Winter Blast Day

Town Office Signboard Welcomes Everyone

Top of Tarbell Hill Road

Town Hall Geocache Headquarters

Poker Run Stop at the Long Lake Diner/Owls Head Pub

Scenic Riding

Poker Run Sleds Gather at Oldest Working Hotel in the Dacks

Some images from Saturday, Feb 27th around Long Lake.

The northeast has been snowed in. Reports around the state speak of record snowfall amounts and a storm system hovering over us, reminding us winter’s wrath has not yet released us from its clutches… but that is okay up in Long Lake. Summer being the new winter and all.. except Snowsuits replace bathing suits and snow shoes and x-c replace water skis and floatie rafts.

Our groomers have been out on our trails and we hear mixed reports of great trails, some hazards and we attempt to put up more sigange. Feedback reports… update trail conditions not on Monday but on Thursday… I have an idea… why don’t we just update them as soon as we have the most updated info and hope the wheels don’t pop off the back of the drag (which just happened to one of our drags this week) Snow is a bear and everyone seeks to make the most out of the recreation. Just be safe, all roads lead somewhere and we apologize for our signage and lack there of. We take notes and are always trying to improve the system, but we hope everyone enjoyed their time.

The geocachers gathered at the Long Lake town hall. They had snowshoes, cross country skis, snowmobiles and good spirits. Goodie bags donated by local businesses had gift cards and toys for kids and donations from other generous geocachers also added to the “cache” of goodies. I had to say that.

Its 3:14pm and another blast of snowy precipitation flies out my window. Olympics are on the TV, bellies are full of grilled cheese, waiting for tomorrow and a skiing blast at Gore Mountain (well after an injection of theatre tonight at the LL Town Hall)

Long Lake