries on-line and they deliver it to your house. Chinese food, Mexican take out… OMG they deliver. Oh right, give up a commute from Cranford to Linden to Goethals, Staten Island, Verrazano to Belt Parkway to Brooklyn to filling up the gas tank… and then that over priced seriously heinous mortgage that does damage to my brain and makes me fear that everything they say on the Today Show will actually come true and traffic jams and all that other “what not.”

I say what not now that I live back home.

My roots, my place.

Sure it’s a small town and probably more people know than they should about my life, but that’s what we do in a small town. It’s a community. We go through the seasons together. Summer = pure overwhelming saturation madness. Fall = foliage. Battening down the hatches. School. Then comes…


The soft quiet of snow flakes or the constant abcense of snowflakes because they’ve taken another path to Boston and New York. But still… it does snow every day, even though it seems “things could always be better or easier.” But reality… Long Lake in winter is a road covered in snow, not quite plowed, barely packed because it doubles as a snowmobile trail. The desperate fever of the economy clamoring for visitors and hoping for a little extra boost in the bottom line to keep their roster of workers off the unemployment line. The fluctuation of gas and oil to keep your tanks full and your house warm… but today… wondering… “Why don’t people live here? Oh that lack of jobs thing? Come on.. we have trivia night and theater and five eateries and two gas stations and wow… private public school.. where the teacher to student ratio is… oh you don’t know.. well let’s just say.. what you don’t know, won’t hurt you”

Maybe some entrepreneur will figure it out… and take a risk and not be afraid of the ups and downs and highs and lows, and still take a chance.

Leave the truck close to shore so you know you have enough cable to pull it out.

Caught diner for one... now let me get this bait out... sorry little guy

Today was a day. Slushy ice, truck on lake, tip ups, campfire on the frozen water…

So if you make a fire on the ice... will we fall through?

A flag – “It’s a flag, is it a flag!” Opening the NYS DEC fishing handbook… is that a bass or a perch or simply something else? Hey, we grew up here and we can’t identify fish… but at least we’re out there.

And the snowmobile road… snowmobiles and commerce coming to visit and enjoy the beauty and the freedom and the space and the lack of crowds, yet still the fever of socialization and fun…

And a sunset. A beautiful golden sunset, blanketing us with magic.

Got nothing else to say about this

So that’s why I moved home.

At least that’s how I feel today. Ask me in mud season…. I’m sure I’ll have a different story.

Long Lake