Winter Wacky Week in Long Lake Kicks Off!

The excitement for Winter Wacky Week has begun. On Tuesday, February 19th over 15 children participated in a roster of events including Manhunt, Capture the Flag, Snow Shelter Building, skating and sledding for “Kids Survivor” At the end of the day kids enjoyed pizza provided by the Long Lake Diner.

Kids Kick off Winter Wacky Week with a Quick Pose before Sledding

Directions for Manhunt are announced.

The littlest visitors enjoyed a skate on the ice. Great Conditions!

Snow Shelter has been created

On Wednesday, February 20th everyone is invited to come to the Mt. Sabattis Geiger Arena to help craft the Long Lake Giant Snowman at Noon if the structural engineers deem it safe to take off the form sides. If not, the snowman will be completed on Thursday, February 21st.

Kids will work together along with Events Coordinator Danielle Gagnier to create the Giant Snowman. Initial plans included trying to usurp the worlds record which was made by the folks of Bethel, Maine, and named after Maine senator Olympia Snowe. The the snow woman was 122 feet, one inch high and broke the Guinness world record for the largest snowman.

Long Lake’s snowman stands in it’s boxed forms at 16 feet high. It is located across from the Long Lake Post Office at the Mt. Sabattis Geiger Arena Parking Lot. The design was created and engineered by Erik Arsenault, Danielle Gagnier and the Long Lake Highway Department, Pat Gibbs and Craig Wamback.

The Long Lake Highway Department kills two birds with one stone. Cleaning up snow and using it to fill forms for Snowmen.

Filling the Giant Snowforms with snow

Long Lake